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@robinhanson But which country did it come from? 😊


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@robinhanson So like, historians in the year 3000 will be vaguely aware that the US had high inequality, self-contradictory foreign policy and was bad at healthcare, but will think that it's clearly the most awesome country because it made the best memes?


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@gakonst The word "blinis" unnecessarily doubles the plural; the "i" in "blini" (блины) is already a plural ending.
But on the other hand...
The Russian word тулзы ("tulzy") is slang for "tools", adding the Russian plural ending onto a word that already has an "s".


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@Versatile_Crypt @AnthonyLeeZhang Oh I am assuming that humans still provide the plot and the script. So making a movie becomes as easy as writing a play.

@多才多艺的[email protected]哦,我假设人类仍然提供了情节和脚本。所以拍电影就像写剧本一样简单。

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Claim: the crypto space is weird and dumb and we should go back to mainstream institutions which are ruled by adults.
Reality: https://twitter.com/RudyGiulia...

Great products at reasonable prices. Use code Rudy for additional savings https://t.co/O6EvkxHRt8

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@WatcherGuru I was looking through my old files and remembered that as a teenager I was also a game developer.
This is the most complex one I made:
Though I never figured out how to "publish" it, and no one else has beaten even the tutorial so far 😭


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@AnthonyLeeZhang I'm expecting/hoping that the cost of AI moviemaking is going to go way down soon.


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@vgr Even in the hypothetical case where the US actually is on a path to becoming a low-government society, whether that looks like a market vs a mob vs an oligopoly of organized firms is a very open question.


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@vgr Zooming out a bit, "big government" and "big business" were only ever two legs of the triad (of risky forms of large-scale coordination). "Big mob" might be an equally pejorative way to describe the third one.


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@vgr There were pressures acting on employees and leadership at the intra-firm and cross-firm level, and the final result looked like a very harmonized policy shift across many platforms - not like market firms specializing.


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@vgr I don't think "relegated to the markets" is an accurate description. Like sure, Twitter banning Trump was a non-governmental actor deciding to stop serving a customer, but the processes that led to that happening don't look at all like firms acting on their supply/demand curves.


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@EliBenSasson @PapiniShahar @Justindr @TimBeiko @dankrad Isn't it standard in ethereum land to associate a block with the post-state of that block? After all, the post-state is what actually gets hashed into that block's header.

@[email protected]@[email protected]@dankrad在以太坊土地上,将一个街区与该街区的后状态相关联不是标准吗?毕竟,post状态实际上是散列到该块头中的状态。

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RT: Probably the silliest anti-blockchain argument, IMO, is that it doesn't have credit card purchase protection, chargebacks, etc. You are literally forcing everyone to pay 2% of _everything they buy with a credit card_ for purchase protection! 2%!!!


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I'm not usually a modern art appreciatooooor but I genuinely think the one on the right looks cooler. https://twitter.com/michaeljkn...

Why would a guy who could paint the picture on the left choose to paint the picture on the right? https://t.co/eb0pFEk89l

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@koeppelmann @drakefjustin @weboftrees I really don't think total validator count being too low is a significant possibility. Remember that because of prio fees + MEV, the reward curve steepens to r ~ 1/deposits when deposits are near zero.

@[email protected]@weboftrees我真的不认为验证器总数太低是一个很大的可能性。请记住,由于prio费用+MEV,当存款接近零时,奖励曲线会变陡至r~1/存款。

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@koeppelmann @drakefjustin @weboftrees Right, so discouragement attacks would be viable under any level of demand (as opposed to the economic limiting proposal, where they're only viable under very exceptional scenarios)

@[email protected]@weboftrees是的,因此劝阻性攻击在任何需求水平下都是可行的(与经济限制方案相反,在经济限制方案中,只有在非常特殊的情况下才可行)

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@Bananaplanet2 @drakefjustin @weboftrees I would say keep it single-slot but make slot time variable (or rather, cancel slots that aren't a multiple of whatever extended duration you want). Definitely a reasonable direction to explore compromising.

@[email protected]@weboftrees我想说的是,保持单时隙,但时隙时间可变(或者更确切地说,取消不是您想要的延长时间倍数的时隙)。这绝对是探索妥协的合理方向。

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@koeppelmann @drakefjustin @weboftrees Unfortunately targeting an exact count makes discouragement attack incentives really horrible.
See https://github.com/ethereum/re... https://t.co/fiSD5a3G6T

@[email protected]@weboftrees不幸的是,目标精确的数字使得泄气攻击的动机非常可怕。
看见https://github.com/ethereum/re... https://t.co/fiSD5a3G6T

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Some different approaches for capping the validator set size, to decrease the load of a beacon chain node and make Ethereum more ready for single-slot finality:
Thanks @drakefjustin @weboftrees for help!

感谢@[email protected]weboftrees的帮助!

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