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@jasonlk At $20 million you need a 1/50 hit rate to break even ignoring time value. The difference between 1/40, or even 1/20, and 1/60 is extremely hard to assess. They are all very much most likely NGMI.


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@PlasticFull @CleanAirStars Not sure what is 'g3' but I was thinking of something that would just catch dust and should add minimal resistance unless dirty (but since on the outside would be visible). Are you familiar with the plastic dust screens on the Coway boxes? Something like that.

@[email protected]不确定什么是“g3”,但我在想一种只会捕捉灰尘的东西,除非脏了,否则应该增加最小的阻力(但因为外面可以看到)。你熟悉Coway盒子上的塑料防尘网吗?像这样的。

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@PlasticFull @CleanAirStars I was wondering the same thing about improvised (C-R type) devices. On the surface it would seem easy to wrap or cover with a cloth or solid screen dust catcher which could easily be vacuumed or washed. Never got a good recommendation on specific material.

@[email protected]我对简易(C-R型)设备也有同样的想法。表面上,似乎很容易用布或实心滤网除尘器包裹或覆盖,这些除尘器很容易被吸尘或清洗。从未得到关于特定材料的好建议。

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@danaparish @alexmeshkin Imagine if the nearly the entire profession of medicine and science didn't stay silent (half of them probably trying to book their own appearances) as their colleagues lie on TV.

@[email protected]想象一下,如果几乎整个医学和科学行业都没有在他们的同事在电视上撒谎时保持沉默(他们中的一半人可能试图预订自己的出场时间)。

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@nberlat It's not even remotely passable, as you know.


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@robwiss I think that's a better design, since you have negative pressure holding the filter against the seal. Just friction is at the mercy of the foam not leaking or loosening up, or the filters just collapsing inward at some point, perhaps due to vibration or thermal expansion.


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@robwiss In this picture I can see a lip that holds the filter when pushed in (suction should hold it there). That wasn't apparent in the drawings.


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@robwiss What is holding them? Just friction?


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@georgimarinov @NickytaLeb I wouldn't rule out that bodies in the streets could be normalized. Pick them up and dispose of them = learning to live with it.

@[email protected]我不排除街上的尸体可以正常化。把它们捡起来并处理掉=学会忍受它。

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@tetoods8 @ilikesmallgovt @loscharlos @thereal_truther Go ahead and read it. There's even a chart showing each specific medical condition and risk ratio between covid and non-covid.

@[email protected]@[email protected]\u truther继续读吧。甚至有一张图表显示了每种特定的疾病以及新冠病毒和非新冠病毒之间的风险比。

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@69L46 @Roselover24 @AllenBecker1214 @loscharlos Even when he did, in a minority of the photo ops, wear a mask, it wasn't one of those effective-looking "friendship masks", it was a crappy surgical mask.

President Joe Biden arrives in South Korea on his first Asia trip as US leader, aiming to cement economic and security ties with regional allies despite growing fears of a North Korean nuclear test

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@[email protected]@[email protected]即使在少数摄影行动中,他确实戴了一个面具,但它不是那种看起来很有效的“友谊面具”,而是一个蹩脚的外科面具。


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@NickytaLeb @farid__jalali @denise_dewald I realize the test conditions might be different but this makes B4/5 look worse than delta?

@Nicky[email protected]\uu [email protected]\u dewald我意识到测试条件可能不同,但这会使B4/5看起来比delta差?

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@robwiss Are you hot gluing the filters in?


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@genie_barb @linseymarr Even in 2020 before anyone was vaccinated, household attack was like 20-30%. Sometimes people catch it, sometimes not.


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@thenorthfraud @linseymarr It wasn't necessarily useless. She could have acted on it but chose not to. She even said so at the time.


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@msabouri @boulderfish @ibrake4ants @linseymarr This is silly. In cities where everyone takes the metro people still get plenty of colds and flus.

@[email protected]@[email protected]这太傻了。在每个人都乘坐地铁的城市里,人们仍然会患大量感冒和流感。

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@ben_poah @linseymarr The hotel was a few days ago.

@ben\u [email protected]这家酒店几天前还在。

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@Amal4Solutions @nb_covid_info @lisa_iannattone @JoeMensor @ExtroSpecteur @linseymarr @strobist Comfort-wise I would have no problem sleeping with a vflex (can barely tell it's on usually) but I still have a feeling it would not be on properly when I woke up. Happily have not had the occasion for it.

@[email protected]\u covid\u [email protected]\u [email protected]@[email protected]@strobist Comfort wise我和vflex睡在一起不会有问题(几乎看不出它通常是开着的),但我仍然有一种感觉,当我醒来时它不会正常开着。幸好没有这个机会。

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@drensber @GeoEduOne @loscharlos China doesn't do much in terms of engineering. It's almost all lockdowns, testing, and quarantines. Even high quality masks aren't used much.

@[email protected]@loscharlos China在工程方面做得不多。这几乎是所有的封锁、测试和隔离。即使是高质量的口罩也不常用。

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