ANSWER: All of the above.
The largest holder of XYO is XY Labs, with a reserve of billions held since the inception of XYO. XY Labs also constantly buys back XYO on the open market for COIN users. And XYO World, a project which has no revenue stream for XY, constantly burns XYO.

XYO的最大持有者是XY实验室,自XYO成立以来,该实验室拥有数十亿美元的储备。XY实验室还不断在公开市场上为COIN用户回购XYO。XYO World是一个没有XY收入来源的项目,它不断地烧掉XYO。

发表时间:1个月前 作者:XYO Foundation @OfficialXYO