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@Marco_Piani How do you get their chart to show the unselected countries? Couldn't find that feature.


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@zorinaq Would be interesting to regress this against economic indicators and then try to assign a cost to different policy trajectories.


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@AdamFlamm @Austen He said it was to let this all blow over. That doesn't sound like wanting backyard hiking. But the latter is also certainly not without value
"lifestyle factors may weigh, but that's true before any of this (and after)"


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@joaquinlife @DrEricDing Different case


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@LazarusLong110 @CT_Bergstrom April really. March wasn't awful. April was "full churches for Easter" and the insanity continued from there.


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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Culture and history. Trump doesn't exist in a vacuum, and also doesn't exist or matter much if the majority party in the Senate and 40%-ish of the electorate doesn't support him.


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@5150DTS @GrahamCLester @JoyAnnReid Well, just buy stamps.


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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab The US had a test. It failed. Why did that happen and recovery take so long?
Maybe failure to prepare and drill and creatively red team ("What if the test doesn't work?" "What if there aren't enough tests?" etc.) for 10+ years.


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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Copy paste in January doesn't bring that along.
Indeed it's a counterfactual that is hard to test, but with the wrong culture and institutions for the playbook, things could possibly have ended up even worse.

@一月份的BolognaFishMD@michaelmina_lab Copy paste并没有带来这一点。

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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab https://twitter.com/AeonCoin/s...

@BolognaFishMD You weren't wrong.

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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Granted, that's just one person's opinion, and it's coming from the perspective of Sri Lanka per capita GDP 4,102.48 USD. Still...

@BolognaFishMD@michaelmina_lab承认,这只是一个人的观点,它来自斯里兰卡人均GDP 4102.48美元的角度。不过。。。

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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Well it was the blogger's commentary I also found interesting
"The most important element in this playbook is one we simply don’t have. Time. Korea was ready a decade before this pandemic emerged. They were waiting, and they were improving, planning and drilling the whole time"


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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Good read


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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Has a good point. Learning from South Korea is mostly about preparing for the next pandemic.

@Ut5vnQGtgNxy4nr @AshleyAitken Here's the thing : you have to "get to be like" S Korea. And to do that you need time. Australia less prepared - with testing capacity & planning, and overall pandemic plan. Lockdown bought us time. We are very much following S Korea model of quarantine/test/trace/isolate.

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@BolognaFishMD @michaelmina_lab Oh just throw a dart at a list of countries. 90% chance the US could learn a lot from whichever one it happens to land on.


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@bostonmalick @Austen SF itself has 67 deaths out of 800k, lower than Utah, and is extremely low for a dense urban area (as opposed to a whole state).

@bostonmalick@Austen SF本身在800k中有67人死亡,比犹他州还低,对于人口稠密的城市地区(与整个州相比)来说是极低的。

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@bostonmalick @Austen Most hundreds of miles away from SF. Northern vs. Southern California are very different here, might as well be a different state.


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@GeorgeM78000114 @FalloutShelterB @bajabug @realDonaldTrump Orange is the new black.


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@jncar76 @SaskiaPopescu That's not even testing, just a waste of resources.


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@Mike_Pence Start doing your job then. Get the infection rate way down like the rest of the high-income countries in the world (and a good many of the low-income counties)


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