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In this User Success Story, @unoreinsure Co-Founder and CEO Jaskanwar Singh explores how #Chainlink Price Feeds help secure the decentralized insurance protocol.
Dive deep into Uno Re and the impact of Price Feeds on #DeFi protocols 📺👇

在这个用户成功故事中,@unoreinsure 联合创始人兼首席执行官 Jaskanwar Singh 探讨了如何

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RT: Synthetix is excited to announce the SNX Youtube channel.
Our first video features @0xAfif, where Perps V2 is deeply explained. You'll learn about 👇
1️⃣ Basics of perps
2️⃣ Current landscape for DeFi perps
3️⃣ SNX Perps V2
Listen and subscribe now! ⚔️

RT:Synthetix 很高兴地宣布 SNX Youtube 频道。
我们的第一个视频以@0xAfif 为特色,其中深入解释了 Perps V2。你会了解👇
1️⃣ perps的基础知识
2️⃣ DeFi perps 的现状
3️⃣ SNX Perps V2
立即收听并订阅! ⚔️

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RT: Zuckerberg's wealth has shrunk by $100 billion from its peak 1 year ago, the biggest wealth loss by one person in history


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Ren joins the @SolidlyETH family 🏳️🏴
To further boost $BTC liquidity on Ethereum, $12M will be supplied to the renBTC/wBTC pool, and $4M will be allocated to other volatile pools
We're excited to work together with @SolidlyETH to deepen liquidity for cross-chain assets🤝 https://twitter.com/SolidlyETH... https://t.co/J0tc6LOCIK

We're excited to reveal @renprotocol as one of our launch partners!🤝
Ren will deposit $12M in stable & $4M in volatile pairs for 1 year. Ren will be able to use its dilution-protected NFT to allocate weekly $SOLID emissions, for example to $renBTC, while earning back swap fees🚀 https://t.co/Ue7WORhYt2

发表时间:1个月前 作者:Solidly @SolidlyETH

Ren 加入了@SolidlyETH 大家庭🏳️🏴
为了进一步提高以太坊上 $BTC 的流动性,1200 万美元将提供给 renBTC/wBTC 池,400 万美元将分配给其他易失性池
我们很高兴与@SolidlyETH 合作,加深跨链资产的流动性🤝 https://twitter。 com/SolidlyETH... https://t.co/J0tc6LOCIK

我们很高兴宣布@renprotocol 成为我们的发布合作伙伴之一!🤝

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RT: Michael Kong will represent #Fantom at @TOKEN2049, Europe's premier crypto event for founders & executives of leading Web3 companies!
@MichaelfKong will participate in discussion around the future of blockchain protocols.
#TOKEN2049 takes place from Nov 9-10 in London. https://t.co/BC3BhNkT1u

RT:Michael Kong 将代表

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RT: 📘🪱 Open the #DigitalComic pages of Bookworm's story in EMERGENTS PRESENTS #12 today to see our hero learn the importance of reading people, not just books.
#ReadForFree on #InterPop #Comics: https://ow.ly/kCaH50LmXOe https://t.co/Ee4b7cFYYc

RT:📘🪱 打开

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The past few months have been incredibly busy as our team pushed out a number of deliverables and the long awaited AGVR protocol. Read more our progress on our Medium.

过去几个月非常忙碌,因为我们的团队推出了许多可交付成果和期待已久的 AGVR 协议。在我们的 Medium 上阅读更多我们的进展。

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No! I will not crash the market. I will bring transparency, true accountability and reliable price discovery in the absence of such from other parties.
What do these attributes lead to in real markets? More liquidity & prices that reflect value over hype. Don't get it twisted! https://twitter.com/AmenhotepD...

Will Reggie Middleton Crash the Bitcoin Market??! | TGOC https://youtu.be/FXcEc3aqUHQ via @YouTube

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雷吉米德尔顿会不会破坏比特币市场??! | TGOC https://youtu.be/FXcEc3aqUHQ 通过@YouTube

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RT: The DigiByte Alliance continues to support the #DigiByte #developer community’s adoption of #Rosetta as a platform to provide a more robust foundation that lowers the barrier to entry for developing on the DigiByte #blockchain. The…https://lnkd.in/esVFA8Ew https://lnkd.in/esZSvzgJ

RT:DigiByte 联盟继续支持

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I feel much more secure about my Twitter account now that Elon has sink'ed in there.
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既然 Elon 已经沉入其中,我对我的 Twitter 帐户感到更加安全。
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RT: Had a great time speaking with @arrington and @syrupsid at the @PropyInc web3 and realestate summit. https://t.co/IjdXweLcVG

RT:在@PropyInc web3 和房地产峰会上与@arrington 和@syrupsid 进行了愉快的交谈。 https://t.co/IjdXweLcVG

发表时间:1个月前 作者:Propy @PropyInc 详情

@sensible Appreciate the invitation!

@sensible 感谢邀请!

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From East Coast to West, every stop on Neo's month-long USA #DecodingWeb3 Campus Tour brought new insights and connections. We finished strong with the @BayVentureClub, introducing Neo N3 to incubators, VCs, gaming studios, apps and dApps owners, developers, and investors! https://t.co/npyQcA8qPy

从东海岸到西海岸,Neo 为期一个月的美国之旅的每一站

发表时间:1个月前 作者:Neo Smart Economy @NEO_Blockchain 详情