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Join the Bitgreen conversation on Discord. #BitGreen is your dashboard to everyday impact.
#Crypto #CryptoCurrency #BitG https://t.co/EhnfW54eTr

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RT: Public Enemy were, apparently, angry that people of their race were not free to rob people on the subway without those people fighting back.

发表时间:4分钟前 作者:Nick Szabo 🔑 @NickSzabo4

RT: While riding the subway, four youths with criminal records surrounded Goetz and attempted to rob him.
He shot all four.

发表时间:5分钟前 作者:Nick Szabo 🔑 @NickSzabo4

RT: My husband saw this on Facebook this morning. NY became a war zone last night. Democrats are destroying our country. Disgusting behavior!! #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #Trump2020 @BilldeBlasio⁩ ⁦@NYGovCuomo⁩ https://t.co/jYRoyRO84p

发表时间:7分钟前 作者:Nick Szabo 🔑 @NickSzabo4

RT: You're so oppressed that mayors and governors throughout the country have let you commit every crime imaginable for a week all because they're too afraid of being called "racist."


发表时间:9分钟前 作者:Nick Szabo 🔑 @NickSzabo4

Hey Celsians, @Pattrick11 is looking for some feedback. You know what to do 😉🤑💪 #UnbankYourself https://twitter.com/pattrick11...

With @coinbase changing its APY from 1.25% to 0.15% I’m looking at a new place to invest, thoughts on @CelsiusNetwork & @cryptocom ? Anyone using them to build interest on investments?

发表时间:23分钟前 作者:Pattrick Stanton @Pattrick11

嗨,凯尔西亚人,@Pattrick11正在寻找一些反馈。你知道该怎么做😉🤑💪 #取消银行存款https://twitter.com/pattrick11。。。


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New episode of Decred in Depth is out!
@raedahgroup talks about years working on Decred, from contributing to DCP-0001 and dcrdata, to newer projects like mobile wallets, forming a group with African and Asian devs, and the new @planetdecred proposal.
https://soundcloud.com/decredi... https://t.co/3JmOubbZhA


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Earn 10% APR on your $MATIC holdings with @Binance Savings!🎉
Binance is launching a new Savings Product for MATIC, enabling token holders to lock up their tokens for a 7-day period to earn 10% APR on their holdings.
Subscriptions are now open!
Details: https://buff.ly/2AuU3ag https://t.co/TKa0ni7Yfg

使用@Binance Savings,您的$MATIC holdings在4月可获得10%的收益!🎉

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Buterin believes Ethereum second layer “basically” succeeded, but StarkWare CEO Uri Kolodny is not convinced https://cointelegraph.com/news...

Buterin相信以太坊第二层“基本上”成功了,但StarkWare首席执行官Uri Kolodny并不相信https://cointegraph.com/news。。。

发表时间:26分钟前 作者:Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph

RT: The era of #InternetOfTrustedThings has just begun on June 1, 2020 with the release of #IoTeX #MainnetGA
We wish everyone a happy IoTeX Mainnet Day! Join the IoTeX vision!
• Buy on @binance
• Hold with https://iopay.iotex.io/
• Stake with https://iotexlab.io/
@iotex_io https://t.co/1Gy5aZMbFv

转发:2020年6月1日,随着IoTeX MainnetGA的发布,互联网时代刚刚开始

发表时间:27分钟前 作者:IoTeX @iotex_io

We stand with you. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 #BlackOutDay2020 https://t.co/GLaRrTEEVZ


发表时间:28分钟前 作者:GoChain @go_chain

The relationship between rival manufacturers Ledger and Trezor is not just one of “PR battles,” but also one of collaboration and respect https://cointelegraph.com/news...


发表时间:33分钟前 作者:Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph

Starts the countdown. By tomorrow, the first video of a construction company from Messina Italy that accepts #INNBC will be posted. And also of the first Messina Italy construction company to accept payments in #INNBC.
@cz_binance @CoinMarketCap https://t.co/5ryz7bNXmw


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RT: Don't miss the #HackMoney Finale: a set of all-star judges will hear project pitches from finalists and give feedback:
📅 June 2 // 2pm ET
Set a reminder here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?... https://t.co/A7yYwyW02G

📅 东部时间6月2日下午2点

发表时间:45分钟前 作者:Eidoo [Non-giver of ETH or other crypto] @eidoo_io

Join @ArcBlock_io at DevCon 2020 to learn all about what's next. CEO @mave99a will share his thoughts on what's next for ArcBlock, and how the new ABT Node will transform how #blockchains and #dapps are built. Join us to learn more: https://devcon.arcblock.io/ https://t.co/0O4APIu6ET

加入DevCon 2020的@ArcBlock_io,了解下一步的计划。CEO@mave99a将分享他对ArcBlock下一步的想法,以及新的ABT节点将如何改变区块链和dapp的构建方式。加入我们了解更多:https://devcon.arcblock.io/https://t.co/0O4APIu6ET

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Holy smokes. 69 gwei. We are here, we will save you! Hop aboard https://loopring.io/ ⛴️ https://twitter.com/bneiluj/st...

We need you asap, guys !
@loopringorg L2 ZK-Rollup
@optimismPBCcon Optimistic Rollups
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@Omise Plasma
@maticnetwork Plasma

发表时间:2小时前 作者:Julien Bouteloup @bneiluj

神圣的烟。69格威。我们在这里,我们会救你的!上车https://loopring.io/⛴️ https://twitter.com/bneiluj/st。。。

@loopringorg L2 ZK汇总
@StarkWareLtd L2 ZK汇总

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@unclebobcrypto Yes, great idea! Looking forward😎


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RT: BREAKING: Super excited to announce Battle of Nodes today!
The final step before the #Elrond Mainnet launch is starting on Thursday.
Years of work, internet scale performance, dawn of a new blockchain era.
Ready to stake your $ERD? #MainnetMarathon D21

Elrond Mainnet发布前的最后一步是从周四开始。

发表时间:49分钟前 作者:elrond @ElrondNetwork

RT: #Binance Futures Affiliates:
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