Next time a politician uses “billionaire” as an insult, please remind them that people in glass houses … https://twitter.com/elonmusk/s...

Who do you trust less? Real question.

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Cry me a One River. Another spot Bitcoin has been denied by the SEC, this tme by cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund One River Digital. https://buff.ly/3GoJyDr

哭我一条河。另一种现货比特币被美国证券交易委员会(SEC)拒绝,这是一家专注于加密货币的对冲基金One River Digital的tme。https://buff.ly/3GoJyDr

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Favorite clothing store on StormX?


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RT: The BPSAA is excited to announce the addition of @firoorg as our newest member.
Firo is the 11th project to join the BPSAA that has amassed over 600k followers combined in social media.
Read more here: https://bpsaa.vision/firo-join... https://t.co/F17Q0f07iP

请在此处阅读更多信息:https://bpsaa.vision/firo-join... https://t.co/F17Q0f07iP

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@BPSAA_Official @firoorg Welcome!


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Are you planning a trip this summer?
The digital era has revolutionized the way we bank, shop, and socialize. Why not use crypto to book your next holiday? https://buff.ly/3PG1sWt


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Get set up with crypto, DeFi, and dapps built on Celo with @Valoraapp. 🎨
#FineArtFriday https://t.co/h3LVwVMw33


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@TeamSatoshi @CoinDesk @Cointelegraph @DrCraigSWright Unfortunately, I don't believe that is the finding of the UK Courts, and in all matters legal, its the court decision that reigns supreme.

@[email protected]@[email protected]不幸的是,我不认为这是英国法院的裁决,在所有法律问题上,法院的裁决是至高无上的。

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@TeamSatoshi @CoinDesk @Cointelegraph @DrCraigSWright I understand, and cannot totally disagree without a deeper dive. But... (You there's always a but) the way to handle that is to invalidate the patent, not engineer a smear campaign through corporate PR tools couched as news organizations. Your logic makes sense, but was not used.

@我理解[email protected]@[email protected]博士的观点,如果不深入研究,我不能完全不同意。但是(你总是有一个但是)解决这个问题的方法是使专利无效,而不是通过新闻机构的企业公关工具策划诽谤活动。你的逻辑有道理,但没有被使用。

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Also, see https://etccooperative.org/fil... which lists all of incorporation documents, resolutions, IRS filings and other transparency reports.


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- Our $1.6M USD budget for 2022 is significantly higher than our actual spending of $483K for 2021, with a significant part of that spending being staffing costs, as we have grown (and will continue to grow) the team.
- $250K has been budgeted for ecosystem grants during 2022.

-我们2022年160万美元的预算大大高于2021 483千美元的实际支出,其中很大一部分支出是员工成本,因为我们的团队已经增长(并将继续增长)。

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I want to sit in on video deposition of this project's @SECGov persecution. Imagine how fun the discovery will be. Full disclaimer, I'm a whale in #SST tokens. It would be funny, except for the fact that sexual activity was actually (and aggressively) queried in Ve depositions https://twitter.com/attorneyje...

Definitely the sale of a security.
- The SEC https://twitter.com/LadyofCryp...

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- Publication of 2021 Retrospective, Budget and Roadmap.
- AGM held in March.


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- Core-Geth development team are now funded by ETC Cooperative.
- Ongoing support and maintenance of Core-Geth and Hyperledger Besu.
- Improved RPC endpoint support via Rivet plus our own CloudFlare caching, serving over 500M requests per month.
- Mystique hard fork in February.

-持续支持和维护核心Geth和Hyperledger Besu。

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We are happy to share our 2022 Q1 report:
https://etccooperative.org/pos... https://t.co/09YWvClguL

我们很高兴分享我们的022 Q1报告:

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What happens to your crypto when you are gone? While there are already firms that can manage your assets for you, other users would rather find more privacy-oriented solutions. https://buff.ly/3sSHs94


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Euro Central Bank President: Bitcoin is a super risky asset.
#Bitcoin: Fiat is literally guaranteed to lose value. https://t.co/07fF61RMvL


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In response to Western sanctions, Russia appears likely to adopt crypto for international payments.
But will it even be possible?
(Reporting via @forgeforth_) https://buff.ly/3MOH0kh


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@MythLake2016 @heyibinance 🙏


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