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ANNOUNCEMENT: @BitTorrent $BTT, @OntologyNetwork $ONG, @NEO_Blockchain $NEO & @Algorand $ALGO May bonuses can be redeemed via Account > Funding Account starting 07:00 May 21, 2020 (UTC) 💰
Remember to redeem your bonus by 07:00 Jul 20!
Details: https://loom.ly/f5Yh044 https://t.co/siI1XfksfX


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RT: Looking forward to tomorrow's podcast with @whalepool at 9am (UTC). We'll talk about #DeFi, #ETH2.0 and more. @OKEx
To join:
https://whalepool.io/ https://t.co/Rjz0GjlAO3


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@domscrypto @prylabs @CoinGapeMedia Us too! https://t.co/IHSZdrgXEg


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#OKExPool: We're ready for the shift to the upcoming #ETH2. With the help of @prylabs, we're one of the first mining pools connected with the Topaz ETH 2.0 test network 💪
Thank you @CoinGapeMedia for the feature! https://loom.ly/DyEb3Ug

#OKExPool:我们已经准备好转移到即将到来的ETH2。在@prylabs的帮助下,我们是与Topaz ETH 2.0测试网络相连的首批采矿池之一💪

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#OKExAcademy📚: One of #crypto exchanges' worse nightmares is getting hacked. We round up 3️⃣ largest hacks in the industry you need to know: https://bit.ly/2z7ByZl

#奥克沙卡德米📚:加密交易所最糟糕的噩梦之一就是遭到黑客攻击。我们集合3️⃣ 你需要知道的行业内最大的黑客:https://bit.ly/2z7bysl

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SYSTEM UPGRADE ⚙️: OKEx $TRX/USDT Futures Trading will be suspended from 08:00 to 09:00 on May 21, 2020 (UTC) for system maintenance. View details: https://loom.ly/1F6t_Os https://t.co/iv9sHdhdjZ


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RT: #ThoughtsBackThursday🧠:
#Bitcoin is outperforming #gold & #stocks so far for this month. #Bitcoin Vs #Gold: 🔮Which Is The Better Investment? or both?
🔽Share your thoughts, ♻️RT, ✔Follow us to win a special surprise🎉from us!
#TBT #OKExInsights https://t.co/LEyOL219BC


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@filipinoboycryp @wapwapwendy @erikfinman @OKExInsights It's never too late to learn #Crypto

@Filipboycryp@wapwapwendy@Erikfinman@okxinsights it's never too late to learn@

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@dichonDom @erikfinman @OKExInsights Keep up the good work and time will prove. 🔥


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@Govardhan0070 @erikfinman @OKExInsights Let's see😉

@Govardhan0070@Erikfinman@okxinsights Let's see128521a

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#OKExElite🏆: Last day to join! RT+comment @Jayhao8's tweet with your fav trader/influencer/analyst for a chance to win 35 $USDT. https://twitter.com/JayHao8/st...

Invite your friends and join @OKEx Elite Trading Team Contest, chance to win 500 $USDT trading fund sponsorship!
🥳:https://www.okex.com/support/h... https://t.co/VkVW4vWBjm

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RT: Some nice stats for @ndnlink after the IEO on @OKEx 👏👏👏 https://t.co/DajwHbWTPC

转发:OKEx上IEO之后@ndnlink的一些不错的数据👏👏👏 https://t.co/DajwHbWTPC网站

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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: How could the rainy season in China affect #Bitcoin mining and the price of BTC?👇🏻
https://bit.ly/2TnRM7A https://t.co/YD2wvGsOSn


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Btw love to see some other most updated opinions rather than a 2017 talk though 😛 @businessinsider

顺便说一句,比起2017年的演讲,我们更喜欢看到其他最新的观点😛 @商业内幕

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Jim Rickards believes gold can go to $10k/oz and doesn't believe the crypto will fare well in a financial crisis.
$10K/ oz seems to be a long way to go for gold , #BTC touches $10K again amid 2020's macroeconomic storm and Covid-19 fears. 🚀
What would you invest 🤔 ? https://twitter.com/businessin...

Economist Jim Rickards on gold versus bitcoin https://t.co/pN1kpgVFYL

发表时间:1周前 作者:Business Insider @businessinsider

你会投资什么🤔 ? https://twitter.com/businessin。。。


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RT: 🔮#TheVision🔮 Stablecoin has been in the spotlight in 2020🔥
Besides CTs, financial vehicles are also curious about its potential impact on traditional payment systems & monetary policies.
Watch this vid about find 4 incredible things of stablecoin in 2020 Q1-2👩🏻‍💻#AlysaXuOKEx https://t.co/LAPfm5gTeN

室温:🔮#愿景🔮 Stablecoin在2020年一直备受关注🔥

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RT: According to OKEx announcement, OKEx Jumpstart 13th phase project NDN Link (NDN) has completed two rounds of subscription. Especially, OK Believers exclusive round appointments 8,482,996,335 NDN in total, and OK Traders round appointments 6,523,456,534 NDN in total. https://t.co/Mwv3v2KOMk

RT:根据OKEx的公告,OKEx Jumpstart 13期项目NDN Link(NDN)已完成两轮认购。特别是OK信徒独家轮约8482996335新台币,OK交易员轮约6523456534新台币。https://t.co/Mwv3v2KOMk

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🎬 #Crypto Market Update (May 20): #Bitcoin Begins to Decouple as Wall Street Accumulates!
$BTC currently moving in a narrow range but a big move may be coming. It is also decoupling from S&P 500 as fund managers enter the market ▶️
Also read: https://bit.ly/2Xfu66a https://t.co/WIxw9uQH0X

🎬 #加密市场更新(5月20日):#随着华尔街的积累,比特币开始脱钩!

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TOKEN SALE: @ndnlink $NDN opened at 0.018USDT, which is 3x of the sale price on #OKExJumpstart🚀
NDN/USDT spot trading pair is now open, NDN/USDK will open at 9am UTC. Trade: https://okex.com/spot/trade/nd... https://t.co/umY78f8vyt

NDN/USDT现货交易对现已开盘,NDN/USDK将于协调世界时上午9点开盘。贸易:http://www.google.com/sea….tin round+rock+texas网站http://www.tusfiles.net/xqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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