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Bitcoin’s Kimchi Premium Bubble: Inflation, Deflation and Consequences.
"The Kimchi premium can be a good and reliable indicator of the demand for bitcoin when taken within the context of its origin and combined with other factors."
Written by @mskvsk.
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Value Creation In Bitcoin.
"The culture of Bitcoin combined with the capabilities of a global monetary network is set to unleash a force upon the world that reshapes every element of society for the better."
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This week’s @bitcoinoptech newsletter summarizes recent progress on code to activate taproot and contains our regular sections with descriptions of a recent Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting and notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software
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"Bringing services and amenities that cater to our cutting-edge clientele is of uber importance to us," Gino LoPinto, the operating partner of E11even Miami said. #Bitcoin https://zpr.io/REH5M

E11even-Miami的运营合伙人吉诺•罗平托(Gino LoPinto)表示:“为我们的尖端客户提供服务和便利设施,对我们来说非常重要。”。#比特币https://zpr.io/REH5M

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Recipients of capital investments are endeavoring to promote greater #DeFi adoption by removing many existing participation obstacles and taking a more mass-market approach. https://zpr.io/Rx45N


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RT: Today is a big milestone for Coinbase and an even bigger milestone for crypto. Thank you to our employees and customers for getting us here. Together, we can build the cryptoeconomy and create economic freedom for all. Join us for today's events at https://coinbase.com/listingda... $COIN https://t.co/Bvcu9R0otq


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How far we have come in 12 years. Who or what is on the brink this time around? https://t.co/Wq7FdpFvPi


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RT: I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to fight with every idiot on the internet. So now I can just write FSF off as an organization I ever need to interact with and get back to work.


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RT: I started to write a dissection of why this statement from the FSF defending their decision to bring RMS back to the board is both toxic and craven, but instead I have turned into a floating ball made entirely of middle fingers. https://www.fsf.org/news/state...


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#Bitcoin is not very far from surpassing $SILVER in terms of market capitalization. https://t.co/gm3NaM6wh6


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Coinbase Is Severely Overvalued At 1,500,000 BTC.
"To think that any company should be worth 7-8% of global wealth is ludicrous, nevermind one that holds less than ~0.2% of the global money supply, with about 4,487 BTC."
Written by @BTCization.
https://bitcoinmagazine.com/ma... https://t.co/SIqu3MwTLp

Coinbase被严重高估为1500000 BTC。
“认为任何一家公司都应该拥有全球财富的7-8%都是可笑的,更不用说一家拥有约4487 BTC的全球货币供应量不足~0.2%的公司了。”

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"This #Bitcoin rally is EXACTLY like previous halvings. Likely to reach $115k by August,” Pantera Capital's CEO said. https://zpr.io/REn8z

“这次比特币涨势与之前的减半完全一样。Pantera Capital的首席执行官表示:“到8月份,可能会达到11.5万美元。”。https://zpr.io/REn8z

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Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to complete the 42 kilometres and 195 meters run in less than 2 hours. https://zpr.io/RxeX8


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Zignaly Lists on AscendEX https://zpr.io/REPvY


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RT: No need to go back in time to buy #Bitcoin, you can buy #BitcoinCash today.


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RT: Lots of new people to crypto and learning about it. Some might wonder, what is Bitcoin Cash? Watch and learn! #BitcoinCash #BCH 💸 https://t.co/eAsVKfaeJ2

RT:有很多新的人来加密和学习它。有人可能会想,什么是比特币现金?观察和学习!#比特币现金💸 https://t.co/eAsVKfaeJ2

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RT: #BitcoinCash adoption spreading in #Argentina!🇦🇷
Great work @BCHArgentina!💪 https://t.co/TNUAE6TawL

干得好@BCHArgentina!💪 https://t.co/TNUAE6TawL

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RT: Bitcoin Cash is the perfect cryptocurrency for business
Spread the word about Bitcoin Cash in your language today!
#bitcoincash #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fintech #payments #payment #technology #finance #money


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Coinbase $COIN


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