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RT: #Wootrade x FA Thread
"If you think crypto is the future, the crypto trading markets will be the future, in which liquidity is king."
This thread is not investment advice. Do your own research and decide for yourself for the long run.
$WOO https://t.co/EDFyzMwRTS

右:#Wootrade x FA螺纹

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@UVtho Congrats!


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@namshik @PeterSchiff @michael_saylor I see myself 😂

@namshik@PeterSchiff@michael\u saylor我看到我自己了😂

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@FatDaddyDubb 🤷🏻‍♂️


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@PeterSchiff @michael_saylor yes

@PeterSchiff@michael\u saylor是的

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Feel sad for Chinese crypto investors, some Chinese crypto media translated the news to Tether trading terminated. And you know Chinese love gamble. https://twitter.com/theblock__...

BREAKING: Bitfinex, Tether settle with New York’s Attorney General for $18.5 million (via @Yogita_Khatri5) https://www.theblockcrypto.com...

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打破:Bitfinex,Tether与纽约司法部长达成1850万美元的和解(via@Yogita\u Khatri5)https://www.theblockcrypto.com。。。

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RT: Tether & @Bitfinex have reached a settlement with @NewYorkStateAG. After 2.5 years and 2.5M pages of info shared, we admit to no wrongdoing and will pay US$18.5M to resolve this matter. 1/3


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RT: The Chief Innovation Officer at the Federal Reserve is now a #Bitcoin holder, yes the Federal Reserve. https://t.co/7moD1Pey18


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@wootraderS @FTX_Official Would like to trade $woo on ftx


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@BredGarlicHouse yield farming is broadly used in defi. I’m pro those defi equity tokens which share the revenue generated by the protocol (trading, borrowing interests, strategy, etc). Staking one useless token to generate yields from the inflation of the same token is pointless.


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@BredGarlicHouse They are certainly not linked with real world business atm. But I can see innovation in lending & borrowing and AMMs, which set the mechanism to provide financial products in a decentralized way. And the mechanism will be disruptive when it’s linked with real world.


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Are you a chill farmer? https://t.co/pUqrswo0eW


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A lot NFT hype atm, people like @chamath @mcuban are in it. But does NFTs have real value? imo the value comes from three aspects - scarcity, originality and utility. All three boxes should be checked and verifiable on-chain.
More details on what each aspect means. A thread👇🏼

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@elonmusk Do a fair launch of Marscoin - let Tesla owners mine Marscoin by driving Tesla car and saving the planet 🌎


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@NewKidNo They have no idea what they are buying or just paid to tweet.


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Why did I buy Cardano (ADA)? Well, for one thing, it’s affordable to almost everyone. It’s pennies compared to my other holdings like Bitcoin, which is over $50,000 a single coin. I believe everyone should be able to afford cryptocurrency. And here is one I believe in. https://t.co/fyLvNzKm5Q

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Just a few more steps https://twitter.com/kfeng027/s...

waking up to $37K...what's next? $1T market cap in #Bitcoin doesn't seem too far https://twitter.com/kfeng027/s...

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Top tech YouTuber @MKBHD talking about cryptos. Exposed @Tronfoundation paying celebrities to tweet. Mainstream is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...


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@UVtho If this is true, it’s actually bullish for $UNI, cuz the fact that @coinbase doesn’t deem $Sushi as security means @Uniswap could add revenue accrual ability to its token, which is the main difference in the tokenomics of two projects.


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@BredGarlicHouse @chamath @mcuban yea, one step at a time, at least now people can easily convert their USD to stablecoins and get the APY that couldn’t be imagined in the traditional financial system.


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