This week @CNN became the latest household name to enter the #NFT space.
Who’s next? 🤔
Read more about the current NFT market in our guide to the top projects👇 https://bit.ly/31iuGCI

在我们的顶级项目指南中阅读更多关于当前NFT市场的信息👇 https://bit.ly/31iuGCI

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@xiuxiu06098413 +25 LRC 🙏


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What has been your experience using our v3?
We'll have good news for our holders soon 👀
$TRADE 🦄 #DeFi https://t.co/wg93bbXtN8

$交易🦄 #定义https://t.co/wg93bbXtN8

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RT: Check out the new video about #SmartCash in Russian: BeeHive Desktop - how to activate rewards and use encrypted chat 💻🔐
Обзор BeeHive от команды SmartCash уже доступен на YouTube!
Like, RT, follow 🐝
@coinkit_ give 100 1 $SMART
#crypto #altcoins

Обзор 蜂巢от команды 智能现金уже доступен на YouTube!

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Polymesh goes beyond general-purpose chains by giving custodians a way to avoid hitting gas limits and incurring unmanageable costs and processing time.
Find out how a blockchain purpose-built for security tokens can help custodians be more efficient here: https://hubs.la/H0QDsT80


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@CryptoKnight944 Energiswap is up and running with over 180 trading pairs currently trading with NRG. The bridge is in public testing at the moment, and once is live you would be able to bridge UNI.

@CryptoKnight944 Energiswap已启动并运行,目前有180多对交易对与NRG进行交易。这座桥目前正在进行公开测试,一旦投入使用,你就可以在UNI上架桥了。

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RT: Want the chance to present to thousands of #smartcontract devs at our #SmartCon Developer Track this August 6? We’re putting out a #CallForPapers to give our engineering community the opportunity to showcase their work. Submit your talk proposal by July 2.


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However, some experts claim that Spain has no pertinence to decide on the issuance of Euros, digital or not. #Cryptocurrency https://zpr.io/RLWcW


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Is Goldman Sachs taking a U-turn on #BTC? The investment bank declared crypto assets unworthy of investment in the same week where it expanded its crypto trading desk. https://buff.ly/3vD3AmC

高盛(Goldman Sachs)是否正在向BTC转变?这家投行在扩大加密交易平台的同一周宣布加密资产不值得投资。https://buff.ly/3vD3AmC

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💡 Did you know? WAX Labs is NOT only for #developers! Content creators can get compensated for ...
🔸creating informative content around all things WAX
🔸running community websites & channels
🔸publishing #podcasts, #webshows & more
Get your cut of over 180M $WAXP:

💡 你知道吗?蜡像实验室不仅仅是给开发者的!内容创作者可以得到补偿。。。

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#Binance Margin is a leveraged trading product that's simple to use if you only have spot trading experience.

#Binance Margin是一款杠杆交易产品,如果您只有现货交易经验,它的使用非常简单。

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RT: 1/ $SUSHI on $MATIC multiplied revenue 136.33% week over week. Even more impressive, users surged from 7k daily active users to 11.5k.
Today we continue our analysis on $SUSHI, expanding our dataset to include user and tx data, in addition to adv. revenue metrics such as LP ROI. https://t.co/ziDikXkfk8

今天我们继续分析$SUSHI,扩展我们的数据集,包括用户和发送数据,以及高级收入指标,如LP ROI。https://t.co/ziDikXkfk8

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There have now been a total of 3⃣4⃣ applications under HIP 19 for third-party Hotspot Makers to bring new $HNT mining options to #ThePeoplesNetwork!
📁 Check out the applications: https://bit.ly/3vEsfXU.
☑️ Track application progress: https://bit.ly/3xxmvR7. https://t.co/bFawYoGur5

现在一共有3个⃣4⃣ 第三方热点制造商在HIP19下的应用程序为人民网带来新的价值$HNT的采矿选择!
📁 查看应用程序:https://bit.ly/3vEsfXU.
☑️ 跟踪应用程序进度:https://bit.ly/3xxmvR7. https://t.co/bFawYoGur5

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#Africrypt directors claimed the breach compromised client accounts, wallets, and nodes, thus forcing it to freeze all accounts. https://zpr.io/R5n5c


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@MrBeast 🚀🚀🚀


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