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Despite turbulence in the industry, many crypto companies continue building. But how do they know who's qualified and who isn't?
Well, here are a few attributes they should be on the lookout for: https://buff.ly/3R79lVq


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Education is one of the keys that will allow blockchain-based financial systems to become more secure and reliable, argues the founder and CEO of @HashExOfficial https://cointelegraph.com/news...


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The longevity sector is no longer something that those outside the medical world can ignore.
And it seems that a longer and healthier human lifespan can be positive for the crypto community. https://buff.ly/3AmwgGr


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Bitcoin is bleeding, but reaching this price level is no coincidence, as certain factors determine and impact the price level. https://buff.ly/3bKNDXl


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You probably know that you can earn passive income in the crypto space through forks and airdrops.
But do you know how? Let us tell you. https://buff.ly/3AtLlG2


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Can BTC go lower?
Join our hosts @BY_DeFi, @CryptoDuality @noshitcoins @forgeforth_ as they discuss different ways Bitcoin can move.
Tune in Tuesday at 12PM EST
https://youtu.be/5wkfHwPTb8g https://t.co/wuvfGtk7dT

加入我们的主持人@BY_DeFi,@[email protected]@forgeforth_,讨论比特币的不同移动方式。
https://youtu.be/5wkfHwPTb8g https://t.co/wuvfGtk7dT

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The CEO of #KuCoin slams the recent FUD surrounding the exchange and warns those spreading unverified info: "KuCoin reserves the right to take legal actions." https://buff.ly/3P1QnxU


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If there was ever a time to flex those diamond hands, it might be now. Because our shirt is 25% off.
https://buff.ly/3I1vNuW https://t.co/K6ANHjXHnA

https://buff.ly/3I1vNuW https://t.co/K6ANHjXHnA

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Who doesn't like reduced gas prices?
DappRadar and LayerZero launched a new token aiming to cross-chain staking, minimize fees and push interoperability between blockchains. https://buff.ly/3nzQg0O


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How do you use crypto for good? the CEO of @foresightinst believes that decentralizing science is the way to go. https://buff.ly/3bJhT4G


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An indicator that aced all its bottom prediction says Bitcoin is on its way to $15.6K soon. https://buff.ly/3yEx1tm


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Nobody thought that 2022 would bring this.
Check out the latest moves in the world of crypto and business in our Crypto Biz. https://buff.ly/3y2Ty16


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Crypto is on the rise in Africa, and the number of celebrities engaging is increasing, bringing hope to the future of cryptocurrency and its adoption in the continent. https://buff.ly/3ACuUaT


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There’s enough combustion in the markets right now, why not celebrate it with more fireworks? https://buff.ly/3Nx6bHN https://t.co/ijOVcsdTFY

现在市场上有足够的燃烧,为什么不用更多的烟花庆祝呢?https://buff.ly/3Nx6bHN https://t.co/ijOVcsdTFY

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Do you know why USDT is the world's most used stablecoin?
Here, @cz_binance gives you his take.
Full video: https://buff.ly/3GD7GSS https://t.co/sxGhIgpRfY

在这里,@cz\u binance给你他的照片。
完整视频:https://buff.ly/3GD7GSS https://t.co/sxGhIgpRfY

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What does the future hold for NFTs?
The bear market has affected NFTs drastically, with sales reaching one-year lows. https://buff.ly/3NBIUV6


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FTX US and BlockFi signed a deal by which the exchange will have the option to buy the lending firm for $240 million if shareholders approve.
Only a year ago, BlockFi had been valued at $5 billion. https://buff.ly/3AhzzyH

FTX US和BlockFi签署了一项协议,根据该协议,如果股东批准,该交易所将有权以2.4亿美元收购该贷款公司。

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Cristiano Ronaldo signed a multi-year NFT contract with Binance, MicroStrategy bought more Bitcoin, and more in The Crypto Minute with @girlgone_crypto https://t.co/VHXiDOPA4a

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多与Binance签署了一份多年的NFT合同,MicroStrategy购买了更多比特币,并在加密分钟内与@girlgone\u Crypto购买了更多比特币https://t.co/VHXiDOPA4a

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Bitcoin's MVRV-Z Score hints at an inbound trip to $15,600, warns @filbfilb. https://cointelegraph.com/news...


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Why does @scottmelker tell people who just look at the price of Bitcoin? View the full episode of Market Talks with @CryptoJebb. https://buff.ly/3nykP6N


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