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@KRnow21 @DrSandman11 I saw video of some Auras being given out. The stockpile is a mix, and it just depends what inventory they happen to receive at a given location.

@[email protected]我看到一些光环被释放的视频。库存是一个混合体,这取决于他们在指定地点碰巧收到的库存。

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@randomreaction @CarolinaGirl585 @DrSandman11 Would be more concerned but this with fold type respirators than the cup type. In fact I just wouldn't do it with the former.

@[email protected]的随机反应会更令人担忧,但这与罩杯式呼吸器相比,与折叠式呼吸器有关。事实上,我不会用前者。

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@WendyOrent @amybarnhorst Your flawed assumption is that two different pandemics, which were/are not even the same type of virus, play out the same way. They generally don't. 1918 took a few years. Other pandemics have taken decades or centuries. "Pendemics end": Okay, sure, but not useful.

@[email protected]你有缺陷的假设是,两种不同的大流行,甚至不是同一种病毒,以同样的方式发展。他们通常不会。1918年花了几年时间。其他大流行已经持续了几十年或几个世纪。“结束”:好的,当然,但没用。

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@HFentonMudd @ruchira_s924 @fitterhappierAJ All of those are WAY down, although it is worth noting that these changes take decades.

@[email protected]@fitterhappierAJ所有这些都在下降,尽管值得注意的是,这些变化需要几十年的时间。

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@greg_travis It's also not a "divide", it is a fairly constant rate of increase across ages.


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@DrLeanaWen Why are you even bringing up the straw man of infection?
"4th dose triples protection from serious illness"


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@notdred It's more pernicious than that. They want people less concerned about getting infected (and therefore more willing to take risks and get infected) because of available "early treatment".


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@DrLeanaWen Making the exact same mistake that helped undermine 3rd doses.
Not giving 4th doses to people who would benefit and want them, does not in any way help more people get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd doses.
All it does is spread doubt about the benefit of 4th doses and undermine uptake.


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@oliverdarcy The incomplete part always seems to show a much larger disparity. I suspect correlating and reporting vaccine status takes longer.


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@thereal_truther @MarkChangizi Elderly after 25 years? What the hell is this measuring, people who live to 100?

@25年后的[email protected]老人?活到100岁的人,这算什么?

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@LasloMutt @LizHighleyman @EricTopol It's 43% of eligible or something. In terms of total population only 25% in US have received booster.

@[email protected]@EricTopol这是43%的合格率。就总人口而言,美国只有25%的人接受过助推器治疗。

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@BeezyManzell @Noahpinion Paying 3k people 70k a year doesn't create many other jobs throughout the value chain (suppliers, equipment, research, etc.)

@[email protected]每年支付3万人7万美元的薪酬,不会在整个价值链(供应商、设备、研究等)中创造许多其他就业机会

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@Noahpinion So, trickle down?


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@itshullabalulu @POTUS You're right, but it is telling he's touting the "unemployment rate" as opposed to the number of people who have returned to work. Latter is much worse.


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@Porter_Anderson @DrLeanaWen Neither one is easy. Perhaps it could have been in a different reality, but easy booster uptake was largely burned by a bad rollout.

@[email protected]这两个都不容易。也许它本可以在一个不同的现实中出现,但一次糟糕的展示在很大程度上烧掉了助推器的易用性。

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@laurieallee It's a matter of antibodies to the entire spike (many, many different antibodies) as opposed to just one or two antibodies that were selected and duplicated as a drug.


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@itshullabalulu @POTUS It's not even "the labor market", it's the unemployment rate. Part of the reason it is down is people leaving the labor market due to unsafe working conditions, long covid, or death.


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@jakubvlasek @Ridge_Cook @SRC74554010 @SamRamani2 I don't think these numbers are comparable. By tanker capacity, what do you mean precisely?

@[email protected][email protected]@SamRamani2我认为这些数字不具有可比性。你所说的油轮容量到底是什么意思?

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@sealsniper_urt @Incindery1 One of many.


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@wsbgnl @AliHMokdad @DrEricDing Current projection says 80% are going to get a third dose "at six months" anyway. This is likely wrong in the US.

@[email protected]@drericing Current projection表示,无论如何,80%的人将在“六个月”时接受第三剂。这在美国可能是错误的。

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