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Wouldn’t it be cool if AMC started accepting Bitcoin for tickets? The largest movie theater chain in Thailand is doing that right now, with 39 more theaters to follow this year.
But when can we pay for the popcorn with crypto? https://buff.ly/30g8ysa


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If the US follows Canada’s lead, there actually might be a chance for a #Bitcoin ETF. But when? https://buff.ly/3sTJ0gU
(Reporting via @CointelegraphMT)


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Will the @GameStop tale be a watershed moment for DeFi? The debacle brings forward the prospect of a paradigm shift in the existing regulatory landscape. https://buff.ly/3kOIGNr


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MicroStrategy now holds 91,064 #Bitcoin on its balance sheet. Why has their stock slid nearly 50% in the past two weeks? https://buff.ly/30iigdI


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UK-based Bybit customers beware. The crypto exchange is now off-limits to local customers after an FCA ban. Users have until March 31st to remove their funds from the trading platform. https://buff.ly/3qjz9PH


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Where will find the top of #Bitcoin’s rally for this market cycle? @Krakenfx has some interesting insights as to why it believes the BTC top could be anywhere between $75K and $360K. https://buff.ly/3eawlSz


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With demand for ASIC miners surging, the industry is caught between a struggling supply chain and increasing performance limits. We talked to @JiangZhuoer about the current hurdles and some possible solutions. https://buff.ly/3ec8xgV
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Many experts are bullish or super bullish depending on who you speak with. Are earth-shattering all-time highs on the way for Bitcoin? https://buff.ly/3t54Qy7


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What’s behind the Crypto Pepe madness? @LordTylerWard may have started a Pepe craze when he changed his profile pic a few weeks ago. Get the inside story here. https://buff.ly/3c1rOiI


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Why is Goldman Sachs’ Gary Black calling for @Tesla to dump its Bitcoin for share buybacks? Tesla shares have fallen 28% since Feb 8th. https://buff.ly/3roz8eK

高盛(Goldman Sachs)的加里•布莱克(Gary Black)为何呼吁@Tesla抛售比特币进行股票回购?自2月8日以来,特斯拉的股价已经下跌了28%。https://buff.ly/3roz8eK

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Even as Janet Yellen believes crypto is used mainly for illicit purposes, the Blockchain Association is in Washington trying to clear up any confusion. But can they change opinions quickly enough? https://buff.ly/3sOP1LC


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Some may have missed this, but Square is taking a majority share in the music streaming platform, Tidal. One analyst thinks this could be an adoption breakthrough for music NFTs and other blockchain-related tech. https://buff.ly/3kS0asf


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Centra Tech co-founder gets sentenced to eight years in the slammer. This DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather promoted project scammed investors out of $25M. https://buff.ly/2O2tuQM

Centra Tech联合创始人被判8年监禁。DJ Khaled和Floyd Mayweather推动的这个项目骗走了投资者2500万美元。https://buff.ly/2O2tuQM

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It is business as usual for Ripple in the Asia-Pacific region. Brad Garlinghouse explains that the $1.3B lawsuit in the US has not affected the company globally. https://buff.ly/3kLXZ9y
(Reporting via @OsatoNomayo)

Ripple在亚太地区一切如常。布拉德•加林豪斯(Brad Garlinghouse)解释说,美国13亿美元的诉讼并没有影响到公司在全球的发展。https://buff.ly/3kLXZ9y

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The city of Reno is diving headfirst into the blockchain space as they plan on creating Reno DAO and Reno Coin on top of the @Tezos blockchain. Will other cities follow in their footsteps? https://buff.ly/3edw9Su


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Institutional crypto just got another shot in the arm, this time from the venture arm of Thailand’s oldest bank. How long before other established banks start to ride the crypto wave? https://buff.ly/3kRtwqH


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The relationship between @iearnfinance and @CoverProtocol is now “c-over”, but why? https://buff.ly/2NVex3b
(Reporting via @blockanalia)


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Audius rallied 128% to a new high at $0.79 as the number of active users on the decentralized music streaming platform hit 3 million and $AUDIO token staking continues to increase. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

奥迪乌斯股价上涨128%,至0.79美元的新高,因为分散式音乐流媒体平台上的活跃用户数量达到300万,而$AUDIO token Stacking继续增加。https://cointegraph.com/news。。。

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We’ve received a lot of crazy tales in our @Tradelize contest, here are just a couple.
$1M lost: https://buff.ly/30dNHFW
Invested $2K in BTC in 2014 and gave it all away: https://buff.ly/3sMBxQw
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https://buff.ly/2MM17Wt https://t.co/TWV3dXzlcL


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