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People can leverage the map on https://zpr.io/RUW7p to find thousands of BCH accepting businesses all over the world. #CryptoSpending #Cryptocurrency https://zpr.io/RUW7Z


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#BigTech #censorship is not just targeting #Trump supporters, but anyone who supports free thought and liberty. https://zpr.io/RUv4t


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Did you know we offer a referral program for workshops? If you liked #ChooseYourWallet, share your referral code with a #crypto friend! If they purchase $10 or more in 30 days of visiting w/ your link, their purchase is counted towards your next discount: https://aantonop.io/referafrie... https://t.co/ipQguXWQjn


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“Oh look,” the researcher Willy Woo said. “Suddenly there's a whole bunch of newly minted whales.... holders of 1000 #BTC." https://zpr.io/RUBDs


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The findings by Chainalysis contradict the recent statements made by Janet Yellen and ECB's Christine Lagarde. #bitcoin #btc #cryptocurrency https://zpr.io/RU4rk


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Tune in as @BitcoinTina & @ck_SNARKs discuss how investors watched tech stocks go straight up for 20 years, and that bitcoin is the same but bigger.
"They've watched these companies go up, go up, go up, and go up...most of them missed all of that"
https://bitcoinmagazine.com/ar... https://t.co/o8HMrTQtnX

收听@BitcoinTina&;@ck\u SNARKs讨论投资者如何眼睁睁地看着科技股20年来直线上升,而比特币是一样的,但更大。

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@mbacarella @RiceTVx There was nothing wrong with the BitMEX report, as I've said repeatedly. It was the sensationalist articles containing lies, that followed from the likes of Cointelegraph that were FUD.


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The MP clarified that the crypto bill aims to bring "financial freedom" to all the Panamanians who don't have access to the traditional banking system. #Cryptocurrency #Panama #Bitcoin https://zpr.io/RU4UR


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"I think it important we consider the benefits of #cryptocurrencies ... and the potential they have to improve the efficiency of the financial system," said Janet Yellen #bitcoin #btc https://zpr.io/RUV25

“我认为考虑加密货币的好处很重要。。。以及它们提高金融系统效率的潜力,”珍妮特·耶伦(Janet Yellen)说https://zpr.io/RUV25

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How might the GAAP application be refined or changed? IFRS? Treating #Bitcoin as an indefinite intangible has many downsides for corporate treasury reserve uses. Thoughts or suggestions? @michael_saylor @elonmusk @CNBCFastMoney https://t.co/5ienu4jk6I


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RT: Coinbase has revealed they have over 43million users
Growth accelerated in late 2020
#Bitcoin https://t.co/5D5Fws4LP3


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RT: Check out my interview w #AndreasAntonopoulos!
I sat down w @aantonop yesterday to #Debunk the #Bitcoin #FUD. We touched on the #DoubleSpend propaganda, talked about #regulation and #legislation, #InfoSec, & more.
https://lbry.tv/@ricecrypto:2/... https://t.co/s1tEFxIhm6

https://youtu.be/Uh0LwK\u NHJU
https://lbry.tv/@ricecrypto:2/... https://t.co/s1tEFxIhm6

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Andreas Antonopoulos Interview - Debunking The #Bitcoin FUD & More https://youtu.be/Uh0LwK_NHJU with @ricetvx

Andreas Antonopoulos访谈-揭秘比特币FUD&Morehttps://youtu.be/Uh0LwK\u NHJU使用@ricetvx

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During bitcoin bull runs, it’s not uncommon for Bitcoiners to field questions from precoiners about how they can get started. So we put together our beginner’s experience with these newbies in mind.
Send them to:
https://bitcoinmagazine.com/st... https://t.co/WmlPlvRIRk


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"#BigTech social media platforms are on a crusade to purge people," Sterlin Lujan said after the #Libertarian was deplatformed. #Censorship https://zpr.io/RUv4t

“BigTech社交媒体平台正在发起一场清洗民众的运动,”斯特林·卢扬(Sterlin Lujan)在自由主义者下台后说。#审查制度https://zpr.io/RUv4t

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Police revealed that cyber-investigators traced accounts involved in the illicit transactions to "conventional" #cryptocurrency exchanges #Japan https://zpr.io/RUeEA


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@Gloeschi Coinbase rewards are not spendable for 100 blocks precisely to prevent this

@Gloeschi Coinbase奖励不可用于100个街区恰恰是为了防止这种情况

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@Crypto_Stash No they don't


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Today's livestream is cancelled due to network capacity problems at the studio. We will reschedule for another day and work to fix the network.


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