2/ This is a live trading market on @PolymarketHQ.
The market will be resolved by UMA's optimistic oracle. It will resolve when one of the two prices is reached, or January 1st, 2023 is reached--Whichever comes first.
If neither price is hit, the market will resolve 50-50. https://t.co/oHZTytHLX3

2/ 这是@PolymarketHQ 上的实时交易市场。
市场将由 UMA 的乐观预言来解决。当达到两个价格之一或达到 2023 年 1 月 1 日时,它将解决 - 以先到者为准。
如果两个价格都没有达到,市场将解决 50-50。 https://t.co/oHZTytHLX3

发表时间:2天前 作者:UMA @UMAprotocol