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RT: The Algorand Foundation announces an Algorand Foundation Bridges SupaGrant to integrate Algorand into ICON's BTP Interoperability Ecosystem.
🌐 This BTP integration sees Algorand join the growing web of interoperable connections within the BTP Working Group!

🌐 这一BTP集成见证了Algorand加入BTP工作组内不断增长的可互操作连接网络!

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We're excited to share @helloiconworld has received a Bridges SupaGrant to integrate @Algorand into ICON's BTP Interoperability Ecosystem. This BTP integration sees Algorand join the growing web of interoperable connections within the BTP Working Group. 👉

我们很高兴与大家分享@helloiconworld已经收到了一份Bridges SupaGrant,将@Algorand整合到ICON的BTP互操作性生态系统中。这种BTP集成使Algorand加入到BTP工作组中不断增长的可互操作连接网络中。👉

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RT: ICYMI: @Verida_io announced a new partnership with Nimble to implement a decentralized insurance protocol. Nimble will build their decentralized & democratized insurance platform in conjunction with Verida leveraging the #Algorand blockchain. Read more 👇


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RT: This Wednesday, leaders from @SkyBridge, @HivemindCap, @wave_financial, #Algorand and more will join @GBBCouncil’s Virtual Blockchain Central Davos for a panel on the future of investing & crypto.
Save your spot now 👉

RT:本周三,@SkyBridge、@HivemindCap、@wave#u financial、#Algorand等公司的领导人将加入@GBBCouncil的虚拟区块链中央达沃斯,参加一个关于投资与投资未来的专题讨论会;加密。

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RT: Developers — learn how to integrate the official Algorand Wallet into your #dApp using @WalletConnect! Check out the example using #Redux 👉


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Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the @GBBCouncil’s Virtual #BlockchainCentral Davos session titled “The Future of Capital Markets” today with @StaciW_DC!
Attendance is virtual & free 👉
#ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto

不要错过今天与@StaciW#u DC一起参加@GBBCouncil虚拟区块链中心达沃斯会议的机会,该会议名为“资本市场的未来”!

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Super excited for @NFDomains & the @Algorand community who will have a much better user experience!
Building on Algorand will provide users with a flexible, robust & fast service, something unattainable on other chains which are slow & unreliable, with high fees!

In case you missed the news, we were awarded a grant by the @AlgoFoundation. 🙏
The funds will go toward building our @algorand name service, enabling users to send & receive crypto using short, readable #NFDs, like "silvio.algo". 🚀
Learn more. ↘️

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这笔资金将用于建立我们的@algorand name服务,使用户能够发送&;使用简短、可读的NFD(如“silvio.algo”)接收加密。🚀

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A really succinct overview well worth watching for SME's & individuals looking to find out more about @Quantoz's peer-to-peer platform for tokenised bonds & e-money.
Our L1 features makes @Algorand the ideal platform for Quantoz’s peer-to-peer platform 👉


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RT: Welcoming @Artanu88 to !
An Indonesian #illustrators who draws #anime.
Visit own his art as #NFTs !
#NFTs #NFTCommmunity #nftart #Algorand #graphic #carbonnegative #footprint #GreenestNFT #NFTartist #nftcollectors #AlgoNFT

RT:欢迎@Artanu88加入 !

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RT: Signed Posters from the Cast of “The Elevator” Film as available as NFT in Omni NFT Storefront
#Algorand #DeFi #algorandnft #OpenSeaNFT #NFTCommumity #nftcollector #nftart #nftvideo #Hollywood #movies

RT:《电梯》电影演员的签名海报,可在 NFT店面

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The @Xcelerator is a platform & hub to connect people globally, to responsibly move blockchain tech forward, & to create the most skilled talent pipeline with the best innovators in the world. Any blockchain startup globally doing groundbreaking, innovative work can apply 👇

The application deadline for our 2022 cohort is January 27th! 📅
Apply ✍️ here:
👀our latest Medium on the $400m in follow-on funding & our 3 year anniversary!

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申请✍️ 在这里:

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RT: ✨Investor spotlight: Glitter Finance X Algorand Foundation✨
"Building trusted, public and permissionless infrastructure for the borderless economy."
@AlgoSeanLee @AlgoFoundation @Algorand @bilalgorand @AlgoFamily $ALGO $ALGO #ALGO


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RT: Have you heard about the ClimateTrade Widget?
It is the perfect tool for #SMEs that want to offer #CarbonNeutral products and services to their customers but don’t have a lot of time or resources to integrate a more complex solution! Check it out!


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RT: Thank you so much for the @AlgoFoundation and @gitcoin for pushing this feature through. You are amazing!


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RT: One person that doesn't get near the recognition that she deserves in the Algo community is @j0hmo. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have many of the nice things we have. So show her some love! :)


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RT: ✨Infographic: Glittering Milestones in 2021✨
🎉Take a look below to see what Glitter Finance has accomplished!👇
#GlitterFinance #ALGO #SOL #Algorand @AlgoFoundation @solana @OrionDepp


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Join @StaciW_DC at @GBBCouncil’s Virtual #BlockchainCentral Davos on January 18th as she joins a panel discussion on “The Future of Capital Markets”.
Attendance to one of the world's premier #blockchain forums is virtual & free!
Save Your Seat Today 👉

1月18日,在@GBBCouncil的虚拟区块链中心达沃斯参加@StaciW#u DC,她将参加关于“资本市场的未来”的小组讨论。

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RT: Huge congratulations to the devs behind Algomask, a @MetaMask type browser extension for @Algorand, and all the other developers who just won bounties for building apps on Algorand with Tatum!
Check out Algomask in the video below!


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RT: Welcoming Zenden to ! Green NFT Storefront and Marketplace features!! @Abris_io @Algorand @AlgoFoundation @AlgorandFacts @NftLeverage #OpenSeaNFT #NFT #NFTCommumity #nftcollector #nftart #nftvideo #NFTartists #NFTdrop

RT:欢迎 Zenden 加入 绿色 NFT 店面和市场功能!! @Abris_io @Algorand @AlgoFoundation @AlgorandFacts @NftLeverage

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RT: It’s right in front of you. The obvious is right there.
Professor Silvio Micali - Democratising Finance for the Masses: How Algorand Solves the Blockchain Trilemma

Silvio Micali教授-大众金融民主化:Algorand如何解决区块链三重困境

发表时间:2年前 作者:Algorand Foundation @AlgoFoundation详情