RT: 📢 There's still time and the prize pool has doubled!!
@SiaTechHQ & @NamebaseHQ #OwnTheInternet Hackathon now has ~$8,000 up for grabs for integrating @hns and or Skynet into a new or existing #dapp.
👉 https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/o... https://t.co/GnzlI2nTkj

发表时间:1分钟前 作者:Sia @SiaTechHQ 详情

RT: 🚀CosmWasm's 1st Public Permissionless Testnet, CORAL, The latest&greatest test bed for smart contract dev in #Cosmos ecosystem is out!🔥
+details: https://medium.com/confio/cosm...
Come join CORAL net!
You can request staking tokens(ureef) in our discord server

发表时间:2分钟前 作者:Cosmos - the Internet of Blockchains @cosmos 详情

RT: With DataHub, @cosmos developers have direct access to #Tendermint's RPC and #Cosmos’ REST APIs via our highly available full node infrastructure.
Stop worrying about running your own nodes and start building on Cosmos today.
Learn more: https://figment.network/datahu... https://t.co/aa4bK6mimN

发表时间:4分钟前 作者:Cosmos - the Internet of Blockchains @cosmos 详情

One week later, and we've met another little milestone.
1,700,000 $FTM, which is 70% of the circulating supply, has been staked!
@FantomFinance #StakeYourFanties https://twitter.com/FantomFina...

1,600,000,000 $FTM staked 🥳🎉

发表时间:1周前 作者:Fantom Finance @FantomFinance



发表时间:7分钟前 作者:Fantom Foundation @FantomFDN 详情

RT: Working on some new graphics for $DAG today.
I came across these that I designed for the $DAG x $LINK partnership.
Still my favourite to date, and still very relevant.
In any of $DAG's use-cases it will be the 'core validator' between the data source and the intended output. https://t.co/YIZvGOGNxL

我偶然发现了这些是我为$DAG x$LINK合作伙伴关系设计的。

发表时间:12分钟前 作者:Constellation(DAG) @Conste11ation 详情

RT: 💣 Day 2 of #FuturePROOF is absolutely STACKED with amazing content and speakers.
Check out the lineup below 👇 and join us on Aug 22nd. Registration is free!
https://community.blockstack.o... https://t.co/VoNmyuAZu6

反应时间:💣 《未来证明》的第二天绝对有很多精彩的内容和演讲者。
看看下面的阵容👇 8月22日加入我们。注册是免费的!

发表时间:15分钟前 作者:Blockstack @blockstack 详情

Seongnan will issue digital gift certificates as part of its blockchain development plan, reports @conexiondigicol https://cointelegraph.com/news...


发表时间:16分钟前 作者:Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph 详情

RT: @propagandhi @BryceWeiner https://t.co/zWyq8c1zUK


发表时间:17分钟前 作者:Brrrrryce Weiner @BryceWeiner 详情

@BolognaFishMD Yeah, I remember.
But actually I don't consider it 'lite' in this context. Catastrophic failure modes could be different and worse.


发表时间:17分钟前 作者:aeon @AeonCoin 详情

RT: Neck gaiters are worse than no mask at all, according to this study (although error bars are huge?) - although what it actually seems to show is how effective masks are! https://www.washingtonpost.com... https://t.co/0khUZ0wfGI


发表时间:18分钟前 作者:Brrrrryce Weiner @BryceWeiner 详情

Fiat money crumbles under pressure.
Bitcoin hardens under pressure.
I know what money I'd rather have. 🟠


发表时间:19分钟前 作者:₿itcoin Magazine @BitcoinMagazine 详情

Coming soon to WAX ... watch the trailer now! 👇 https://twitter.com/hodlgodgam...

We are very excited to announce HodlGod LIVE! Bringing the full vision of our battle royale RPG to the blockchain. Check out our Pre-Alpha Teaser!

发表时间:33分钟前 作者:HodlGod @hodlgodgame

即将上蜡。。。快看预告片!👇 https://twitter.com/hodlgodgam。。。


发表时间:21分钟前 作者:WAX.io @WAX_io 详情

With the launch of #NerveNetwork's staking & new #NULS POCM projects, here is a quick guide of the top staking opportunities on NULS.
Use $NULS, $ETH or $NVT for 50%+ ROI on @nerve_network
Stake $NULS on https://pocm.nuls.io/, earn project tokens such as $ALEPH, $MXT & $OBEE https://t.co/TblJiOvihz

随着NerveNetwork的立项和新的NULS POCM项目的启动,以下是关于NULS的顶级投资机会的快速指南。
使用$NULS、$ETH或$NVT在@nerve\u network上获得50%以上的投资回报率

发表时间:21分钟前 作者:NULS @Nuls 详情

RT: The State of Prediction Markets and Crypto in 2020 w/ @joeykrug & @eriktorenberg


发表时间:23分钟前 作者:Augur @AugurProject 详情

RT: 1/ Devs: don’t miss our weekly Build-n-Earn meetup, tomorrow at 8 PM IST!🛠
Build-n-Earn is an incentive program offering benefits including $50K/month funding.
During this meetup, we will be showcasing Matic's POC for Reddit's Scaling Bake-Off!
🌐https://buff.ly/3hOjJ20 https://t.co/BGNTYL4d5T

在这次会议期间,我们将展示Matic的POC为Reddit的Scaling Bake Off!

发表时间:26分钟前 作者:Matic @maticnetwork 详情

@BolognaFishMD That's how I have felt about the US "strategy".
It has looked bad so far but it risked much worse, and is still probably risking much worse.


发表时间:27分钟前 作者:aeon @AeonCoin 详情

Billion Dollar Public Company Microstrategy Moves $250 Million Into BTC, Says Bitcoin ‘Superior to Cash’ https://ift.tt/31GdDdI https://t.co/GOOIB9ebpN


发表时间:29分钟前 作者:Bitcoin News @BTCTN 详情

There’s a peek into my radical side. 😂😂😂✌️


发表时间:29分钟前 作者:Brrrrryce Weiner @BryceWeiner 详情

Clean your gear after every single engagement and if you can’t clean it, throw it away wrapped in plastic. Same with filters. Wrap them up. Don’t just toss them in a dumpster.
These are chemical weapons.


发表时间:29分钟前 作者:Brrrrryce Weiner @BryceWeiner 详情