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"13 things regulators should know when considering and crafting crypto regulations" featuring #XYO's mastermind, @arietrouw, up first on the @Cointelegraph Expert Panel.
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https://cointelegraph.com/inno... https://t.co/YMFewVYt9W

“监管机构在考虑和制定加密法规时应了解的 13 件事”

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A practical demonstration of the concept of decentralization, which also demonstrates why it's optimal or preferable for many applications. 👇 https://twitter.com/fasc1nate/...

A close look at how starfish walk.

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去中心化概念的实际演示,这也说明了为什么它对于许多应用程序来说是最佳或可取的。 👇 https://twitter.com/fasc1nate/...


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“Ethereum 2.0 upgrades are a huge gain for blockchain overall, but the continued use and development of layer 2 solutions is imperative.” - @arietrouw, Founder and CEO of @xy_company
Article by @brookebecher via @BuiltIn https://t.co/HXXk12tTis

“以太坊 2.0 的升级对区块链整体来说是一个巨大的收获,但第 2 层解决方案的持续使用和开发势在必行。” - @arietrouw,@xy_company 的创始人兼首席执行官
@brookebecher 通过@BuiltIn 撰写的文章 https://t.co/HXXk12tTis

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ICYMI: @arietrouw, CEO of @xy_company, discusses the evolution XY Labs and the impetus for #XYO on The Exit presented by @Flippa.
This podcast about startups and entrepreneurship looks at our business from a unique angle.
Check it out! Full episode:
https://podcasts.apple.com/us/... https://t.co/z37kvTLgeM

ICYMI:@arietrouw,@xy_company 的首席执行官,讨论了 XY 实验室的发展和推动

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@xy_company @coin_with_us
Price captured 10/21/2022. Price remains current at the time of publication. https://t.co/FHiulPlY3e

@xy_company @coin_with_us
Price captured 10/21/2022. Price remains current at the time of publication. https://t.co/FHiulPlY3e

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Did it reinforce something you already suspected? Or did it change your mind? How has data shaped the course of your life? #XYO https://t.co/ldgeF82IH9


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Guess which oracle network is featured in this piece from @realcoincentral? That's right, #XYO!
https://coincentral.com/top-10... https://t.co/NV6ruQunZy

猜猜@realcoincentral 的这篇文章中出现了哪个预言机网络?这是正确的,

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"Markus explained the importance of geospatial data very well. Furthermore, he explained the importance of blockchain technology and how it has benefited the XYO community."
Read the full article here!
https://metaverseinsider.tech/... https://t.co/SyIPL97qfm

“Markus 很好地解释了地理空间数据的重要性。此外,他解释了区块链技术的重要性以及它如何使 XYO 社区受益。”
https://metaverseinsider。技术/... https://t.co/SyIPL97qfm

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Things a device like this could teach us:
- Which companies cause the most river pollution.
- Which species are most affected by plastic waste.
- Which ecosystems are most affected.
- Which communities are most affected.
- What economic class most pollution comes from.

- 哪些公司造成河流污染最多。
- 哪些物种受塑料垃圾的影响最大。
- 哪些生态系统受到的影响最大。
- 哪些社区受影响最大。
- 大多数污染来自哪个经济阶层。

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With the right equipment, such a device could potentially produce revolutionary data with little or no human intervention.
In the future, we would love to see devices like the Interceptor become XYO nodes, making any data which can be detected accessible for anyone, anywhere.

在未来,我们希望看到像 Interceptor 这样的设备成为 XYO 节点,让任何人、任何地方都可以访问任何可以检测到的数据。

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Imagine how much data a device like this could provide. The potential of something like this should be mined to the fullest possible extent.
Scientists should look at this as not just an opportunity to improve the world in itself, but to learn more to make further improvements. https://twitter.com/wef/status...

Hungry for change.
📕 Read more: https://wef.ch/34AVnSR https://t.co/MYxYtMd3nt

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科学家们不应将其视为改善世界本身的机会,而是要了解更多信息以进一步改善。 https://twitter.com/wef/status...

📕 阅读更多:https://wef.ch/34AVnSR https://t.co/MYxYtMd3nt

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A critical component of innovation is adaptation. An XYO node can be virtually any device with censors and an internet connection, and @coin_with_us makes mining crypto universally accessible. With over 5 million nodes to date, our strategy puts us in the lead... by lightyears. https://t.co/LuqjZqZ6sS

创新的一个关键组成部分是适应。 XYO 节点几乎可以是任何具有审查器和互联网连接的设备,@coin_with_us 使挖矿加密变得普遍可访问。迄今为止,我们拥有超过 500 万个节点,我们的战略使我们处于领先地位……光年。 https://t.co/LuqjZqZ6sS

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And our winner is... @yose_les! We hope you enjoy @LABlockchainSmt and wear your fresh XYO gear to the event.
For anyone else attending #LABlockchainSummit, we'll see you there. (And we have a little secret we'll be announcing soon!) https://twitter.com/OfficialXY...

Hey, are you going to be in #LosAngeles at the beginning of November? We'd love to see you there!
To enter, follow @OfficialXYO, like and retweet this post, and comment with your favorite icon from L.A. Winner will be drawn randomly on Monday, October 17, at noon PDT. https://t.co/TXBnv0WRzc

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我们的赢家是……@yose_les!我们希望您喜欢@LABlockchainSmt,并穿着您新鲜的 XYO 装备参加活动。


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@XYO_Ashcoinum As was foretold. 🔮🧙‍♂️

@XYO_Ashcoinum 正如所预言的那样。 🔮🧙‍♂️

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@agmfck2 We can't promise that we will.
But you'd better believe we'll try.

@agmfck2 我们不能保证我们会。

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Stop scrolling. Read this article.
This is what XYO was built to do.
This is what XYO will do.
And this is what XYO is doing now.
On track and head of the curve. #XYO https://twitter.com/McKinseyDi...

A lot of attention has rightly focused on the metaverse’s applications in society - but we believe this technology has broad applications. Using existing technologies, like #DigitalTwins, it could transform the way we work.
#McKinseyDigital #Metaverse https://twitter.com/i/web/stat... https://t.co/ywDIxfz4yf

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这就是 XYO 的初衷。
这就是 XYO 将要做的。
这就是 XYO 现在正在做的事情。


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@EKalauba @coin_with_us Hello Soweto City! 👋 Did you know our CEO, @arietrouw, is also proudly from South Africa?

@EKalauba @coin_with_us 你好索韦托市! 👋 您知道我们的首席执行官@arietrouw 也自豪地来自南非吗?

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@LewSales @coin_with_us This is amazing! You know how you learn something new every day? This is the first new thing today.

@LewSales @coin_with_us 这太棒了!你知道你是如何每天学习新东西的吗?这是今天的第一个新事物。

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@tarotNFTs @coin_with_us Listen, as San Diegans our relationship with Oakland is... fraught. Enjoy your woods!

@tarotNFTs @coin_with_us 听着,作为圣地亚哥人,我们与奥克兰的关系......令人担忧。享受你的树林!

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