The crypto moon seems to be seriously gravitating institutional sentiments toward the positive side. New crypto ETFs are set to be launched with a new partnereship from @BlockFi and @neubergerberman. https://buff.ly/3b7Fbh6


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Congratulations on the launch!
@ImpermaxFinance is a leveraged yield farming protocol where users can borrow and lend assets using LP tokens as collateral. We're happy #Wanchain's crosschain bridges could bridge their $IMX token to @avalancheavax to support the launch! https://twitter.com/ImpermaxFi...

We're very excited to announce that Impermax is now live on @avalancheavax 🎉
You can already leverage your @pangolindex LP tokens and earn juicy $IMX rewards 👨‍🌾
Special thanks to @wanchain_org for providing $IMX bridge ✨

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@NovaxFinance是一种杠杆式产量农业协议,用户可以使用LP代币作为抵押品借入和出借资产。我们很高兴#Wanchain的crosschain bridges能够将其$IMX代币连接到@Avalanchavax以支持此次发布!https://twitter.com/ImpermaxFi...

您已经可以利用@pangolindex LP代币赚取丰厚的$IMX奖励👨‍🌾

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If you don’t have this turned on you’re a dumbass.
If you’re in crypto and you don’t have this turned on you’re a double dumbass.


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For the new comers to our community, please visit our website to learn more about $AERGO


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Idk if it’s specifically Tor but it definitely appears to be an onion router.


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Apple iOS now includes … Tor. https://t.co/303ELBfcpq


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@bru_swan @MichelFrissen @HuckleberryDEX @MoonriverNW Apologies to the both of you! The XRP Ledger node we usually connect to was having stability issues, which was delaying transactions. We've switched to another node. Your crosschain transactions should complete before too along.


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Whatcha got there, buddy?
Ameren Corporation has secretly been mining more than 20 #Bitcoin in its Sioux Energy Center in Missouri.


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With open roles across 8 departments, #Chainlink Labs is rapidly scaling to provide off-chain services and real-world data to #DeFi, the #NFT space, & the greater #blockchain ecosystem. Work alongside a global team of talented individuals by applying today.https://chainlinklabs.com/jobs


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@tabali_tigi I'll do that next. This is worth watching tho. I got sucked in after 2 episodes. It has a Walking Dead quality, but it's MUCH scarier and *everyone* is fucked up in the head by surviving.
Nobody is "okay".


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True interoperable #DeFi gets closer every day. https://twitter.com/wanchain_o... https://t.co/vhsIvnIF79

On the heels of the @Polkadot integration, #Wanchain's 2021 crosschain volume has passed the $300M mark!
True #DeFi is interoperable.
👇 More Stats 👇
https://www.wanscan.org/ https://twitter.com/wanchain_o... https://t.co/hPIOHqtpyb

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真正的互操作性35;DeFi每天都在靠近。https://twitter.com/wanchain_o... https://t.co/vhsIvnIF79

👇 更多统计数据👇
https://www.wanscan.org/ https://twitter.com/wanchain_o... https://t.co/hPIOHqtpyb

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@BoatsGilhooley @Presidents_NFT So sorry that the contest is not to your liking, but something good for loyal users is in the works!

@BoatsGilhooley@Presidents\u NFT非常抱歉,比赛不符合您的喜好,但一些对忠实用户有益的东西正在进行中!

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Real-life #Binance meetups hit different tbh 😤 https://t.co/JS6UJs9c2o

现实生活\35;二进制会议遇到不同的tbh😤 https://t.co/JS6UJs9c2o

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@tabali_tigi I just started Epix's retelling of War of the Worlds.
Fucking brutal.


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📣 We are attending @NFT_NYC! Come say hello!
This year's event is Nov 1-4 in #TimesSquare #NYC.
Learn more about it at https://www.nft.nyc/

📣 我们正在参加@NFT_NYC!来打个招呼!

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@tabali_tigi "From the ranks I have arisen, and to the ranks I shall return."


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@SellerPanic Hang on... I think "educating" is the wrong word. It's art. Perhaps "exposure" is a better word.
Then being self-deprecating about being angry has a flow.


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RT: A pattern I'm noticing:
I ask new people I meet if they know about crypto, and they tell me theyre very familiar with @terra_money and have a lot of money deposited on @anchor_protocol, as it was the first time they were compelled to take the plunge and try out DeFi. $LUNA


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@tabali_tigi That I feel falls into the "metaverse" category.
However.. elevating those whom we judge to be superior to ourselves to positions of power cuz we feel they will make the world a better place, yet it never does, is the moral lesson.
How many Rs need such a lesson?


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