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@nelson_boulder Thanks! We'll keep on #OKBuild-ing a better #cryptoverse, one step at a time 👣


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NEW LISTING: We're thrilled to announce that @MVSDNA $DNA will soon list on OKEx. Go-live 🕐:
- Deposit: 07:00 May 28 (UTC)
- Spot Trading: 07:00 May 29 (UTC)
- Withdrawal: 07:00 Jun 1 (UTC)
Details: https://loom.ly/5hzEzaQ
Learn more about $DNA: https://loom.ly/4eLu0S0 https://t.co/Doq7N2NDSp


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A beacon shines through even in the darkest nights🌙 @OKEx is proud to launch #OKExBeacon-Europe Program, a mentorship & masterclass series. Industry professionals will provide basics & in-depth knowledge to kick start your #crypto career.
​Sign up: https://bit.ly/OKExBeacon https://t.co/oPg4fig9Ez

灯塔即使在最黑暗的夜晚也照耀着🌙 @OKEx很荣幸推出“OKExBeacon欧洲计划”,这是一个导师制和大师级的系列课程。行业专业人士将提供基础和深入的知识,以启动您的加密事业。

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@AsifAkil5 By the end of the year🤔?


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#OKExHumpday Poll 🗳️: #Bitcoin showed signs of weakness📉 over the last week. Do you think it will bounce back to $10,000?

#OKExHumpday投票🗳️·比特币出现疲软迹象📉 在过去的一周里。你认为它会反弹到10000美元吗?

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RT: Crypto CEO behind the scenes -- a total customer service! 🤣Tough but I enjoy it! Tell me I'm not alone... @SBF_Alameda @benbybit @bobbyong @fernando @Andyjzd
Pls throw more Qs at me #OKExCustServ ▶️https://twitter.com/JayHao8/st... https://t.co/u8rfJvGbi1

转发:Crypto CEO幕后——全方位的客户服务!🤣很难,但我喜欢!告诉我我并不孤单。。。@SBFúu Alameda@benbybit@bobbyong@fernando@Andyjzd

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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: $ETH fundamentals appear to be strengthening ahead of #Ethereum 2.0 and its switch to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism 👇🏻
https://bit.ly/3eieeXB https://t.co/FognTMLwmh


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RT: I'd say both #Bitcoin & #Ethereum serve their own function. We're still finding their real use cases now, like safe-haven, store of value, #Defi & stablecoin.
What makes me happy is more people are jumping into #cryptoverse & this graph indicates this fact. https://twitter.com/CamiRusso/...


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RT: Recent episodes involving $BTC mined in 2009 spooked the market and put Satoshi-claimant Craig Wright on the spot. Learn about how it all transpired in our #InDepth breakdown👇🏻

RT:最近几起涉及2009年开采的BTC美元的事件惊动了市场,使Satoshi索赔人克雷格·赖特(Craig Wright)身陷险境。了解这一切是如何在我们的深层次崩溃中发生的👇🏻

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#OKExBuzz: A large worth of #bitcoin futures & options will be expiring soon. How will this place an effect on the #crypto market, which has already been getting colder? https://twitter.com/skewdotcom...

23k #bitcoin equivalent futures and 10k #bitcoin options are set to expire this Friday on CME.
Approx 50% of open interest for each product
Watch the rolls! https://t.co/r3niIa1BnY

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OKEx #TechnicalTuesday 📈:
1️⃣ #Bitcoin rebounded after reaching 2-week low
2️⃣ #ETH stealing spotlight as daily gas used reached all-time high
3️⃣ $ETC & $THETA in focus as upgrade approaches.
Detailed analysis ⬇️

1个️⃣ #比特币触及2周低点后反弹
2个️⃣ #ETH抢占了聚光灯,因为每天使用的天然气达到了历史最高水平
三️⃣ 随着升级的临近,$ETC&;θ成为焦点。

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🎬Market Watch Update (May 26): Indicators Show #Bitcoin is Ready to Drop... 🐻 in Full Control?
Signs show $BTC is ready to cool off: 🔻Hashrate, 🔺 Shorts, 🔻Active Wallets... Check out which level we are most likely to hit next⏯️
Also read: https://bit.ly/3e8GLii https://t.co/36K71NdwBx

🎬市场观察最新消息(5月26日):指标显示,比特币准备下跌。。。🐻 完全控制?
有迹象显示$BTC已经准备好冷却:🔻哈希率,🔺 短裤,🔻活动钱包。。。看看我们下一个最有可能达到的水平⏯️

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RT: Join me tomorrow 27 May 9:30am HKT for a live panel #digitalweekonline where I'll discuss market trends and more. @OKEx
RSVP: https://digitalweek.online/ https://t.co/4RHxGZ6FDG


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RT: If you missed the #OntologyAMA with @alysaxu
from @OKEx, don't worry😃, we have the full recap👇 ready for you: https://link.medium.com/4SpIEn...
Only less than 3 days left for $ONT #OKExPerpetualSwap #trading promotion, join now🗣️: https://www.okex.com/promotion...

来自@OKEx,别担心😃,我们有完整的摘要👇 准备好了:https://link.medium.com/4SpIEn。。。
只剩下不到3天的时间进行$ONT#OKExPerpetualSwap#交易促销,立即加入🗣️: https://www.okex.com/promotion。。。

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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: #Ethereum outperformed #Bitcoin over the weekend as #BTC dominance declines👇🏻
https://bit.ly/3d7mfP6 https://t.co/L57D9lY3gI


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RT: MALL of AMERICA in Minnesota announced it will miss 2nd payment on its $1.4 billion mortgage. An intelligent question is “Who is not getting paid?” Dominos starting to fall. IMF says debt will rise from $6 trillion to $66 trillion by end of 2020. Buy Gold Silver & Bitcoin.


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#OKChain: 0.1 Version of our very own public chain is now available 🎊 Stay tuned to a bigger & better #decentralized ecosystem - as users can stake $OKT to gain voting rights 🗳️
Learn more: https://bit.ly/36uTIA8
How to download: https://bit.ly/2Xrxr27

#OKChain:0.1版本的我们自己的公共链现在可以使用了🎊 请关注更大更好的分散式生态系统,因为用户可以投资$OKT以获得投票权🗳️

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RT: #MarketWatchWeekly: Bearish market sentiment pushes #Bitcoin below key support and dashes hopes of an alt season👇
https://bit.ly/3e8GLii https://t.co/pDrDh3HOUE


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RT: I welcome y'all to join me in our #OKExCustServ chat, starting NOW! I’ll post 7 specific Qs, to join:

- Reply to the Qs you’re interested in
- RT your answer
- Add #OKExCustServ

🌟Top 5 liked quality comments get OKEx gift packs
🌟Extra bonus for most valuable feedback

Go! https://t.co/8rDQqJpRt3


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