Join us at @PBWSummit for our COO @ericnode’s keynote on “CeFi vs DeFi” at 8:00am UTC on 9 Dec (4:00pm HKT)!
Get your pass now 👉 https://pbwsummit.com/tickets
#PBWS2020 https://t.co/yQC2ABEUxj

加入我们的@PBWSummit,参加我们的首席运营官@ericnode在12月9日上午8:00(香港时间下午4:00)“CeFi vs DeFi”的主题演讲!
快去拿通行证👉 https://pbwsummit.com/tickets

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Is it necessarily a bad thing if a protocol optimizes a little bit for being theatrical?
(Thinking about Bitcoin's sudden halvings every 4 years, as opposed to the smooth exponential decay curve that a mathematician would have made)


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Webinar 250M Algo Grants Program: Thursday, Dec 3rd, 9 AM EDT. Join us on Thursday for a comprehensive program overview! The Grants program supports the growth of a vibrant, diverse & thriving #Algorand ecosystem. Save your seat https://ow.ly/LaoS50CxRug https://t.co/OBJXaOrRTG


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[JobTribes Daily Lucky Award]
📌Every day 5 people will have chance to win 5000 DEAPcoin just by playing @JobTribes game.
Daily Lucky Period: November 1st – November 30th
Congratulations to all winners of November 29th!🎉
Play Now: https://jobtribes.playmining.c...
#JobTribes https://t.co/xsgtG9RDSZ


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Zero Fees on $EUR & $GBP Bank Deposits
➡️ https://www.binance.com/en/sup... https://t.co/s4jc1cVrXx


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@warliezdiaz @chainlink @SergeyNazarov @TheLinkMarine1 @LINKNewsOracle We are sorry that you were not satisfied while using the App. Please, contact support@crypterium.com and we will consider your issue.


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RT: Thanks to the Monero communities and the donors who made this happen! Bulletproofs+ will make Monero transactions smaller and more efficient.
This is MAGIC's first project proposal. Hopefully we will have many more! https://twitter.com/MagicGrant...


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Catch us at the annual Singapore Fintech Festival from 7th to 11th December, the world's largest FinTech event! 👑
Chat with us about Switcheo, Zilswap, Demex and Tradescan. Bring your own popcorn! 🍿
#sgfintechfest https://twitter.com/AparnaNR/s...

This Dec, @sgfintechfest offers us a new way of engaging with one another in light of #COVID19. Can’t wait to experience @SwitchSingapore in 3D!  
@zilliqa & partners, @Bolt_Global, @xfers, @AqillizOfficial, @mintable_app, @Zillacracy @SwitcheoNetwork look fwd to welcoming you! https://twitter.com/zilliqa/st...

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@zilliqa&partners,@Bolt逯Global,@xfers,@aQillizo官方,@mintable逯u app,@Zillacracy@switchenetwork期待您的到来!https://twitter.com/zilliqa/st。。。

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Fred Ehrsam on governance minimization; covers some of the themes regarding governance exploitability that I've talked about on my blog. Worth a read. https://twitter.com/FEhrsam/st...

Governance Minimization https://www.fehrsam.xyz/blog/g...

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Governance Minimizationhttps/www.fehrsam.xyz/blog/g.…

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#TomoChain helping MOET to secure millions of diplomas on #blockchain 🔥
Certificate management needs to be renovated by technology, which is significant for the whole society & cost-efficient for the diploma management system in particular & the education sector in general 🚀 https://t.co/AhplQZiwYx

学历证书是全社会教育管理的重要组成部分,尤其是全社会的学历证书管理制度需要进行改革🚀 https://t.co/AhplQZiwYx

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@tgindc @DrLeanaWen "Flattening the curve" doesn't mean for a short time and then let it rip after that, it means for the entire duration of the pandemic


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💎 Did you know that you can earn up to 60% per annum if you subscribe to #EarnCrypto from November 17 to December 31?
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@cctip_io airdrop 500 $EVR 1000 https://t.co/cAAKkN0LIn

💎 您是否知道,如果您在11月17日至12月31日期间订阅“Enercrypto”,您的年收入可高达60%?
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@空投500美元EVR 1000美元https://t.co/cAAKkN0LIn

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@michaelmina_lab @interpolated There really seems to be a mental block where people have trouble thinking past the individual case to the systemic effect.


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NEW LISTING: $NEAR, far, wherever you are, @NEARProtocol provides you with security & utility. Coming soon @OKEx!
Goes LIVE (UTC) :
▶️ Deposit: NOW
▶️ Spot Trading: /USDT 03:00, /BTC & /ETH 04:00 Dec 2
Listing details: https://bit.ly/36iHpZi
$NEAR: https://bit.ly/2KTgsDp https://t.co/LMDJ3o3DVr

新列表:$NEAR,far,where you are,@NEARProtocol为您提供安全和实用程序。马上就来@OKEx!
▶️ 存款:现在
▶️ 现货交易:/USDT 03:00,/BTCÐ 04:00 12月2日

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.@HuobiGlobal Completes $GNT to $GLM Migration and Will Open $GLM Spot Trading at 18:00 on November 30th


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RT: Pool-X Weekly Report (Nov 23rd-29th)
✅ NFT withdrawal service now available
✅ Pool-X will support ETH2.0 Staking
✅ Development of the #NFT Exchange and the $VELO BurningDrop is progressing well
Full report ⬇️

✅ NFT提款服务现已提供
✅ Pool-X将支持ETH2.0立桩
✅ NFT交易所和$VELO BurningDrop的开发进展顺利

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💹 50k $EGLD @Binance Savings
💠 @OKEx resumes $EGLD deposits, withdrawals
🔶 Tech thesis by @everstake_pool
🔐 56% circulating supply staked
👥+720 accounts daily, more info @flipsidecrypto
📰 @PolyNetwork2 integration by @NEOnewstoday

💹 5万美元EGLD@Binance储蓄
💠 @OKEx恢复$EGLD存款、取款
🔶 @eversteak_pool的技术论文
🔐 56%循环供应
📰 @@NEOnewstoday的PolyNetwork2集成

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Last week in $EGLD 👇🏻
✅ Mainnet upgrade v1.1.10
#Bitcoin coming to Elrond via @PolyNetwork2
💵Fiat to #DeFi via @xendfinance
📊 Validators dashboard by @Easy2Stake
📖 New documentation released
💯 Maiar reaches 100 releases
🛠 Weekly #elrondtech https://t.co/VSCnhZaK15

✅ 主网升级v1.1.10
📊 @Easy2Stake验证程序仪表板
📖 发布新文档
💯 迈尔达到100次释放
🛠 每周#elrondtechhttps://t.co/VSCnhZaK15

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