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#Binance Charity is launching #TreeMillions Alliance on September 28 with the goal of planting 10 million trees worldwide ⬇️

We're building the world's first #decentralised forest! Join us, @Binance & @TheBinanceNFT in the countdown to #TreeMillions our most ambitious project yet to plant 10M🌳 globally!
Below's 8 reasons why the 🌎 needs #NFTrees.
Which should we reveal first? @cz_binance @HelenHaiyu

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我们正在建设世界上第一个分散的森林!加入我们,@Binance&@在倒数计时中,这两个项目使我们迄今为止最雄心勃勃的项目增加了1000万株🌳 全球地!
下面是8个原因🌎 需要树木。

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We're sharing some popular altcoin fun facts!
Let's start with $LINK, which you can trade along with other altcoins here ➡️


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The #NFTTuesday 2021 Guide to GameFi and play2earn is now live! Watch the full webinar on YouTube👇


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@cz_binance @MOBOX_Official @MyNeighborAlice @TheSandboxGame Watch #NFTTuesday at 2pm UTC on YouTube and #Binance Live📱
Get the app to tune in ➡️

@cz binance@MOBOX Official@MyNeightralice@TheSandboxGame Watch`35;NFTT周二在YouTube上的UTC下午2点和`35;binance Live📱

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Q: What is #Binance Dual Investment?
A: You bet on the direction of the market, commit your crypto, and lock in a yield. Regardless of your position, you’ll earn an enhanced yield based on two assets.
Try now and earn extra #BNB rewards ⬇️


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Giveaway ends Friday (September 24th). We'll be selecting 3 best answers!


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Celebrate #MidAutumnFestival and send your home decor to the moon by winning this limited-edition #Binance lamp!
To enter:
🌕 Retweet
🌕 Follow @binance
🌕 Describe what “going to the moon” means in crypto

🌕 转发
🌕 跟随@binance
🌕 描述“登月”在加密中的含义

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#Binance Will Support the @avalancheavax $AVAX Network Upgrade


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RT: #Binance wishes a happy and healthy #MidAutumnFestival to the individuals and families who are celebrating!


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Join us on September 22 🗓 at 2pm UTC ⌚️ for an AMA in the Binance English Telegram group with @GordonGekko_CVP and @SumanovVasily from the @powerpoolcvp Public Team
🏆 There will be $5,000 in $CVP to be won, so don't miss out and save the date!

9月22日加入我们🗓 协调世界时下午2点⌚️ 对于来自@powerpoolcvp公共团队的@GordonGekko_CVP和@SumanovVasily的Binance English Telegram group中的AMA
🏆 将赢得$CVP中的$5000,因此不要错过并保存日期!

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Avoid transaction problems when it comes to peer-to-peer crypto trades by using these helpful #Binance P2P Chat tips ⬇️


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Join us for #NFTTuesday on September 21!
Watch the live webinar at 2pm UTC for a special appearance from @cz_binance and insights about GameFi and NFTs from NFT experts @MOBOX_Official, @MyNeighborAlice and @TheSandboxGame👇


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.@BinanceFutures weekly recap:
🔸 The #BTC dominance index rose to 42%
🔸 #ETH saw a weekly high of $3,675 on Sept. 16
🔸 And much more👇

🔸 #BTC优势指数上升至42%
🔸 #ETH在9月16日创下3675美元的周新高
🔸 还有更多👇

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LATAM Special: Upsize Your Crypto Purchase Using Credit/Debit Card and Share $5,500 $BUSD Rewards


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#Binance wishes a happy and healthy #MidAutumnFestival to the individuals and families who are celebrating!


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#TeamBinance at the 2021 Digital Nation Conference - Mongolia's biggest ICT exhibition. Thank you to everyone who visited the #Binance booth!


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Refer friends and #ShareSomeLove for a chance to win from a prize pool of $3,500 in #Binance Gift Cards👇


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Celebrate Mid-Autumn with #Binance P2P Mega Giveaway 🌕
If you are a new or existing trader on Binance P2P, trade to win up to $9,000 in #BNB + limited edition gift cards exclusively made for P2P users!
Join now ⬇️

通过“Binance P2P大型赠品”庆祝中秋节🌕
如果你是Binance P2P上的新交易员或现有交易员,交易即可赢取高达9000美元的专为P2P用户制作的#BNB+限量版礼品卡!

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#Binance NFT Launches Premium NFT Collection by @voguesingapore: Featuring NFTs from Balmain Paris & More

#Binance NFT推出@VogueSpogapore的高级NFT系列:以巴黎巴尔曼酒店的NFT为特色;更多

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RT: Fortunately for Damien, who lost 98,000 $USDC, our #Binance Angels were able to recover his money in just 24 hours.


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