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RT: Mint is liveeeeeee on @ProtocolTalis, Lessgetitttt 🔥
Mint Link : https://talis.art/collections 🚀 https://t.co/WHX66k6IeP

转发:Mint是Liveeeee [email protected],Lessgettttt🔥
Mint链接:https://talis.art/collections对不起,对不起。🚀 https://t.co/WHX66k6IeP

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RT: ⚡️ Wizard UI is live 🧙‍♂️
😀 Adding new components frequently
💰 Perfect for DeFi protocols
🌖 Supporting @terra_money and soon @cosmos
🔬 Based on my experience building 7 protocols on Terra.
Here you go https://github.com/leyetilabs/... https://t.co/hEar6eUgjg

转发:⚡️ 向导UI处于活动状态🧙‍♂️
😀 频繁添加新组件
💰 非常适合DeFi协议
🌖 支持“terra_money”并很快支持“cosmos”
🔬 基于我在Terra上构建7个协议的经验。
干得好https://github.com/leyetilabs/... https://t.co/hEar6eUgjg

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RT: 1/🚨Fight Club is OPEN!🎲Inaugural launchpad on #Terra2 l @terra_money l @lunafightclub🥊🌕
🥊MINT is LIVE🔴https://bit.ly/3uiB7Vo🔗
🌟 Utility: Revenue-Sharing Casino ala🎰
🌟 Price: 40 $LUNA 💰
🌟 1,000 NFTs🎨
#terra2 #terraluna #terraNFTs #LUNAtics https://t.co/PkPGIfh0PX

转发:1/🚨搏击俱乐部开门!🎲在lunafightclub的#Terra2 [email protected]\u money l上的首次启动平台🥊🌕
🌟 公用事业:收益共享赌场🎰
🌟 价格:40美元LUNA💰
🌟 1000个NFT🎨

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📣 #LUNAtics, be aware that our account is NOT in any way affiliated with @TerraLunaHQ, who up through this point has been copying all of our tweets 📣

📣 #疯子们,请注意,我们的账户与@TerraLunaHQ没有任何关联,到目前为止,他一直在复制我们所有的推文📣

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RT: ⚡️Dear Valkyrians & #LUNAtics⚡️
Valkyrie Protocol 2.0 is ready to launch
We’re working with DEXs to ensure that we have LP and Rewards set up at launch.
It will take less than a week!
Thank you for waiting & Stay Tuned
$VKR $LUNA #LUNAtics #Valkyrians https://t.co/Hah9hPQKfM


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RT: 🔥 Big news! 🔥
Terranauts will be migrating to Terra 2 👀
As an OG Terra NFT project, we really only had one choice of where to migrate, and we're super excited to be sticking with the Terra family.
Check out our discord for more info!
@terra_money @stablekwon https://t.co/AhuG33D2DD

转发:🔥 头条新闻!🔥
Terranauts将迁移到Terra 2👀
作为一个OG Terra NFT项目,我们真的只有一个迁移的选择,我们非常兴奋能够坚持Terra家族。
@[email protected]://t.co/AhuG33D2DD

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- Activated support for multi-hop token swaps
- Launched a new token price API to speed up the UI at https://app.astroport.fi/
- Enabled the automatic display of new pools on the UI
Beam aboard now: https://app.astroport.fi/ https://t.co/x8aTUG2EKd

转发:🛰️ 已部署升级
立即上船:https://app.astroport.fi/ https://t.co/x8aTUG2EKd

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RT: Launching OpinionVerse in 2 months on Terra 2.0 with USDT/USDC as game currency ! Allowing Luna , USDT , USDC as deposit currency ,Opinions 2 Earn , Share Opinions on real world events & Win 🎮
@BSCTerra20 @terrawhales @terra_money @LunaTerraGlobal

RT:2个月后在Terra 2.0上推出OpinionReverse,游戏货币为USDT/USDC!允许Luna、USDT、USDC作为存款货币,意见2可赚取,分享对真实世界事件的意见;赢🎮
@[email protected]@terra\u [email protected]

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RT: $LUNA by @terra_money is now listed on Changelly 🚀
$LUNA is the new native token of Terra 2.0, a public #blockchain that recently emerged from Terra Classic.
Exchange $LUNA ➡️ https://changelly.page.link/ex... https://t.co/U3dWUXvUGe

转发:@terra\u money的LUNA现已在Changely上列出🚀
$LUNA是Terra 2.0的新原生代币,Terra 2.0是最近从Terra Classic衍生出来的公共区块链。
兑换$LUNA➡️ https://changelly.page.link/ex... https://t.co/U3dWUXvUGe

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RT: 🌏 If you are a #XDEFI Wallet user and have been eligible for the $LUNA airdrop on #Terra 2.0, make sure to check your wallet as the Terra 2.0 network is now officially supported by us!
$XDEFI $UST #LUNAtics @terra_money https://t.co/eHSMBvVQzb

转发:🌏 如果您是#XDEFI Wallet用户,并且有资格在#Terra 2.0上获得$LUNA airdrop,请确保检查您的钱包,因为Terra 2.0网络现在已得到我们的正式支持!
$XDEFI$UST#疯子@terra\u moneyhttps://t.co/eHSMBvVQzb

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RT: Support for @terra_money $LUNA 2.0 Tokens & DApp is now available🥳
Users can now safely & conveniently store Terra $LUNA 2.0 assets within @iSafePal Hardware Wallet & @iSafePal Software Wallet App
📱Download the @iSafePal App Today
https://safepal.io/download https://t.co/iHUlRvPt6t

RT:支持@terra\u money$LUNA 2.0代币和;DApp现在可用🥳
用户现在可以安全地;在@iSafePal Hardware Wallet&;中方便地存储Terra$LUNA 2.0资产@iSafePal软件钱包应用程序
https://safepal.io/download https://t.co/iHUlRvPt6t

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RT: 1/ 🌱Soil Protocol is Building🛠️
@Soil_Protocol is dedicated to supporting artists, creators, and builders with a collection of dev tools, smart contracts, and APIs that enable them to launch their NFT projects smoothly on @terra_money🪐
#terraluna #terranfts🌕 https://twitter.com/Soil_Proto...

@Soil\U Protocol致力于通过一系列开发工具、智能合约和API支持艺术家、创作者和建设者,使他们能够在@terra\u money上顺利启动NFT项目🪐
#terraluna#terranfts🌕 https://twitter.com/Soil_Proto...

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RT: #LUNAtics get your wallets ready! @PulsarFinance is about to launch on Terra 2.0 🚀
To celebrate, we are preparing one last Alpha Challenge 🏆, before our public launch.
We will release all details in the following days.
Stay tuned!👀 https://t.co/6BFlEPRJLY

RT:#疯子准备好钱包@PulsarFinance即将在Terra 2.0上推出🚀
为了庆祝,我们正在准备最后一次Alpha挑战🏆, 在我们公开发布之前。
敬请期待!👀 https://t.co/6BFlEPRJLY

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RT: ⚡️ Billing module released!
Our Blockchain as a Service for @terra_money is now fully launched!
Level up your projects:
💳 Add a payment method
✅ Select a higher plan
⚡️ Get down to business with your increased limits!
https://app.setten.io/ https://t.co/raqRnbCbNc

转发:⚡️ 计费模块已发布!
我们为@terra\u money提供的区块链服务现已全面启动!
💳 添加付款方式
✅ 选择更高的计划
⚡️ 用你不断提高的极限开始行动吧!
https://app.setten.io/ https://t.co/raqRnbCbNc

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Terra 2.0 is now live on @portalbridge_! 🙌
Users can now send & receive tokens through @portalbridge_ using Terra 2.0 👇

Terra 2.0现在在@portalbridge\u!🙌
用户现在可以发送(&N);使用Terra 2.0通过@portalbridge\uu接收令牌👇

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RT: 1/9 This month, @Terra_Money 2.0 community self-organized millions of dollars of funding for dozens of developer teams.
Doesn't seem like a dead project to me.
Terra has a lot more potential than most people realize.
Realistic optimism 🧵👇

RT:本月1月9日,@Terra\u Money 2.0社区自行组织了数百万美元的资金,为数十个开发团队提供资金。

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RT: BUIDLing, undeterred. Indomitable.
#LUNAtics https://twitter.com/vladjdk/st...


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RT: We're close to launching!
Before we do, we want to make sure we've built a strong product that users can enjoy. We're looking for a focus group of around ~50 users who want to test out what we've built so far and give feedback.


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With dedicated dApp teams like @tfm_com, @staderlabs, & @knowhere_art shipping each week & TFL cooking up some sick projects behind the scenes, I wouldn’t bet against the future of Terra 2.0 anon 👀 https://twitter.com/tfm_com/st...

TFM ships. Even in hard times.
During a month of pain & uncertainty, TFM never stopped building. We're proud to release our flagship pro-trading DEX aggregator protocol, the very first one on @terra_money integrating @astroport_fi, @PhoenixFinan & @terraswap_io.
Try TFM now 🙌 https://t.co/E0nB1IBMWX

发表时间:1周前 作者:TFM @tfm_com

有专门的dApp团队,如@tfm\U com、@staderlabs和@每周了解艺术配送(&U);TFL在幕后策划了一些糟糕的项目,我不敢打赌Terra 2.0 anon的未来👀 https://twitter.com/tfm_com/st...

在一个月的痛苦中;由于不确定性,TFM从未停止建设。我们很自豪地发布了我们的旗舰pro trading DEX aggregator协议,这是在@terra\u money上集成@astroport\u fi、@[email protected]\u io。
立即尝试TFM🙌 https://t.co/E0nB1IBMWX

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RT: 🚨 In-wallet swaps are back🚨
Get best rates EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. you swap your @terra_money 2.0 tokens right from your wallet!
Supported by our amazing frens at @astroport_fi, @PhoenixFinan & @terraswap_io
Install now, and Leap into the Terraverse
👉 https://bit.ly/3Hklgd1👈 https://t.co/MTSUpCASXO

转发:🚨 钱包内掉期交易又回来了🚨
获得最佳价格。单身。时间。您可以直接从钱包中交换您的@terra\u money 2.0代币!
由我们在@astroport\u fi、@[email protected]\u io
👉 https://bit.ly/3Hklgd1👈 https://t.co/MTSUpCASXO

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