Watch your back, fiat.
Ethereum co-founder @VitalikButerin has argued that crypto payments will once again “make sense,” as transaction costs will soon fall to fractions of a cent due to layer-2 rollups. #KBW2022 https://buff.ly/3A4Me7x

以太坊联合创始人@VitalikButerin 认为加密支付将再次“有意义”,因为由于第 2 层汇总,交易成本将很快下降到几分之一美分。

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What are the hot topics in and around the #CardanoCommunity?
From news about the Nomad hack, Bitrue, Ledger Live to updates about the Vasil Hard Fork, the Ambassador program, and more..
Get the recap here: https://bit.ly/3dirtMw


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Are you looking for more markets pairs for #AE? Have a look below and expand your accessibility now!🚀
AE Market Pairs💥https://coinmarketcap.com/curr...
#ae #aeternity #crypto #markets #cryptocurrency #eth #btc https://t.co/ffXBwQe0yi


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📢📢#DApp operators:
Vite Labs has updated all our official nodes to the latest client go-vite v2.11.3-rc2. It introduces a change that may affect the VM log.
Teams running dApps that rely on Vite Labs node(s) are advised to monitor closely and modify your code if necessary.


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We love seeing our #ZENFrens making their own tokens on #TokenMint!
Check out @Pjp0307's article that explains the process of creating $SNU Token.


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Another day, another hacking attempt.
@deBridgeFinance is unpacking a failed attack that bears the hallmarks of North Korea’s Lazarus Group hackers.
(Reporting via @gazza_jenks) https://buff.ly/3JD4w2Q

@deBridgeFinance 正在解开一个带有朝鲜 Lazarus Group 黑客特征的失败攻击。
(通过@gazza_jenks 报告)https://buff.ly/3JD4w2Q

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@ariexchange @EQ_Exchange 👀

@ariexchange @EQ_Exchange 👀

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@bitcoininfoorg Depends - do you live in or near Paris? 😂
If yes, no flight needed.
If no, you’ll need some transport. A flight might be a time saver 👍

@bitcoininfoorg 取决于 - 你住在巴黎还是附近? 😂

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Imagine a world where #NFT mints are stress-free.
@StarkWareLtd founder @EliBenSasson says its new Recursive validity proofs could theoretically roll up as many as 60 million transactions into one on the Ethereum blockchain. https://buff.ly/3bFVxRZ


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Missed the last Proof of State livestream hosted by @algodevs? Watch the replay of the conversation featuring @ryanRfox, @algoanne_ and @algojasonp 👉 https://youtu.be/mdM6KrGC61k

错过了@algodevs 主持的最后一次状态证明直播?观看与 @ryanRfox、@algoanne_ 和 @algojasonp 的对话重播 👉 https://youtu.be/mdM6KrGC61k

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RT: 🎮 GM! @Eleet_Games, a next-generation #gaming publisher leveraging #Web3 tools to become the first “Players’ Publisher”, to build gaming #NFTs and to launch a #token exclusively on @Tezos blockchain 👏
📰 Press release ➡ https://bit.ly/3QldO5F https://t.co/drr6Fy5i5w

RT:🎮 通用汽车! @Eleet_Games,下一代

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JUST IN: Dubai based retail giant Day To Day will accept #bitcoin 🇦🇪

刚刚加入:迪拜零售巨头 Day To Day 将接受

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Is Bitcoin maximalism breeding toxicity?
A Bitcoin Core contributor urged the community to drop the us-versus-them culture.
(Reporting via @ezrareguerra) https://buff.ly/3A3zM7V

(通过@ezrareguerra 报告)https://buff.ly/3A3zM7V

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RT: 😎 Introducing Blockchain Brawlers’ Summer Block Party!
BRAWL-O-SEUMS, Legendary Brawlers & more up for grabs in the Brawlerverse’s biggest party ever! The fun starts on Friday, August 12!
🔗 https://medium.com/blockchain-....

RT:😎 介绍 Blockchain Brawlers 的夏季街区派对!

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Bulls are buying Bitcoin and altcoins even as July CPI data is set to publish on August 10. Is the bear market rally continuing, or is this a real trend change for BTC? https://cointelegraph.com/news...

即使 7 月 CPI 数据定于 8 月 10 日发布,多头仍在购买比特币和山寨币。熊市反弹是继续,还是 BTC 的真正趋势变化? https ://cointelegraph.com/news...

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The winners of the prizes 🎁 awarded during #HyDef2022 are:
🏆 1,500 $LTX:
· Scott L
· Scott W
🏆 25,000 $DAG:
· Nathan P
· Kenichi N
🏆 Dor Traffic Miner #DTM:
· Eli A
· Larry S
We'll be reaching out to you via email today. https://twitter.com/Conste11at...

🎁 We're giving away over $15,000 in prizes during #HyDef2022! 🎁
Simply, be there - it's FREE! 🥳
To qualify for all prizes:
✅Register at https://bit.ly/hydef22 before August 6th
✅Log into the event on August 6th
Prizes include: #DTM's, $DAG, $LTX
Good luck!🍀
#Crypto https://t.co/oYslHc4FFC

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🎁 我们将在活动期间送出超过 $15,000 的奖品

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At some point, investors will either regain confidence in the economy or they will no longer accept returns below the inflation level.
All this cash is waiting on the sidelines for an entry point, whether real estate, bonds, equities, currencies, commodities or crypto. https://t.co/udKDySfrhw

所有这些现金都在观望一个切入点,无论是房地产、债券、股票、货币、商品还是加密货币。 https://t.co/udKDySfrhw

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