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We hope our Canadian followers had a happy Canada Day, and we hope our U.S. followers have a great Independence Day! We'll be enjoying a long summer weekend with you. See you next week! #XYO https://t.co/hmnAk3xcwv


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RT: BREAKING — Facebook has begun testing Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on profiles.
Soon, grandma will truly know 1D = 1B.


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RT: Did you know COIN has given out over $10 million in rewards since it was released in 2019?


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RT: 📢SimpleHold x @OfficialXYO #AMA📢
Let's have a talk - ask us any question you're interested in in the comments and take a chance to win 10 $XYO 🔥
✅ Leave a question in the comments
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10 winners will be chosen on 07.07 📅
Good luck 🤞 https://t.co/tuLeqXl2ya

转发:📢SimpleHold [email protected]#AMA📢
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#XYO fans are some of the most ingenious and industrious people in the world. Don't even try to argue, look at this. https://twitter.com/OtherWorld...

@OfficialXYO 90% hot tub pallets. Still and will always stand out there deep in the woods with no internet or cell service. You can get starlink there though. https://t.co/osdfiQdlmi

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@OfficialXYO 90%热水浴缸托盘。尽管如此,而且将永远站在森林深处,没有互联网或手机服务。不过你可以在那里找到starlink。https://t.co/osdfiQdlmi

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@OtherWorldsAR If you seriously did, we'd love to see a photo.


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#XYO #HODL https://twitter.com/jessechaco... https://t.co/Z44IGvX7Jl

When that #crypto ate up all your budget 🤣🤣🤣! #cryptolife https://t.co/btxVMkXdQ7

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当加密耗尽了你所有的预算🤣🤣🤣! #加密生命https://t.co/btxVMkXdQ7

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RT: Check Out @OfficialXYO
✅ XYO turns mass data into verified & actionable data: the 🔑 to success for metaverse and web3 projects

✅ One of the largest node networks 4M+ 🌍

✅ Universal tech from a 🐻-market-proof & established company applicable to 100s of industries

$XYO https://t.co/AybmkNQKrS

✅ XYO将海量数据转换为已验证数据(&O);可操作数据:🔑 metaverse和web3项目的成功
✅ 最大节点网络之一4M+🌍
✅ 通用技术公司🐻-市场证明(&P);适用于100多个行业的成立公司

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RT: What is this? #XYO Client JS receiving a crypto card game with ability to observe payloads! For example moves chosen by player = observed BW. 🤔
#BoundWitness #UseCases https://t.co/0XZ0PfFNHq


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#XYO @arietrouw
https://medium.com/xyonetwork/... https://t.co/IMB6r7NNUJ


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RT: Most active #crypto projects by #github commits this week 👨‍💻


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ANSWER: All of the above.
The largest holder of XYO is XY Labs, with a reserve of billions held since the inception of XYO. XY Labs also constantly buys back XYO on the open market for COIN users. And XYO World, a project which has no revenue stream for XY, constantly burns XYO.

XYO的最大持有者是XY实验室,自XYO成立以来,该实验室拥有数十亿美元的储备。XY实验室还不断在公开市场上为COIN用户回购XYO。XYO World是一个没有XY收入来源的项目,它不断地烧掉XYO。

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QUIZ: How well do you know #XYO?
Either XYO or XY Labs, the parent company of XYO, does which of the following?

XYO或XYO的母公司XY Labs执行以下哪项操作?

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That's a nice shirt. 👀 Goes well with the crystal-clear, aquamarine water. https://shop.xyo.network/ https://twitter.com/coin_with_...

Thank you to Mats, the winner of COIN’s Bora Bora Sweepstakes, for sending us some updates! 🏝 With summer coming up… vacations have been on our mind. Where would you like to see COIN offer a sweepstakes to next? Let us know! https://t.co/BD0d6wMYVE

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那件衬衫很漂亮。👀 非常适合搭配清澈的海蓝宝石水。https://shop.xyo.network/ https://twitter.com/coin_with_...

感谢COIN博拉博拉抽奖的获胜者Mats向我们发送了一些最新消息!🏝 夏天快到了,假期就在我们的脑海里。您想在哪里看到COIN向next提供抽奖?让我们知道!https://t.co/BD0d6wMYVE

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@FreecryptoA @SimpleHold @JoaquinMQ7 https://t.co/rb4QeUnwfC

@[email protected]@JoaquinMQ7https://t.co/rb4QeUnwfC

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@MuratDe92708082 The park uses XYO World for their bounty system. Geotoken owners who buy portions of the park in XYO World can also monitor those portions using the tech in the park, itself, and open their geotokens to others. Catch something out of the ordinary? Report it instantly.

@MuratDe92708082公园使用XYO World作为其赏金系统。在XYO World购买部分公园的Geotoken所有者也可以使用公园中的技术监控这些部分,并向其他人开放他们的Geotoken。抓住不寻常的东西?立即报告。

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@SpaceMonkey2025 Let's unwrite a dystopia rather than writing one. ;)


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The alert has rich data demonstrating exactly where, when, and what happened. The park is safe, secure, and becomes the most popular and beloved theme park in the world. #XYO


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