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I am so pleased that @encodeclub is backing @exafinance and @ted_nivan alongside @Lemniscap, @borderless_cap (@DG__tw), @AlgoFoundation, @bigbrainvc and others!
Ted is an Encode hackathon prize winner and participant in our Algorand accelerator 🚀

Ted是Encode hackathon大奖得主,也是我们Algorand加速器的参与者🚀

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#Algorand is super excited to be sponsoring @EthereumDenver 2022, the largest web3 BUIDLathon in the world!
The Foundation & the @Algorand teams are looking forward to seeing you in Denver February 11th - 20th!
Save Your Seat👉 #ETHDenver #GreenCrypto

@Algorand's vision will be brought to #ETHDenver: A world where everyone creates and exchanges value efficiently, transparently, and securely.

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#Algorand非常高兴能赞助@Ethereum Denver 2022,这是世界上最大的web3 Buildlathon!


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RT: 1/ Another amazing day at Prismatic. We are over the moon to announce our $2mn Seed Round lead by @borderless_cap.


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RT: We are delighted to support our friends at #Prismatic, one more great project coming to the #Algorand ecosystem! #FutureFi #DeFi #Algo


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Today's @Algorand #Developer Office Hours features @reachlang discussing how to build #NFTs using #Reach! #ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto
Save Your Seat 👇

Tomorrow afternoon, @reachlang will be guest speakers at Algorand’s #developer office hour! This session will cover what’s new as well as how to build #NFTs using Reach.
Sign up now 👉

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RT: NEW VIDEO! I sat down with my pal @chrisswenor (who also has a rad beard) to talk about the experience building on @Algorand and the growth it could see in 2022, plus discussion about two of his companies in the space: @reachlang and @HumbleSwap


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RT: Accursed Share, in partnership with @WilmoreAcademy and The New York Times best-selling author, @MerlinSheldrake, will launch an NFT collection based on his acclaimed book, “Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds, and Shape Our Futures”.

转发:Accursed Share将与@WilmoreAccademy和《纽约时报》畅销书作者@MerlinSheldrake合作,根据他广受好评的著作《纠缠的生活:真菌如何创造我们的世界,改变我们的思想,塑造我们的未来》推出NFT系列。

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Are you interested in a decentralised player managed racing league?
Meet @zCircuitGame, a cohort of the #Algorand x @encodeclub accelerator!
Beta now available to try on @Algorand testnet!

#zCircuit is a fully decentralized, player managed racing league.
The current beta includes your first role as a spectator of the zCircuit Grand Prix where you will analyze and predict race outcomes. Try it right now on #Algorand testnet at

发表时间:2年前 作者:zCircuit @zCircuitGame

见见@zCircuitGame,#Algorand x@encodeclub加速器团队!
Beta版现在可以在@Algorand testnet上试用!

目前的测试版包括你作为zCircuit大奖赛观众的第一个角色,你将在那里分析和预测比赛结果。请立即在#Algorand testnet上试用

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RT: It's Race Week! #DiriyahEPrix 🇸🇦
Who's ready to see what this green machine can do?
#ABBFormulaE @FIAFormulaE


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RT: The 5th International Blockchain School at @ITUkbh Copenhagen just kicked off. @AlgoFoundation is proud to support this phenomenal learning opportunity for scholars from around the globe.A big thank you to @roman_beck for organising.


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RT: @Algorand @Envision_Racing #GreenCrypto #GreenRacing
Sustainable, carbon zero, higher performance and pure excitement !!!!
The 2022 Season kicks off in 5 days.

转发:@Algorand@Envision#u Racing#GreenCrypto#GreenRacing

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From #DeFi to #FutureFi. #DeFi is disrupting the the traditional financial landscape, creating new models & making financial applications more accessible and inclusive.

Join the discussion with Massimo Morini, @TheAlgonomist at #CryptoCoinference Digital Edition

🌟Da DeFi a FutureFi. La #DeFi sta sconvolgendo il panorama #finanziario, creando nuovi modelli e rendendo le applicazioni finanziarie più accessibili e inclusive.
A #CryptoCoinference Digital Edition interverrà Massimo Morini, Chief Economist at @AlgoFoundation Foundation

发表时间:2年前 作者:Crypto Coinference 2022 @CryptoCoinf

参加与Massimo Morini的讨论,@TheAlgonomist在#Cryptocolinference数字版


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RT: We are excited to announce the closing of a $1.25M round of financing led by @borderless_cap.
These resources will be used to build and scale @NFDomains, #Algorand's name service and marketplace for .algo names.


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A big shout out & congratulations to the team @NFDomains, who have secured further funding to build & launch their #Algorand name service & marketplace for #NFDs — unique, readable identities for your wallet.
#ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto

Hey #AlgoFam, get your spacesuits ready because we got funded! 🚀
The $1.25M round led by @borderless_cap will help us build #Algorand's name service & marketplace for #NFDs — unique, readable identities for your wallet.
Lift off is planned for Q2 2022.

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大声呼喊&;祝贺@NFDomains团队,他们获得了进一步的资金来构建&;推出#Algorand name服务&;#NFD市场——独特、易读的钱包身份。


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RT: @Algorand NFT etkinliği! 🎉
Popüler #NFTs sanatçısı @corvusnft ile birlikte öğretici bir Webinar'a ev sahipliği yapıyoruz!
⌛️ 29 Ocak Cumartesi 17:00
🎁Katılımcılardan 1 kişiye #Corvus projesinden hediye #NFT!
Kayıt için:

转发:@Algorand NFT活动!🎉

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RT: Tinyman's ride is not the only update👇
We also have a new roadmap featuring Tinyman's plans for 2022!
Let's get back on track!💪


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.@jsrprotocolorg is our latest grant recipient and will develop a financial system for African entrepreneurs, leveraging the @Algorand #blockchain to offer Africans costless, regenerative, & transparent financial services.
#ShapeTheFuture #GreenCrypto


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RT: NEW VIDEO! Today I'm covering @Algorand, it's core components, the developer experience, funding, and a new feature that could be a secret weapon for adoption!
Check it out:


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What's new with @reachlang, including demos for building #NFTs on Algorand is the topic for the next @Algorand #Developer Office Hours on Tuesday, January 25th! 👇

Join our upcoming #developer office hour on Tuesday, January 25th! This session will cover what’s new with @reachlang, including demos for building #NFTs on Algorand.
Sign up here 👉

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