@EvaFoxU Yes


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@provenauthority @TrustlessState @thenim9 @owocki I do actually support hashes on-chain and data off-chain and ZK-provable for most of the use cases!

@[email protected]@[email protected]我确实支持链上散列和链外数据,并且ZK可用于大多数用例!

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@whit3d0t ENS records is a trivial one. Could instead store the hash of the entire set of records on-chain and the individual records on IPFS, but I think the pure on-chain approach is better.

@whit3d0t ENS记录是一个微不足道的记录。可以将整个记录集的散列存储在链上,将单个记录存储在IPF上,但我认为纯链上方法更好。

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Did you know you can connect your new @GameStopNFT wallet directly to our web app to access even more L2 functionality + features like #NFT minting?
Check it out for yourself💙
➡️https://loopring.io/#/layer2 https://t.co/MlY2qPQEcI

您知道吗,您可以将新的@GameStopNFT钱包直接连接到我们的web应用程序,以访问更多L2功能+功能,如#NFT minting?
➡️https://loopring.io/#/layer2 https://t.co/MlY2qPQEcI

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What will be/is the best airdrop of 2022?


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Conflicts of Interest: Why @CoinDesk, @Cointelegraph stock appreciation rights for #DCG equity incentivizes "journalists" to "look the other way" when the news will hurt their investments, thus will never carry this level of IP infringement analysis. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

利益冲突:为什么@CoinDesk、@Cointelegraph对#DCG equity的股票增值权激励“记者”在新闻会损害他们的投资时“另眼相看”,因此永远不会进行这种程度的知识产权侵权分析。看https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

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Hey. Click here, it'll change your life. https://buff.ly/3CpGFjC https://t.co/RhgM8ByFqD

嘿单击此处,它将改变你的生活。https://buff.ly/3CpGFjC https://t.co/RhgM8ByFqD

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@TrustlessState @thenim9 Like, I do think that some aspects of a functioning reputation system have to be non-consensual. Otherwise you can't penalize people doing bad stuff.
But you also don't want abuse of power, defamation, competitive attacks, etc to ruin things.
So, a complicated balance.

@像[email protected]一样,我确实认为一个正常运作的声誉系统的某些方面必须是非协商一致的。否则你不能惩罚那些做坏事的人。

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JUST IN - U.S. senator Lummis said her and senator Gillibrand are finalizing their #Bitcoin bill text 🇺🇸


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@TrustlessState @thenim9 "Depends on implementation details"

@[email protected]“取决于实现细节”

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@thenim9 @TrustlessState Depends on how the NFT is used, how many bytes are in the metadata, and how often it's updated or issued.

@[email protected]取决于NFT的使用方式、元数据中的字节数以及更新或发布的频率。

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STEPN won’t be setting foot in China.
The “move-to-earn” game will block users located in China in order to comply with the country’s regulatory policies. https://buff.ly/3arJCGy


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RT: “There’s a great expression that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – IO Africa Operations Director, @jjtoconnor
We’re heading to #Consensus2022 to showcase the innovation we are building for all: https://iohk.link/cardano-comm...
#CardanoAtConsensus https://t.co/J2vCGi6kKU


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@TrustlessState I wasn't referring to you! It's a sentiment I hear from "decentralization but not blockchain" folks all the time.


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According to a study published by NFT Club, the United States has the most #NFT company headquarters in the world. https://zpr.io/8qYWBbvgdW6K


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The big whales give signs of impatience and increased their BTC sales since the end of April, according to data by CryptoQuant.
The bearish movements of the top tenants suggest it is the minor whales keeping #BItcoin from capitulation.


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Bloomberg's @Quicktake is at @ArtBasel Hong Kong highlighting 'NFTs + The Ever-Evolving World of Art,' presented by the @Tezos ecosystem. 🎥
#Tezos #CleanNFT #BlockchainEvolved https://twitter.com/Quicktake/...

☑️ Virtual walkthroughs
☑️ NFTs
☑️ AR platforms
@ArtBasel's 2nd edition of its physical-digital hybrid fair returns to Hong Kong, embracing innovation as the art world aims to attract a younger market https://trib.al/yhLu6sG #ArtBaselHongKong https://t.co/GUv53YitwY

发表时间:1天前 作者:Bloomberg Quicktake @Quicktake

彭博社(Bloomberg)的《快拍》(Quicktake)位于香港巴塞尔艺术展(ArtBasel),重点介绍了由“Tezos生态系统”(Tezos Economics)主办的“NFT+不断发展的艺术世界”。🎥

☑️ 虚拟演练
☑️ NFTs
☑️ AR平台

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RT: It's time to make history. https://t.co/hXhFSsyssg


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Four days in inflation-ravaged Lebanon with "The Bitcoin Standard" author Dr. Saifedean Ammous 🇱🇧
“The profound heart of all of this is that it is the hardness of the money that reflects on the time preference."

“比特币标准”作者赛义丹·阿莫斯博士(Dr.Saifedean Ammous)在四天的通货膨胀中蹂躏了黎巴嫩🇱🇧

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RT: Mr.Francis Chong (Senior Director Ministry of Trade & Industry Singapore) is closely following the developments of Pundi X in Türkiye. @PundiXLabs https://t.co/doeRx0N6ri

RT:Francis Chong先生(新加坡贸易和工业部高级主任)正在密切关注Turkiye Pundi X的发展@PundiXLabshttps://t.co/doeRx0N6ri

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Pundi X Labs @PundiXLabs 详情