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RT: Proud to be sponsor there. Register and partecipate in the @cosmos Gravity #Dex https://twitter.com/cosmos/sta...

RT:很荣幸成为那里的赞助商。注册并参与@cosmos Gravity#Dexhttps://twitter.com/cosmos/sta。。。

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RT: Your compass for the Interchain Era
⚛️👩🏻‍🚀 https://wenmainnet.com/ 👨🏽‍🚀⚛️
has been fully revamped!
New Sections Available:
🔭 Wen mainnet?
🌕 We've Landed!
🚀 But wen IBC, sir?
🗺 @MapOfZones
🛸 #IBC Transfers
💰 Incentivized Testnets
🪐 @cosmos Ecosystem
Contributions Welcomed! https://t.co/hPGpux8IuL

⚛️👩🏻‍🚀 https://wenmainnet.com/👨🏽‍🚀⚛️
🔭 文主网?
🌕 我们着陆了!
🚀 但是我是IBC,先生?
🗺 @区域地图
🛸 #IBC转让
💰 激励测试网
🪐 @宇宙生态系统

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RT: NEW: We're a big step closer to towards connecting the worlds of Secret, @Polkadot, and @cosmos. The MVP of @Plasm_Network's Secret Network bridge is now ready and deployed on testnet. Watch a demo and learn more on the Secret Blog! $SCRT $PLM $DOT $ATOM

RT:新消息:我们离连接秘密世界、@Polkadot和@cosmos又近了一大步。@Plasm\u Network的秘密网桥的MVP现在已经准备好并部署在testnet上。观看演示,了解更多的秘密博客!$SCRT$PLM$DOT$原子

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RT: The Sentinel Hub is now Stargate ready and #IBC compatible!
We have upgraded the Sentinel Hub to v0.42.4 @cosmos SDK which includes:
- Quick state sync
- Protobuf
- Full-feature light clients
- Chain upgrade module
Sentinel IBC testnet release by the end of the month! https://t.co/e5PljnaGOc

转发:Sentinel Hub现在已经准备好星际之门并且兼容IBC了!
我们已将Sentinel Hub升级到v0.42.4@cosmos SDK,其中包括:
Sentinel IBC testnet将于本月底发布!https://t.co/e5PljnaGOc

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🔊 Regen Mainnet launch party!
The launch of @regen_network represents a huge step forward for the intersection of DeFi and climate initiatives, in what is the world’s first public ecological ledger built on
Get you seat for the live launch 👉https://www.crowdcast.io/e/reg... https://twitter.com/regen_netw...

1 Day + 21 Hours until Regen Network mainnet launch - join us? 🚀🌎 One of our sessions will include Cosmos legends @buchmanster, @jack_zampolin and @dogemos to talk about partnerships, community, @cosmos, @keplr and more. https://www.crowdcast.io/e/reg...

发表时间:23小时前 作者:Regen Network @regen_network

🔊 Regen Mainnet启动派对!
@regen\ U网络的推出标志着DeFi和气候倡议的结合向前迈出了一大步,这是世界上第一个建立在这个基础上的公共生态账本
为现场发布会找个座位👉https://www.crowdcast.io/e/reg。。。https://twitter.com/regen\u netw。。。

距离Regen Network mainnet启动还有1天+21小时-加入我们?🚀🌎 我们的课程之一将包括Cosmos legends@buchmanster、@jackèu zampolin和@dogemos,讨论合作伙伴关系、社区、@Cosmos、@keplr等等。https://www.crowdcast.io/e/reg。。。

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RT: Blockchain's current landscape feels competitive.
But @cosmos believes it should be collaborative.
They plan to end blockchain isolation by enabling communication between projects.


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RT: 👨🏻‍💻 Ever wanted to help devs get into @Cosmos while working with an outstanding team on remarkable tech in the most vibrant ecosystem in the world? 🌐
Apply for the Developer Relations Engineer position 👉https://jobs.lever.co/tendermi...
Apply from everywhere, 100% remote https://t.co/86eGtqjZWm

室温:👨🏻‍💻 有没有想过帮助开发者进入@Cosmos,同时与一个杰出的团队在世界上最具活力的生态系统中进行卓越的技术合作?🌐

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🔊 Gravity DEX testnet: registration opens in 7 Days!
The Gravity DEX trading competition starts in 7 days with a ~$200,000 prize pool in ATOM & 10 other @Cosmos tokens.
Sign up to receive Cosmos updates and to be notified when the registration starts 👉 https://gravitydex.io/

🔊 重力指数测试网:注册7天后开放!
Gravity DEX交易竞赛将于7天后开始,届时将有价值20万美元的ATOM奖品池和其他10个@Cosmos代币。
注册以接收Cosmos更新,并在注册开始时收到通知👉 https://gravitydex.io/

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RT: Cosmos is the first serious alternative to shared smart contract platforms.
Application-specific blockchains are the way of the future.
@danrobinson and I explain why:


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RT: 🎙Let's talk about @irisnetwork's role in the success of the @cosmos Vision with @hu_zhiwei!
🚀 #IBC Transfers Enabled
💰 $IRIS use-cases
🎟 @uptickproject #dApp
💎 WenChang & @IRITAchain to bring Cosmos technology to @bsnbase
🔜 #Coinswap
... and more!
https://catdotfish.medium.com/... https://t.co/p4JtegcOA4

室温:🎙让我们来谈谈@irisnetwork在@cosmos Vision与@hu\u zhiwei的成功中所扮演的角色!
🚀 #IBC传输已启用
💰 $IRIS用例
🎟 @uptickproject#dApp项目
💎 文昌与@IRITAchain将Cosmos技术引入@bsnbase
🔜 #货币互换
... 还有更多!

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We are a family of 100,000 followers! 🙏
Thank you all for being here!
Let's keep building! 👉 https://cosmos.network/ https://t.co/OCWCbl1yan

让我们继续建设!👉 https://cosmos.network/https://t.co/OCWCbl1yan

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🔊 HackAtom RU 2021 winners
HackAtom RU, our 2 weeks @cosmos hackathon, zeroed-in on DeFi infrastructure, solutions, tools, NFTs, and other areas of DeFi, all with a pinch of IBC and a twist of Cosmos-SDK!
Now, let's beat the drums & meet the winners 🏆 https://blog.cosmos.network/ha... https://t.co/Q0fHh4PQpS

🔊 HackAtom RU 2021优胜者
HackAtom RU,我们的2周@cosmos hackathon,专注于DeFi基础设施、解决方案、工具、nft和DeFi的其他领域,所有这些都带有少量IBC和cosmos SDK!
现在,让我们击鼓迎接赢家🏆 https://blog.cosmos.network/ha。。。https://t.co/Q0fHh4PQpS

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RT: Building blockchains and/or related tools?
Watch @fadeev from @tendermint_team have a chat with @jack_zampolin, in the 13th episode of Conversations with Jack, about @Cosmos SDK, @getstarport, @cosmosibc and more!
At🕟4:30pm UTC on 9th April (today)!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?... https://t.co/mzoFoplkMt

观看@tendermint\u team的@fadeev与@jack\u zampolin在第13集《与杰克的对话》中聊天,内容涉及@Cosmos SDK、@getstarport、@cosmosibc等等!

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RT: 🔮 @cosmos announced Gravity DEX Testnet competition.
In his view, Gravity DEX allows exchanges between two Cosmos tokens or any token beyond the ecosystem.
The details👇
#DeFi #DeFiReport #DEX #cryptocurrency #tokens

室温:🔮 @cosmos宣布了引力DEX测试网竞赛。

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RT: 🎙️A new episode of #citizencosmos ft. @_tessr the VPE at Interchain GmbH, contributor @Tendermint_Core & builders of Interchain for @cosmos
We discuss the elegance of Tendermint, formal verification, technical & social interaction, graphs and cycling 🚀

室温:🎙️新一集《Citizencomos ft.@\u tessr Interchain GmbH的副总裁》,撰稿人@Tendermint\u Core&Constructors of Interchain for@cosmos

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RT: 📣 $NGM will be listed as one of the trading pairs for the Gravity DEX testnet 💹 Gravity DEX to bring #DeFi to @cosmos ⚡️
#NextGenerationMoney #Defi #NGM https://twitter.com/cosmos/sta...

室温:📣 $NGM将被列为重力指数测试网的交易对之一💹 重力指数将#DeFi带到@cosmos⚡️

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RT: Sentinel is proud to support @tendermint_team (which includes @B__Harvest's work) in their efforts to bring #DeFi to @cosmos. The #GravityDEX will be bring native access to decentralized finance to multiple blockchains. https://twitter.com/cosmos/sta...

转发:Sentinel很自豪地支持@tendermintŠu团队(其中包括@BŠu Harvest的工作)将ŠDeFi带到@cosmos。GravityDEX将为多个区块链带来分散融资的本地接入。https://twitter.com/cosmos/sta。。。

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RT: 🎆 The planned Gravity Dex on @cosmos is a major advancement for the entire ecosystem. Compete for $REGEN, $AKT, $LUNA, $IRIS and more! 🎇 https://blog.cosmos.network/gr...

室温:🎆 在@cosmos上计划的重力指数是整个生态系统的一大进步。竞争$REGEN,$AKT,$LUNA,$IRIS等等!🎇 https://blog.cosmos.network/gr。。。

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RT: 1/ Persistence is joining other Cosmos ecosystem heavyweights to help bring #DeFi to @cosmos via Gravity DEX! Over $200,000 in prizes up for grabs in the upcoming testnet competition!🚀
Read the full details of Gravity DEX & the testnet competition here👇


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🔊https://interchain.fm/ Ep. #15 Akash live now
Join @chjango & @cwgoes on a new episode of https://interchain.fm/ with Akash Network to discuss how they are taking on AWS with decentralized cloud computing.
https://youtu.be/4xlOVeUXd90 via @YouTube


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