RT: #DigiByte #Foundation and @lcx Partner up.
@DigiByteCoin @DGB_Foundation
$DGB and #LCX have the ingredients to deliver on their vision to take their #decentralized immutable ledger platform to the next level.
https://www.lcx.com/digibyte-f... https://t.co/XcnqU87vdO

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📣 Don't miss ShareRing's Community Livestream with @TheRealTimBos!
Tim will be showcasing our suite of apps, as well as bringing everyone up to speed on the launches and new developments.
📆 Thursday, April 21st 2021
⌚ 11:00 AM UTC
🏟️ https://ow.ly/HET050EoDxh
$SHR #Blockchain https://t.co/DV1DLx5L6A

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Where are our $ZEN and @NOWPayments_io supporters at?
Give your country a shout-out by dropping a flag in the comments. 👇 https://twitter.com/NOWPayment...

#ZEN fact! 😍
The @horizenglobal community is active across the planet, and, some say, in particular, in France.
Let's check that!
Drop the flag of your country in replies 🌐
Share your $ZEN #payments experience 😀

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The European Central Bank has received a record number of responses to its public digital euro consultation. The majority of the feedback requested that transactions be private. https://buff.ly/3ga9KX6

欧洲央行(ecb)对其公开的数字欧元磋商(digital euro consultation)的回应数量创下纪录。大多数反馈要求交易是私有的。https://buff.ly/3ga9KX6

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RT: The #cryptocurrency market has experienced some volatility today ahead of @Coinbase trading publicly. However, $ETH — and, by extension, #DeFi — is pushing higher.
Crypto Market Daily: https://bit.ly/3sfIXey
Author: @Shasdam
https://bit.ly/3sghbhN https://t.co/CjcJBclCw4


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“Brace for impact! With this partnership, we are moving one step forward towards our vision to establish a thriving ecosystem with DigiByte as the foundational layer”, says @hanskoning Chairman at the @DigiByteCoin @DGB_Foundation


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The DigiByte Foundation team members, together with some other individuals from the corporate enterprise world, have chosen LCX to work on a new confidential ecosystem project with a focus on enterprise and consumer applications. “Brace for impact!”

DGB美元🤝 LCX美元

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“We are honored to work with one of the pioneers of the crypto industry. This alliance with DigiByte will be a huge leap towards our goal of providing innovative and compliant solutions leveraging our LCX platform”, says @montymetzger CEO at @LCX
$DGB 🤝 $LCX 💯 #100DaysLCX

$DGB🤝$LCX公司💯 #100天Lcx

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In the second part of the Informed Voting series, we explore four resources that aggregate exchange information and help Maker governance voters analyze Dai markets.
Get informed:


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Learn more about decentralized identity on #Tezos in first issue of @tezosbulletin - a new series from @tezoscommons. https://twitter.com/TezosCommo...

You can never have enough #Tezos content so we are starting a brand new written series -- Tezos Bulletin (@tezosbulletin). #Tezos Bulletin will deliver quality articles with higher frequency focusing on the ecosystem.
Kicking it off with DID:
https://medium.com/tezoscommon... https://t.co/dSn3ggelR6

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你永远不会有足够的Tezos内容,所以我们开始一个全新的书面系列——Tezos公告(@tezosbulletin)。#Tezos Bulletin将以更高的频率提供高质量的文章,关注生态系统。

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News 🎉
Current DEP price 0.0117 DEP/USDT (+15.93% Last 24h)
Buy DEP now from following exchanges!
Bittrex Global▶https://bit.ly/2LR3V0D
Bithumb Global▶️https://bit.ly/3cMDuov
Bitrue▶️https://bit.ly/2ZZCRTPmX6PmX6 https://t.co/vrOfaqAyhD

Current DEP price 0.0117 DEP/USDT)+(15.93%last 24h)
但DEP现在从following exchanges!
Bittrex GlobalEhttps/bit.ly/2LR3V0D
Bithumb GlobalEEhttps/bit.ly/3cmdoov

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RT: Amazing... already 25m in feeder pools in 2 weeks.
This is in addition to 60m in TVL across mBTC/mUSD.
Breakout attempt #2. $Mta https://twitter.com/mstable_/s... https://t.co/PLJHRBv8gs


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NKN Monthly report - March 2021 highlights
- Active tech and product dev
- nConnect on QNAP app center
- Binance AMA recap
- Why do billions of nodes matter?
- New manual for NKN mining in Chinese
- Upcoming nMobile updates
$NKN #BUIDL #web3


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DigiByte Foundation Chooses LCX as Partner
@DigiByteCoin @DGB_Foundation
$DGB now has the ingredients it needs to deliver on their vision to take their decentralized immutable ledger platform to the next level.
#100DaysLCX 💯 $LCX
https://www.lcx.com/digibyte-f... https://t.co/sZem2ZRuzq

#100天Lcx💯 LCX美元

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🔊 BlockDown 4.0 Conference - #DeFi Panel
Don't miss Hyung Lee from @B__Harvest speak at the BlockDown 4.0 conference on a discussion about "DeFi's Newest Waves" on April 15th, 5:05 PM CET.
✏️ Register for your free ticket here 👉https://blockdownconf.com/tick... https://t.co/8B3WavtSMO

🔊 封锁4.0会议-#DeFi面板
不要错过4月15日下午5:05 CET在BlockDown 4.0会议上关于“DeFi的最新浪潮”的讨论会上@B\u Harvest的Hyung Lee演讲。
✏️ 在这里登记免费机票👉https://blockdownconf.com/tick。。。https://t.co/8B3WavtSMO

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