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https://crypto.com/ revealed to attendees at Korea Blockchain Week that it's made two key acquisitions in South Korea, bringing it one step closer to bringing its services to the pro-crypto nation. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

https://crypto.com/ 在韩国区块链周上向与会者透露,它在韩国进行了两项关键收购,带来它离将其服务提供给亲加密货币国家又近了一步。 https://cointelegraph.com /新闻...

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1inch co-founder thinks there’s plenty of room for DeFi growth within Asia, particularly in South Korea. Though he tells Cointelegraph that its lack of understanding that's holding back DeFi's growth in the region. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

1inch 联合创始人认为,DeFi 在亚洲有很大的增长空间,尤其是在韩国。尽管他告诉 Cointelegraph,缺乏理解阻碍了 DeFi 在该地区的增长。 https:// /cointelegraph.com/news...

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No-name Web3 Metaverse project will have a hard time attracting the mainstream audience. But that's where Web2 companies come into play, explains Klaytn Foundation's Sam Seo at Korea Blockchain Week. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

无名 Web3 元界项目将很难吸引主流观众。但这就是 Web2 公司发挥作用的地方,Klaytn 基金会的 Sam Seo 在韩国区块链周上解释道。 https://cointelegraph.com /新闻...

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Vitalik Buterin said crypto’s initial use case of peer-to-peer digital payments may be on the cards again as layer 2 roll-ups could soon drive transaction costs to as low as $0.02. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

Vitalik Buterin 表示,加密的点对点数字支付的初始用例可能会再次出现,因为第 2 层汇总可能很快将交易成本降至 0.02 美元。 https://cointelegraph.com/news...

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When a person named 'Olai' messaged Aurora Labs executive Matt Henderson about buying some tokens, he initially thought nothing was amiss. What followed was a cunning and insidious scam attempt. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

当一个名叫“Olai”的人向 Aurora Labs 的执行官 Matt Henderson 发送消息说要购买一些代币时,他最初认为没什么问题。随之而来的是一次狡猾而阴险的骗局尝试。 https:// /cointelegraph.com/news...

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Ever wondered how a decentralized money market *actually* works?
Well, today is your lucky today: https://buff.ly/3dcSf9h


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Scaling on steroids. Recursive zero-knowledge proofs could see as many as 60 million NFTs minted in a single transaction, StarkWare founder Eli Ben-Sasson tells Cointelegraph. https://cointelegraph.com/news...

使用类固醇进行缩放。 StarkWare 创始人 Eli Ben-Sasson 告诉 Cointelegraph,递归零知识证明可以在一次交易中生成多达 6000 万个 NFT。 https://cointelegraph .com/news...

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Not all BTC artists love making digital art.
In fact, some of them shunned NFTs. https://buff.ly/3dcSf9h

并非所有 BTC 艺术家都喜欢制作数字艺术。
事实上,他们中的一些人回避了 NFT。 https://buff.ly/3dcSf9h

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Beanstalk Farms is back online after the $77M governance exploit from April, but the project is still waiting to implement a “secure on-chain governance mechanism.” https://cointelegraph.com/news...

Beanstalk Farms 在 4 月份的 7700 万美元治理漏洞之后重新上线,但该项目仍在等待实施“安全的链上治理机制”。 https://cointelegraph.com/news ...

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RAD ‘s price SKYROCKETED in comparison to last week, more details about this in this weeks Market report by our very own @BY_DeFi @noshitcoins & @forgeforth_
https://buff.ly/3d8faT5 https://t.co/WeZljctKC8

与上周相比,RAD 的价格飙升,本周市场报告中的更多详细信息由我们自己的@BY_DeFi @noshitcoins

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Do you still not know how Chainlink VRF works?
Let us change that. https://buff.ly/3dga9ru

你还不知道 Chainlink VRF 是如何工作的吗?
让我们改变它。 https://buff.ly/3dga9ru

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Our six questions this week go to @tongtongbee, co-founder of @PANONYGroup
Check out why a journalist with a passion for economic research got blown away when she found out about Bitcoin for the first time. https://buff.ly/3SzQB1K
(Via: @Cointelegraph)

我们本周的六个问题交给@PANONYGroup 的联合创始人@tongtongbee
看看为什么一位对经济研究充满热情的记者在第一次发现比特币时就被震撼了。 https://buff.ly/3SzQB1K

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Tesla is not stacking BTC at the moment, and its CEO, @elonmusk claims the US has likely seen peak inflation. https://buff.ly/3oYdVIO

特斯拉目前没有堆积 BTC,其首席执行官 @elonmusk 声称美国可能已经出现了通货膨胀高峰。 https://buff.ly/3oYdVIO

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Going to a 70s-themed party? We got you covered. https://buff.ly/3bx2Tae https://t.co/hRODWCMOf5

参加 70 年代主题派对?我们为您提供保障。 https://buff.ly/3bx2Tae https://t.co/hRODWCMOf5

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Looks like the regulators in the United Kingdom are not on the same page regarding crypto. https://buff.ly/3pjyD6l

看起来英国的监管机构在加密方面并没有意见一致。 https://buff.ly/3pjyD6l

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Just HODL!
Many miners have folded to the bear market and reduced their Bitcoin holdings, but not Hut 8, which now holds around 8,000 BTC. https://buff.ly/3JyrLv3

许多矿工已经弃牌进入熊市并减少了他们的比特币持有量,但 Hut 8 却没有,它现在持有约 8,000 BTC。 https://buff.ly/3JyrLv3

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This is how important USDC's decision is to @VitalikButerin https://t.co/LcPV2qqXjZ

这就是 USDC 的决定对@VitalikButerin https://t.co/LcPV2qqXjZ 的重要性

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