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RT: We're excited to announce an RfP for an audit of the @herumi mlc and bls libraries as they pertain to their usage in eth2
Send proposals to rfp@ethereum.org by July 14th!

RT:我们很高兴宣布一份征求建议书,对@herumi mlc和bls库进行审计,因为它们与eth2中的使用有关

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RT: If you ever think blockchain is only about defi, look how this team is changing counties in LatAm. From subsidies delivery+traceability to energy price transparency and a lot more @oscitylatam @chuycepeda https://irishtechnews.ie/digit...


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RT: The new Ethereum 2.0 Testnet 'Altona' started rolling with four different clients this time.⛓

If everything works as expected, there will only be one more official public Testnet before mainnet launch.👀


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@dylanlove @udiWertheimer @slatestarcodex Slatestarcodex's choice of analogy, not mine. And he's clearly talking about the ingroup/outgroup phenomenon, not genocidalness.


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@nlebowitz1 @udiWertheimer @notgrubles @slatestarcodex No I don't. More an unorganized psychological phenomenon.
(I'm sure the ethereum community is guilty of weird unorganized psychological phenomena too; I called one of those out ~1-2 days ago as I remember)


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@udiWertheimer @nlebowitz1 @notgrubles @slatestarcodex I wasn't.


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RT: Today we are beginning to roll out a big update: MetaMask Version 8!


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@udiWertheimer @slatestarcodex Doesn't bitcoin also move too slow so people can pretend it's a neutral public good though?


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@udiWertheimer @slatestarcodex No, just find it fun to read about a phenomenon and then see it so clearly in action in a totally different context 3 years later.


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@udiWertheimer @slatestarcodex Like, from any serious point of view, any flaw that ETH has from the perspective of BTC community values, Tron has 10x more. And yet, ETH is often a mortal enemy, and yet Tron, at least psychologically, is viewed as a distant crazy uncle it's cool to be kinda friends with.


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@udiWertheimer I feel like this weird half-joking tron stanning in the BTC community might be a perfect example of this from @slatestarcodex: https://t.co/4nQLDqeIwd


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@robinhanson @Botlife131 I do think it's changing though; one consequence of this "east coast -> west coast" power shift I'm starting to see is that the upstarts don't really take the whole "html = amateur, pdf latex = professional" thing as seriously.

@robinhanson@Botlife131我确实认为这是在改变;我开始看到的“东海岸-西海岸”权力转移的一个后果是,新贵们并没有真正把“html=业余,pdf latex=专业”的事情当回事。

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@robinhanson @Botlife131 I don't think it's even malice most of the time, just a systemic trait in many academic communities of only taking sources at least as elite-looking as themselves seriously.


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@robinhanson @Botlife131 Paper-writers often don't take "mere blog posts" seriously, unfortunately. I've encountered this a few times myself.


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@muellerberndt The good news is that we don't technically have to make any decisions on this until at least ~2022; our roadmap already gives us sharding data first and computation later.


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@muellerberndt Sharding data *is* still super-valuable though. Rollups can only get to ~2500 TPS without it, but can get 100k TPS and potentially much more down the line with it.

@不过,muellerberndt分片数据*仍然非常有价值。如果没有它,汇总只能达到2500 TPS,但是可以获得100k TPS,并且可能会有更多。

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@muellerberndt There's an entirely possible future where in 2021-2022 we shard data first, get 100k TPS rollups, then realize that we don't actually get much more by having more than one shard of base-layer execution capability, and quietly decide to not bother with that part any more.


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@muellerberndt I'm fully open to exploring the possibility of sharding only data availability and not state! I feel like that would cut maybe half the complexity of sharding.


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@koeppelmann @AugurProject @Kleros_io Yeah pretty much. I don't mean use PMs, I mean use whatever oracles the PMs use.

@koepelmann@AugurProject@Kleros iu io是的,差不多。我不是说使用经前综合症,我是说使用经前综合症使用的任何神谕。

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