RT: Only 24hrs until $SUSHI + $KAVA rewards go live! https://t.co/U3e6WjXCOV

RT:距离 $SUSHI $KAVA 奖励上线仅 24 小时! https://t.co/U3e6WjXCOV

发表时间:48分钟前 作者:🍣 SushiSwap | sushiswap.eth @SushiSwap 详情

The new Eidoo v2 mobile app is here!
Experience a whole new UI/UX, features and interact with Web3 within the app itself 🔥
You won’t be disappointed with this new upgrade 😎
Play Store:
Apple Store:
https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/... https://twitter.com/eidoo_io/s...

1/6 It. Is. Time.
From beautiful UI to customized user experience to new security features, Eidoo V2 has it all.
Experience blockchain at its fullest with the all new Eidoo V2 mobile app.
More than a wallet, it is your gateway to #Web3
Watch Video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?... https://t.co/K1NeEHjvC6

发表时间:16小时前 作者:Eidoo - Defi Wallet and Layer2 Debit Card @eidoo_io

新的 Eidoo v2 移动应用程序就在这里!
在应用程序本身内体验全新的 UI/UX、功能并与 Web3 交互 🔥
https://play.google.com/store/。 ..
https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/... https://twitter.com/eidoo_io/s...

1/6 它。是。时间。
从精美的 UI 到定制的用户体验再到新的安全功能,Eidoo V2 应有尽有。
使用全新的 Eidoo V2 移动应用程序充分体验区块链。

发表时间:50分钟前 作者:Eidoo [Non-giver of ETH or other crypto] @eidoo_io 详情

Interesting results so far! 1 day left for the poll to end!
You have $1300 to spend right now. What are you buying? Cast your vote below 👇👇
#iPhone14 $BTC #Altcoins $TSLA https://twitter.com/PundiXLabs...

You have $1300 to spend right now. What are you buying? 🤔
#iPhone14 $BTC #Altcoins $TSLA

发表时间:20小时前 作者:Pundi X Labs | We are hiring! @PundiXLabs

到目前为止有趣的结果!距离投票结束还有 1 天!
你现在有 1300 美元可以花。你在买什么?在下方投下你的一票👇👇

你现在有 1300 美元可以花。你在买什么? 🤔

发表时间:54分钟前 作者:Pundi X Labs @PundiXLabs 详情

🔥 $ZCX gains more than 100% today in https://gate.io/ 🔥
💵 Current Price: $0.23521
📬 24H Volume: $2.40M
⚡️ Gains: 100.46%
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🔥 $ZCX 今天在 https://gate.io/ 中涨幅超过 100% 🔥
💵 当前价格:0.23521 美元
📬 24 小时交易量:240 万美元
⚡️ 收益:100.46%
📈 在这里交易:https://gate.io/trade/ZCX_USDT

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Gate.io Exchange @gate_io 详情

Disrupting organizational management with our many advantages
1. HyperDAO can operate autonomously without the influence of central institutions
2. HyperDAO uses blockchain technology to ensure that operations can happen in an open and transparent environment https://t.co/BPgkGdPMN6

2. HyperDAO 使用区块链技术确保操作可以在公开透明的环境中进行 https://t.co/BPgkGdPMN6

发表时间:1小时前 作者:HyperDAO Official @Hdao_Official 详情

The dev call is approaching! It takes place TODAY, don't miss it https://bit.ly/3LUekXf 😎 https://twitter.com/etherspot/...

Don't miss our Dev Call live stream TODAY on YouTube!
🔸Watch the demo of the Etherspot Dashboard V1 & BUIDLer Component
🔸Get the latest tech updates on Etherspot SDK &
⌚️October 4th; 5 pm BST | 12 pm EST
Add a reminder to your calendar: https://bit.ly/3LUekXf https://t.co/8w9dOVkqbW

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Etherspot @etherspot

开发电话即将到来!它发生在今天,不要错过 https://bit.ly/3LUekXf 😎 https://twitter.com/etherspot/...

不要错过我们今天在 YouTube 上的 Dev Call 直播!
🔸观看 Etherspot Dashboard V1 的演示

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Pillar Project @pillarwallet 详情

@DocumentingBTC The miners know something we don't.

@DocumentingBTC 矿工知道一些我们不知道的事情。

发表时间:1小时前 作者:CZ Binance @cz_binance 详情

All starts with a sketch. Storyboard for @Gamma_Four trailer. https://t.co/dtLuQdX0ic

一切从草图开始。 @Gamma_Four 预告片的故事板。 https://t.co/dtLuQdX0ic

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Bluzelle @BluzelleHQ 详情

In a statement, the bank said it "does not supply #foreign exchange for transactions other than for the national government." #forex #cbk https://zpr.io/rf9kY3g5VR8v


发表时间:1小时前 作者:Bitcoin News @BTCTN 详情

RT: "This collaboration is one example of our partners (@Algorand and Stablecorp) working together to deliver groundbreaking solutions that are both efficient and seamless,” @fpye, Founder, and Owner of Canada SailGP Team.

RT:“这次合作是我们的合作伙伴(@Algorand 和 Stablecorp)共同努力提供高效无缝的突破性解决方案的一个例子,”@fpye,加拿大 SailGP 团队的创始人和所有者。

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Algorand Foundation @AlgoFoundation 详情

RT: “The future of finance is digital and it’s our goal to be the first fully digital SailGP team, possible sports team in the world."

RT:“金融的未来是数字化的,我们的目标是成为世界上第一个完全数字化的 SailGP 团队,可能的运动队。”

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Algorand Foundation @AlgoFoundation 详情

Big shout out to Tom, the first Sail GP Athelte to receive a digital asset payment, we have big plans... #GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture https://twitter.com/SailGPCAN/...

Our grinder @TomRamshaw is the first-ever @SailGP athlete to receive a digital asset payment ✔️ https://t.co/0H6ISHW3MP

发表时间:16小时前 作者:Canada SailGP Team @SailGPCAN

向第一个获得数字资产支付的 Sail GP Athelte 大喊大叫,我们有宏伟的计划......

我们的磨床@TomRamshaw 是第一个收到数字资产付款的@SailGP 运动员✔️ https://t.co/0H6ISHW3MP

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Algorand Foundation @AlgoFoundation 详情

RT: How would you improve #algorand governance?
💡Your best idea could earn you $ALGO
🚀T minus 16 hours til the Algo-Gov-02 Mission launch.
Mint your mission patch and join now: 👨🏻‍🚀https://bit.ly/Gov02Mission
#algo #governance #web3 #algoNFT https://t.co/91THkbMAbk


发表时间:1小时前 作者:Algorand Foundation @AlgoFoundation 详情

2/2 Ben Goertzel @bengoertzel will be representing our ecosystem as a panelist to enable collaborations and establish public policies needed to revolutionize how radical life extension is viewed and supported in the world.
🔗 https://raadfest.com/schedule
#Longevity #AI

2/2 Ben Goertzel @bengoertzel 将作为小组成员代表我们的生态系统,以实现合作并制定必要的公共政策,以彻底改变世界上如何看待和支持激进的延长寿命。
🔗 https://raadfest.com/schedule

发表时间:1小时前 作者:SingularityNET @singularity_net 详情

RAADfest @raadfest is a very special event that’s designed to galvanize the Radical life Extension community in order to unite a critical mass of like minded people.
Can't join in person? Join us online:
🔗 https://raadfest.com/register
#SNETCommunity #RAADfest 🧵1/2 🔽 https://twitter.com/Rejuve_AI/...

RAADFest is almost here! There is still time to register for the world's largest annual Longevity conference. Join our chief scientist @bengoertzel and enter the code "singularity" for 10% off admission to this exciting event! @raadfest #Longevity #RAADfest #superlongevity https://t.co/Uydo727V6K

发表时间:7小时前 作者:Rejuve.AI @Rejuve_AI

RAADfest @raadfest 是一个非常特别的活动,旨在激发激进生命延伸社区,以团结一大批志同道合的人。
🔗 https://raadfest.com/register

RAADFest 快到了!还有时间报名参加世界上最大的年度长寿会议。加入我们的首席科学家@bengoertzel 并输入代码“singularity”,即可享受 10% 的入场费优惠! @raadfest

发表时间:1小时前 作者:SingularityNET @singularity_net 详情

RT: 🔥 Let's add 15 new cryptos!
Get to know them! 🧵⬇️ https://t.co/aXSSZPcWVV

RT:🔥 让我们添加 15 个新的加密货币!
认识他们! 🧵⬇️ https://t.co/aXSSZPcWVV

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Project Raven / RVN / Ravencoin @Ravencoin 详情

RT: ⛓️ @ravencoin (RVN): built on a fork of the Bitcoin code, it's a P2P digital network that aims to implement blockchains for the transfer of assets from one party to another.

RT:⛓️ @ravencoin (RVN):建立在比特币代码的一个分支上,它是一个 P2P 数字网络,旨在实施区块链以将资产从一方转移到另一方。

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Project Raven / RVN / Ravencoin @Ravencoin 详情

How will Bitcoin react to stock markets' behavior in the next few weeks?
According to crypto analyst Alessio Rastani, critical times are coming. https://buff.ly/3SRLiKa

根据加密分析师 Alessio Rastani 的说法,关键时刻即将到来。 https://buff.ly/3SRLiKa

发表时间:1小时前 作者:Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph 详情