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We're excited to announce our partnership with @Unibocconi. This partnership is a 3-year agreement to aid Università Bocconi, in establishing, running and operating the #Algorand Fintech Lab.
For more information see 👉
#GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture


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Welcome @AlchemyPay to the #Algorand Ecosystem. Joining Alchemy Pay's crypto-fiat payment network means the ALGO token can be used for business-to-business or customer-to-business payments globally & borderlessly. #GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture #DeFi #FutureFi

Delighted to be providing @Algorand with fiat on-ramps for mainstream-friendly onboarding! $ALGO is also now supported for payments on our network.
#algorand #alchemypay $ACH $ALGO

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欢迎@AlchemyPay来到#Algorand生态系统。加入Alchemy Pay的加密菲亚特支付网络意味着ALGO代币可用于全球企业对企业或客户对企业支付&;无边界的#绿色加密#塑造未来#定义#未来


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Congratulations to Rise of Nature, a play-to-earn #blockchain game by @RainHeroGames, on their $250k 1st Prize win. Game is built with the vision of helping the environment, supplementing our vision, designed from the ground up to impact the environment minimally. #GreenCrypto

The #Algorand and @gitcoin Bring Your A-Game Hackathon has come to a close and we're excited to share @michiel_mulders' hackathon recap which introduces the winners of the various open game #developer tracks! #GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture
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祝贺@RainHeroGames的《自然的崛起》(Rise of Nature),这是一款获得25万美元一等奖的区块链游戏。游戏是建立在帮助环境的愿景,补充我们的愿景,从一开始设计,以影响环境最小#绿色加密

#Algorand和@gitcoin带来你的A-Game Hackathon已经接近尾声,我们很高兴与大家分享@michiel#u mulders的Hackathon重述,其中介绍了各种开放游戏的赢家#开发者轨迹#绿色密码塑造未来

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RT: Get your questions in! @wsford, @kelicallaghan and @paulriegle will join Twitter Spaces this Wednesday, January 12th for Algorand’s first #AMA of 2022.
Pre-submit questions 👉
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RT:把你的问题带进来@wsford、@kelicallaghan和@paulriegle将于本周三,即1月12日加入Twitter空间,参加Algorand 2022年的第一届AMA。

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RT: #Algofam who's coming to @EthereumDenver 🤗 👀?
The #Algorand ecosystem is gonna be making some noise - join @Algorand @AlgoFoundation @reachlang @Dequency_io & friends & LF BUILD
Follow these 👆🏽accounts for updates
Tix are free but you gotta apply:

转发:#Algofam谁将来到丹佛以太坊🤗 👀?

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RT: Decentralized Umoja returns in 2022! 🌍 This hackathon from @AfriBlockchain and @AlgoFoundation challenges developers across Africa to build a formally-verified #blockchain application on the @Algorand network in just six weeks using Reach.

转发:2022年分散化的Umoja回归!🌍 来自@AfriBlockchain和@AlgoFoundation的这场黑客攻势挑战非洲各地的开发者,让他们在短短六周内使用Reach在@Algorand网络上构建一个经过正式验证的区块链应用程序。

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RT: It is official! a true sign of strength in community and reflection of our commitment to #Decentralization #Algorand


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@BabaSleeky Follow the link to the governance portal for voting window dates


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The Sign-Up Window for the 2nd Period (G2) of Algorand Community Governance is now closed. A sincere thank you to the community for the amazing response 👇
#Algorand Governors: 67,000 +
Algo Committed: 3.156 Billion
Governance Rewards for G2: 70.5M Algo


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RT: In 2021 we’ve made great strides and now it’s time to share my Year in Review recap video which includes highlights of what we and the #Algorand community has achieved! #ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto
Watch at👉


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There is just an HOUR remaining for would-be-Governors who would like to participate in the second period of #Algorand Community Governance to sign-up and commit.
You can sign up on the Governance Web Portal at 👉
#GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture


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RT: @algorand #Algorand $Algo @AlgoFoundation
Just over 1 hour to go in the commitment window for Algorand Community Governance Period 2.


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There is just 2 HOURS left to sign-up for the second period of #Algorand Community Governance! Join the 66k + Governors who have signed-up and committed to period 2 so far!
#ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto
To find out more and become a Governor go to 👉


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The sign-up window for would-be-Governors for the second period of #Algorand Community Governance closes in 3 HOURS time. #ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto
To find out more and become a Governor go to 👉


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JUST 4 HOURS left for Would-be-Governors to sign up to the second period of #Algorand Community Governance. #ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto
To find out more and become a Governor go to 👉


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Our very own @doroungerlee, Head of University Programs at the Foundation, will be speaking about blockchain fundamentals & women in #blockchain Jan 21 at @Cambridge_Uni. The event is joint sponsored by
@camblockchains & @CamUniFemtech
Save Your Seat👉


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Less than 7 hours until the sign-up window closes for the 2nd period of #Algorand Community Governance!
#GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture

#Algorand Governance now stands at over 2.9Bn Algo ( > $4Bn USD ) staked by almost 63,000 governors. The first Gov period was already record breaking but this period is going to beat those records by every metric. And there is still 17 hours to go !!
$Algo #GreenCrypto

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The sign-up window for the 2nd period of #Algorand Community Governance closes in exactly 24 HOURS time!

Join the 61,000 + Governors who have already signed up for period 2. #GreenCrypto #ShapeTheFuture
Find out more & Sign-up 👉


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RT: .@DroneRaceLeague and @HivemindCap’s @xPlaygroundLabs will develop the first play-to-earn crypto sports game on the #Algorand blockchain. This P2E game will unlock next generation fan experiences and bring #DRL's high-speed drone races to the metaverse 👇


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RT: Drone Racing League Launches Play-To-Earn Crypto Game On Algorand Blockchain

RT:无人机竞赛联盟在Algorand区块链上推出Play To Earn Crypto游戏

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