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@degen_julian Duration mismatch?


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Boring: Some CeFi blew up because of poor risk mgmt (people & process).
Not Surprising: Some DeFi blew up because of poor risk mgmt (mechanism design).
Interesting: Core DeFi protocols didn't blow up, which means risk mgmt can be achieved through mechanism design.


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@moo9000 It won't be easy but we'll get there.


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One day regulators will *require* financial firms use the battle-tested DeFi protocols to reduce risk.


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RT: Nexus Mutual was created to allow members to share and protect themselves against risk. @chainlink has been an integral partner since launch in 2019.
With Nexus V2, members will be able to expand coverage for real world and crypto-native risk
Learn more:

RT:创建Nexus Mutual是为了让会员分享并保护自己免受风险@chainlink自2019年推出以来一直是不可或缺的合作伙伴。
使用Nexus V2,会员将能够扩大对真实世界和加密本机风险的覆盖范围

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It's easy to criticise DAO governance, it's early and needs a lot of improvement.
Regular corporate governance is pretty awful as well, it's just not public.
Transparency is powerful, I'm still long term bullish.


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RT: It seems Lazarus won't give up on me, now trying to impersonate @cburniske.
Whenever you get an email with a link/attachment, double check if it's coming via an email provider like @SendGrid.
This is a very well done spoofing attempt. Be safe, don't click open. https://t.co/CTLgCtL4Fj


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@chainyoda Patience ser


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Someone should have made it clearer that using leverage was optional.


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RT: In the first episode of #BlockStories—a new series telling the stories of #Web3 founders—see how @HughKarp built decentralized insurance alternative @NexusMutual.
Explore Hugh’s journey in building a Web3 project that's already making a real-world impact. https://chain.link/block-stori... https://t.co/O9xBxi3yuZ

探索Hugh构建一个已经在现实世界中产生影响的Web3项目的过程。https://chain.link/block-stori... https://t.co/O9xBxi3yuZ

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RT: In this first episode of #BlockStories, a new series about #Web3 founders, learn why @HughKarp quit his job to launch @NexusMutual, a decentralized insurance alternative on #Ethereum.
Block Stories: https://chain.link/block-stori...


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@decodeficrypto @gluk64 USDC is a bit different, as the asset can be redeemed off both chains via Circle. So the IOU point is actually off-chain, rather than in the bridge.
If you bridge a token that's native to one chain, eg ETH, you get an IOU that always relies on bridge security.

@gluk64 USDC的decodeficrypto有点不同,因为资产可以通过Circle从两条链上赎回。所以欠条点实际上是链外的,而不是桥上的。

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@decodeficrypto @gluk64 but also, it's an analogy and not perfect in many ways.

@[email protected],但这也是一个类比,在许多方面并不完美。

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@decodeficrypto @gluk64 Trying to represent the fact that the IOU token on the bridged chain is of lower quality due to (usually) lower security of the underlying chain relative to the native chain and/or the bridge itself.

@[email protected]试图表示桥接链上的IOU令牌质量较低的事实,因为(通常)基础链相对于本机链和/或网桥本身的安全性较低。

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Bridges as a term is a bit misleading.
It's more like parking your Lambo, walking across the bridge and renting a Kia on the other side.
Fingers crossed the parking lot doesn't get broken into.


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RT: The long term plan of paying for security entirely via transaction fees is nuts. https://twitter.com/braiins_sy...


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RT: In Episode 1 of @chainlink’s new Block Stories docuseries, @NexusMutual founder @HughKarp shares how his work in traditional insurance and subsequent travels to Peru inspired him to build a #Chainlink-powered decentralized insurance alternative. https://chainlinktoday.com/cha...

RT:在“@chainlink’s new Block Stories docuseries”的第1集中,@NexusMutual创始人@HughKarp分享了他在传统保险领域的工作以及随后前往秘鲁的旅行如何激励他建立一个#chainlink供电的分散式保险替代方案。https://chainlinktoday.com/cha...

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RT: An earthquake in Peru. A realization after the DAO hack. In the first film of @chainlink's Block Stories series, Hugh Karp shares his journey from traditional insurance to launching @NexusMutual, a decentralized insurance alternative built on #Ethereum: https://chain.link/block-stori...

RT:秘鲁发生地震。DAO破解后的实现。在@chainlink的Block Stories系列的第一部电影中,休·卡普分享了他从传统保险到推出@NexusMutual的历程,NexusMutual是一种基于以太坊的分散式保险替代方案:https://chain.link/block-stori...

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The Nexus Mutual back story 📖
Felt weird doing this but a massive thanks to @chainlink for pulling this together, amazing production work! https://twitter.com/chainlink/...

“It was probably a risky move, but it was one of the best things I did.”
In this first episode of #BlockStories, a new series about #Web3 founders, learn why @HughKarp quit his job to launch @NexusMutual, a decentralized insurance alternative on Ethereum. https://chain.link/block-stori... https://t.co/4vR6OQzIwF

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Nexus Mutual背景故事📖

在#BlockStories的第一集,一个关于#Web3创始人的新系列中,了解为什么@HughKarp辞去工作,推出了@NexusMutual,这是以太坊上的一个分散保险替代方案。https://chain.link/block-stori... https://t.co/4vR6OQzIwF

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RT: @1inch @AngleProtocol @autonolas @BlockScience @bootnodedev @BullaNetwork @cardstack @CastleLinkHQ @ceramicnetwork @cobo_wallet @0xCoinshift 4/

RT:@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]\u [email protected] 4/
@指数\u cx

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