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The St. Petersburg City Court accepted the plea of the three people, as the criminal case is targeting the general director of Cryptouniverse, who owns 60% of the firm. #Cryptocurrency


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The new Nasdaq-listed company "will be established as an industrial-scale bitcoin mining company," backed by investors such as Fidelity and Morgan Stanley.

这家在纳斯达克上市的新公司“将成为一家工业规模的比特币开采公司”,并得到富达(Fidelity)和摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)等投资者的支持。

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Taraxa Wants to Put Every Informal Transaction on the Record, Unveils Details About the Upcoming TGE


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John McAfee Indicted by DOJ Over Alleged Cryptocurrency Fraud Charges


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Microstrategy currently commands 0.4336% of the entire 21 million #bitcoin supply cap and the firm is nearing the 100k BTC milestone


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"With all the Fed’s cards on the table, Biden’s recovery package “needs to pass in the coming weeks before benefit programs are exhausted," the Crescat Capital exec said.


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“[The USD] is only 50 years old and it’s already showing extreme signs of weakness, I think people will start measuring the price of things in #Bitcoin,” Kraken’s Jesse Powell said.

Kraken的Jesse Powell说:“(美元)只有50年的历史,已经显示出极度疲软的迹象,我认为人们将开始衡量比特币的价格。”。

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North Queensland's extensive list of contractors accepting Bitcoin Cash grew today - RoofGuard begins accepting Bitcoin Cash #bitcoincash #australia #queensland #QLD


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If BCH does a 10x and reaches its ATH, how can fees remain sub-cent?


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In my opinion Bitcoin Cash is the most important undervalued asset in the top 100 crypto market and is a steal at these prices.


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RT: Hopefully I can help this Venezuelan person that whatsapped me cold to use @localbitcoincom to move some funds from Venezuela to a Colombian bank account
I am offering him 10 USD if he can prove he did it and will support him along the way.
Will it work??
#BitcoinCash #BCH


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Millennials are losing ground in holding cryptos, as the numbers unveiled that only 19% of the users are just aged 20-29. #Cryptocurrency


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UC Berkeley #Blockchain Xcelerator partnered with Parity to promote blockchain adoption by forming a resource-rich educational framework.

UC Berkeley#区块链Xcelerator与Parity合作,通过形成资源丰富的教育框架来促进区块链的采用。

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RT: There were no active sale offers for #BCH on @localbitcoincom in PAKISTAN until Harry stepped up just now after I chaintipped him 5 USD to get started
When you tip $BCH, encourage the recipients to flip it into a #BitcoinCash liquidity business on


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RT: @KimDotcom Did you know Bitcoin Cash uses 100 times less electricity than Bitcoin but does 144 transactions per second instead of just 7? Wow!


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Cipher #Mining, a newly-formed #bitcoin mining operation of #Bitfury, is going public in a merger deal that values the combined company at $2 billion. #cryptocurrency


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Galileo Exchange Presents the GLT Token and Introduces ‘Zero Edge’ Trading


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Kentucky lawmakers urge greater #crypto appeal despite purported costs. The bill id designed to attract more miners to the state.


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RT: BCH is a fail-safe proven crypto #bitcoincash


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