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AMA RECAP: Thanks for joining our #AMA with @cjliu49​ from @compoundfinance, as we talked about #DeFi & the algorithmic, autonomous interest rate​ protocol.
Here's a recap in case you missed the session ⬇️
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RT: #FuturesFriday: BTC Long/Short Ratios and Open Interest show that futures traders adopted a cautious approach this week as BTC basis turned negative amidst bearish market sentiment👇🏻
https://bit.ly/2TsEvdI https://t.co/o7E0yYd6Fv


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RT: #Crypto Market Daily:The market panic that followed the rare movement of #bitcoins mined in 2009 has subsided after BTC tested support👇🏻
https://bit.ly/36ygYxz https://t.co/EQv8v5IoRn


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RT: Suggestions for @skewdotcom & @OKEx charts.


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PROMO: Hope you all enjoyed the $ONT AMA hosted by @AlysaXuOKEx! We're now partnering with @OntologyNetwork for an #OKExPerpetualSwap trading promo - win 20,000 $USDT 💰
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宣传片:希望你们都喜欢@AlysaXuOKEx主持的$ONT AMA!我们现在正与@OntologyNetwork合作一个#OKExPerpetualSwap交易促销-赢取20000美元美元💰

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#OKExElite🏆: Recruitment for Trading Contest - TEAM MEMBERS is now open! Join the best team to win & share 150,000 USDT by trading on ALL MARKETS with @OKEx 👑
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RT: Counting down⏳ to our #AMA with @AlysaXuOKEx from @OKEx in just 40 minutes👏. See you all shortly in our Telegram🗣️: https://t.me/OntologyNetwork.
$600🤑 GIVEAWAYS ARE WAITING FOR YOU💙! #BitcoinPizzaDay🍕 airdrops are included! And more surprises🎁 to be found!🥳
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转发:倒计时⏳ 在40分钟内从奥克斯带着艾莉莎索克斯到我们的AMA👏. 很快在我们的电报里见到你们🗣️: https://t.me/OntologyNetwork。
600美元🤑 赠品等着你💙! #比特币披萨🍕 包括空投!还有更多的惊喜🎁 被发现!🥳

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@Coin_Buster @CryptoALaCarte @tiennatalie https://t.co/9x5bPO4lQ2

@coin@u buster@cryptoalacarte@tienataliehttps://t.co/9x5bpo4lq2

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#OKExAcademy: A Talk with Your Favorite Trader🎙
This week we talked to @Coin_Buster, trader & founder of @CryptoALaCarte, as he shares some must-know skillsets for rookie traders & more: https://bit.ly/3bTvmRN


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Happy #BitcoinPizzaDay 🍕!
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🍿? Check. #Finance4All https://twitter.com/lopp/statu... https://t.co/N00jIXTKGD

New Bitcoin documentary now available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/prod...

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🍿? 检查一下。#融资4全部https://twitter.com/lopp/statu。。。https://t.co/N00jIXTKGD


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RT: 🔮#TheVision🔮 3 things - Crypto Market, Derivatives & Globalization. As always, with an entrepreneurial mindset and being humble to learn, we never stop exploring new products and trends in this rapidly changing market. #OKBuild #AlysaXuOKEx

室温:🔮#愿景🔮 三件事-加密市场、衍生品和全球化。一如既往,以创业的心态和谦虚的学习态度,我们从不停止在这个瞬息万变的市场上探索新产品和新趋势。#OKBuild公司

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RT: Tomorrow morning UTC we will have Lennix (@LennixOkex ) Director of Financial Markets at OKEx (@OKEx )
Lots to talk about: OKEx's new options market, futures/swaps/lending products, China's new digital currency, 0% interest rates, OKB token, and more!
#bitcoin $OKB https://t.co/oKb44pSkkm


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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: After a mysterious #Bitcoin transaction spooked the crypto market yesterday, some bearish sentiment has creeped back in👇🏻
https://bit.ly/2ZoHisk https://t.co/UshZzWAAzM


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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: After a mysterious #Bitcoin transaction spooked the crypto market yesterday, some bearish sentiment has creeped back in👇🏻
https://bit.ly/2ZoHisk https://t.co/K06aTUL14D


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🏆 #TradeWithOKEx Video Contest - RESULTS OUT🥇
Most Creative Award: @CryptoHabsburg
Most Potential Award: @Titanbarry
Best Content Award:@eman66413266 https://t.co/MZXPr0JVyO

🏆 #TradeWithOKEx视频比赛-结果出炉🥇

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We've received a lot of valuable comments from our community on how to improve the contest - thank you 🙏🏻 & we'll definitely do better next time (Yes, there WILL be a next time 😉) - stay tuned!

我们收到了很多来自社区关于如何改进比赛的宝贵意见-谢谢🙏🏻 &;我们下次一定会做得更好(是的,下次一定会😉) -敬请关注!

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🏆 #TradeWithOKEx Video Contest - RESULTS OUT🥇
Thanks for joining - we 💙every video you made. 🎉Congratulations to @agencykhabir for winning our grand prize & @hashedplutus @Hardcorecoin for coming 2nd & 3rd!
We'll share the winning entries next week. Watch this space! https://t.co/HbGD0gaZq0

🏆 #TradeWithOKEx视频比赛-结果出炉🥇

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AMA: OKEx x @OntologyNetwork #AMA hosted by @AlysaXuOKEx is happening tomorrow🚨 Don't forget to tune in! https://twitter.com/AlysaXuOKE...

🚨#AskMeAnything🚨Glad to have #AMA w/ Andy Ji, co-founder @OntologyNetwork on 22 May 10:00 UTC🗓Check tasks here #Best10QsChallenge🔥
📣Follow & Tag 5 fds
🔮RT with #AlysaONTAMA
👩🏻‍💻Drop your Qs about ONT Swap in comment
🎁Best 10 Qs will be favored 10 USDT each
#AlysaXuOKEx https://twitter.com/ontologyne...

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AMA:OKEx x@OntologyNetwork#由@AlysaXuOKEx主持的AMA将于明天举行🚨 别忘了收听!https://twitter.com/AlysaXuOKE。。。

🚨#ASK含义🚨很高兴有AMA w/Andy Ji,共同创始人@OntologyNetwork于5月22日10:00 UTC在这里查看任务🔥

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