The South Korean crypto industry faces more FUD amid reports on closures of 11 crypto exchanges and Bithumb investigation reopening. https://cointelegraph.com/news...


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Bitcoin holders are in disbelief as the asset closed July above $41K in a "bullish engulfing" candle. Despite the dip to $29K, bears failed to stay in the driving seat as BTC shows signs of a full recovery. https://buff.ly/3flyPNK


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Just gonna note that 3 months of red candles in legacy finance is called a "recession" and a few days of positive price action in the first week of the new month and inside resistance isn't so much bullish as it is hopium inducing.


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🌚 Dark Mode
⛏️ #DasKaiserProjekt
4️⃣ New Team Members
Your weekly #MXC News Update has arrived!
🎥 Watch it here: https://mxc.news/376b0oC https://t.co/pygaSejYeB

🌚 暗模式
⛏️ #达斯凯瑟普罗耶克特
4.️⃣ 新团队成员
🎥 在这里观看:https://mxc.news/376b0oC https://t.co/pygaSejYeB

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July Updates:
👊 @UFC partnership
🎫 #EMI License secured
⛓️ @cronos_chain testnet now live
🤝 #Cronos x @chainlink
💳 17 new supported cryptos for card top-ups
📈 Increased Earn rates for $DOT
🖼 NFT on-chain withdrawal
https://blog.crypto.com/crypto... https://t.co/s6YhJDlsqx

👊 @UFC伙伴关系
🎫 #获得EMI许可证
⛓️ @cronos_chain testnet现已上线
🤝 #克罗诺斯x@chainlink
💳 17种新支持的加密卡充值
📈 增加$DOT的收益率
🖼 链回收上的NFT
https://blog.crypto.com/crypto... https://t.co/s6YhJDlsqx

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Spin a Validator Node to get rewards!
💡Check all the requirements for the preferred validator before running it! https://twitter.com/ankr/statu... https://t.co/2WZhtGscHP

You are in charge of your own assets when deploying our Nodes! https://twitter.com/ankr/statu... https://t.co/pOgsIoXYD0

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💡在运行首选验证器之前,请检查它的所有要求!https://twitter.com/ankr/statu... https://t.co/2WZhtGscHP

部署我们的节点时,您负责自己的资产!https://twitter.com/ankr/statu... https://t.co/pOgsIoXYD0

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Don't forget to drop by at @BitMartExchange! Trade for $SFUEL and participate in our Pool-Based Staking to earn tokens! 🚀💰
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[COMMUNITY ACTION] There’s a community proposal shared on @Bancor to whitelist $TRAC - @origin_trail's utility token.
This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting Today at 14:00 CET (12:00 UTC)!

[COMMUNITY ACTION]在@Bancor上共享了一个社区提案,将$TRAC-@origin_trail的实用令牌列入白名单。
该提案预计将出现在今天CET 14:00(UTC 12:00)的快照上进行投票!

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The Dublin-based Irish Independent reported Sunday that PayPal is looking to fill various crypto-focused roles in compliance, anti-money laundering, and business development for its Dublin and Dundalk offices.


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@FcnBoss Hi there! Please send us a DM so that we can help you with that.


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🔔 Good News from HyperDAO ‼️🔔
IDO Launchpad is NOW LIVE 🎉
Participate in HDAO staking activities and enjoy up to 48% APY 🤩 https://t.co/kNvn2N2RhL https://t.co/F7h0Qelobi

🔔 来自HyperDAO的好消息"️🔔
IDO Launchpad现在上线了🎉
参加HDAO赛马活动并享受高达48%的APY🤩 https://t.co/kNvn2N2RhL https://t.co/F7h0Qelobi

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@MarkusEnahoro @sylo Hi there! Where are you from? Forbidden Access error only means that your country is restricted to participate in our Hodl&Earn feature.


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I keep trying to think as to who might have the money, will, and motive to do something like fund activist actors to drum up support for their beliefs and I can't stop thinking about the cast of the Expendables franchise. https://t.co/vFvf4WcaoM


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RT: $ZANO development stats 🧑‍💻
Week 26 July-1 Aug 2021:
✅ 12 commits
➕ 146 lines added
➖ 86 lines removed
#Privacy-parity is in our sights. 🎯
@zano_project https://zano.org/
#BUIDL #crypto #cryptocurrency #PrivacyPioneers #BTC #blockchain #CryptoNews #gpumining #PoW https://t.co/q0InhZzdwo

✅ 12承诺
➕ 新增146行
➖ 删除86行

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@TobiB1976 Awesome! Thanks for updating us.


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I'll just leave this here.

Attacking profit is always preferable to attacking people.
Unbalance the cost/benefit analysis and thereby incentivize a better world. https://twitter.com/MrDeGriz/s...

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Did you know that SPREE (Shared Protected Runtime Execution Enclaves) are fragments of logic comparable to runtime modules in @substrate_io, but live on the Polkadot Relay Chain and may be opted into by parachains? Learn more from the #Polkadot Wiki 👇

您知道SPREE(共享受保护的运行时执行飞地)是与@subscriber_io中的运行时模块相当的逻辑片段,但它位于Polkadt中继链上,可能会被parachains选择使用?从#Polkadot Wiki了解更多信息👇

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"There’s a new crypto unicorn on the block! Matrixport, former Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu’s latest venture, hits $1 billion in valuation after only two years.

“街区里有一只新的加密独角兽!Matrixport是Bitmain前首席执行官吴吉汉(Jihan Wu)的最新合资企业,仅两年后估值就达到10亿美元。

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Seven-day stats from Grayscale's #crypto funds show an increase in litecoin #LTC, bitcoin cash #BCH, and zcash #ZEC. https://zpr.io/3dmEbL4BWJhP

Grayscale加密基金的七天统计数据显示,litecoin LTC、bitcoin cash BCH和zcash ZEC的数量有所增加。https://zpr.io/3dmEbL4BWJhP

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@SteveAHorn @CDCDirector @JoeBiden When actresses know more than CDC (admits knowing), you know you're in trouble.

@CNN This is a stupid policy, @CDCgov many unvaccinated people won’t wear masks. Vaccinated people can still get it. While being less deadly to them they could spread it to others.

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@SteveAHorn@CDC Director@JoeBiden当女演员知道的比CDC多时(承认知道),你就知道你有麻烦了。


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