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Israel's Channel 12 reported the Israeli Health Ministry's initial assessment of Omicron based on data given to them by the South African health authorities. This data is at best preliminary and I have a lot of questions. Sharing with appropriate caveats:

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@肉豆蔻[email protected]@[email protected] SA数据:


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@FeiglDingLs @TheRealLennan @DataDrivenMD @CDCDirector No, it isn't. Many countries sequence many samples per day routinely. If it were circulating at high prevalence, it would be detected.

@[email protected]@[email protected]董事不,不是。许多国家每天例行对许多样本进行排序。如果它以高流行率传播,就会被检测出来。

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@FeiglDingLs @TheRealLennan @DataDrivenMD @CDCDirector The Hong Kong and Australia cases were all travel from africa.


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@chaichi_chai @justthefacts85 That's always been a problem with "safe" outdoor gatherings. Apart from indoor bathrooms and some inevitable indoor mingling, if elements interfere with outdoor, people don't go home, they go indoors.

@[email protected]这一直是“安全”户外聚会的问题。除了室内卫生间和一些不可避免的室内混搭,如果室外环境受到干扰,人们就不会回家,而是进入室内。

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@DraCoquiMD @AnaCabrera How long does it take from sample collection to reported sequence in the US?


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@JamesSurowiecki Heh, 500% (which was likely wrong anyway) somehow morphed into 500 times.

@JamesSurowiecki Heh,500%(无论如何这可能是错误的)不知何故变成了500倍。

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@FeiglDingLs @TheRealLennan @DataDrivenMD @CDCDirector "Dozens" of cases in Europe doesn't mean much unless it is relative to population. Very different from high prevalence in Gautong for example.


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@FeiglDingLs @TheRealLennan @DataDrivenMD @CDCDirector I'd like to hear from the people who picked those countries and why (though I don't think we will). It may be based on regional travel patterns and likelihood of detection if cases are there. If there is no sequencing, you get zero identified cases with certainty.

@[email protected]@[email protected]主任我想听听选择这些国家的人的意见,以及为什么选择这些国家(尽管我认为我们不会)。它可能基于区域旅行模式和发现病例的可能性。如果没有测序,你肯定得不到任何已识别的病例。

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@FeiglDingLs @TheRealLennan @DataDrivenMD @CDCDirector Not even close to equal prevalence, for the moment at least.

@至少就目前而言,[email protected]@[email protected]的患病率甚至不接近于同等水平。

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@wsbgnl No mention of masks or ventilation or testing.


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@luckytran @CDCDirector @CDCgov Why is she mentioning hand washing and not masks?

@[email protected]@CDCgov为什么她提到洗手而不是口罩?

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@Nutmeg031992 @georgimarinov @Laurie_Garrett @BruceDickenson1 Maybe just <4 months after dose 2. Or who knows. Not really worth paying much attention to a media report that may be wrong.

@肉豆蔻[email protected]@[email protected]也许只是<;给药2后4个月。谁知道呢。媒体的报道可能是错误的,不值得太多关注。

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@georgimarinov @Laurie_Garrett @BruceDickenson1 Gauteng is around 50% vaccinated.

@格奥尔基马里诺夫@[email protected]豪登大约有50%接种了疫苗。

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@georgimarinov @Laurie_Garrett @pfizer @ScottGottliebMD Speculation doesn't mean evidence-free, necessarily, only that evidence isn't conclusive.
Using the label "only" speculation may be misplaced though. There is nothing wrong with assessing available evidence, even if not conclusive, and making a judgment.

@格奥尔基马里诺夫@[email protected]@ScottGottliebMD投机并不意味着没有证据,只是证据不是决定性的。

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@christas852 @AbraarKaran If using a surgical mask, use a mask brace or wear it under another mask that pushes it tightly against your face. More info here on how to improve mask fit and on better masks to use:

@[email protected]如果使用外科口罩,请使用口罩支架或将其戴在另一个口罩下,使其紧贴在脸上。更多关于如何提高面膜贴合度以及如何更好地使用面膜的信息:

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@PeaceJu17778610 @mentalplex @DataDrivenMD As chief medical advisor he's a political appointee and part of the Biden task force leading the response. If he gets dropped from that position (a purely political decision) he goes back full time career position at NIH yes.

@PeaceJu177[email protected]@DataDrivenMD作为首席医疗顾问,他是一名政治任命者,也是领导应对行动的拜登特别小组的一员。如果他被从那个职位上撤职(纯粹是政治决定),他会回到NIH的全职工作岗位上。

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@NihilistPHLFan @AShihipar @Slate Oh right, people go to school for like 15-20 years, get an advanced degree or two, work for several months on studies looking at something like this, spend more months in peer review, but the dude on twitter compares a couple of graphs and knows the answer.
Get lost.

@虚无主义者[email protected]@Slate哦,对了,人们上学15-20年,获得一两个高级学位,工作几个月研究类似的东西,花更多的时间进行同行评议,但推特上的家伙比较了几张图表,知道答案。

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@randombot54321 @Medawar_ @paulportesi That was never true, but it's certainly true that flu represents a risk and did exist, so the question is valid in that sense.

@[email protected][email protected]这从来都不是真的,但流感确实代表了一种风险并且确实存在,所以这个问题在这个意义上是有效的。

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@shawphd @AShihipar @Slate They would be wrong, of course.

@[email protected]@Slate他们当然错了。

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