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"The Chinese Communist Party will use its digital currency to control and spy on anyone who uses it. We can’t give China that chance." #crypto #cryptocurrency https://zpr.io/JgEiYLZTXRhG


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Euro Central Bank President: Bitcoin is a super risky asset.
#Bitcoin: Fiat is literally guaranteed to lose value. https://t.co/07fF61RMvL


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The stablecoin issuer #Tether has announced the firm has launched tether #USDT tokens on the #Polygon network. https://zpr.io/bPG5AmZQhBYV

stablecoin发行人Tether宣布,该公司已在多边形网络上推出Tether USDT代币。https://zpr.io/bPG5AmZQhBYV

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JUST IN - U.S. senator Lummis said her and senator Gillibrand are finalizing their #Bitcoin bill text 🇺🇸


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According to a study published by NFT Club, the United States has the most #NFT company headquarters in the world. https://zpr.io/8qYWBbvgdW6K


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Four days in inflation-ravaged Lebanon with "The Bitcoin Standard" author Dr. Saifedean Ammous 🇱🇧
“The profound heart of all of this is that it is the hardness of the money that reflects on the time preference."

“比特币标准”作者赛义丹·阿莫斯博士(Dr.Saifedean Ammous)在四天的通货膨胀中蹂躏了黎巴嫩🇱🇧

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The Reserve Bank of Malawi announced a 25% devaluation of their currency, effective today.
🇲🇼 needs #Bitcoin

🇲🇼 需要#比特币

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RT: WOW!!! @econoalchemist covers all the core @SeedSigner use cases in incredible detail -- including fire-testing the @Vulcan21com steel SeedQR plates!
So much time and effort clearly went into this guide. Amazing.


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#Bulgarian #crypto trader Alexander Altunbashev goes missing under mysterious circumstances. https://zpr.io/wabFxmeDstBr


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#Crypto exchange #Binance to collaborate with Kazakhstan’s digital development ministry. https://zpr.io/SvXuw45uirG8


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David Dodge says #gold is an “antique instrument,” and he believes Canada’s central bank got rid of its gold reserves for this very reason. https://zpr.io/zbFp3hWRC7w7


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NEW - $1.4 trillion Deutsche Bank analyst on #Bitcoin: When you have a limited supply and increasing demand, price tends to rise 🚀


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How StableFunds Has Made It Extremely Easy to Trade Altcoins https://zpr.io/N46RmGRe3XNX


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#DOT rebounds following recent losses, whilst declines in #RUNE continue. https://zpr.io/aP5haBFbdVW3


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TODAY - Central African Republic top officials attending a #Bitcoin conference 🇨🇫 https://t.co/sT00SUV8Af

今天,中非共和国高级官员出席#比特币会议🇨🇫 https://t.co/sT00SUV8Af

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Russia’s Ministry of Finance is considering bringing the broader group of “digital currencies” under the allowed payment methods for international trade as the country faces continued Western sanctions that began in February.
@namcios reports:


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