RT: Thanks @newsBTC for sharing the exciting news about Orchid’s expansion into global markets with the @OKEx listing of $OXT! We are committed to helping the digital community stay connected and protect their #privacy online. https://bit.ly/2WT7eLf


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Join @OKEx and @OrchidProtocol for an #AMA with our Co-founder & CEO, @deseventral!
Apr 1st at 6:00 PST, 9:00 EST, 13:00 UTC, and 21:00 HKT.
Win awards for best questions and engagement. Submit your Qs ➡️ http://bit.ly/3aoRtzz, get $5 $OXT for chosen Q! https://t.co/0mDWWbE7N3


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@JuanJoseS0t0 I just tried it and it was ok. Can you check again?


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👨‍💻🔮👈 https://twitter.com/uniswapexc...

Who is already building or planning on building on top of Uniswap V2?
If so, what are you building? 😎

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谁已经在Uniswap V2上建造或计划建造?

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@socioanna @interfluidity He could use a treadmill. All the good ones support an incline of up to ~6-10 degrees, so less strenuous than a hill but still a reasonably similar type of workload.


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DeFi’s new revenue model now benefits both AI meme content creators and Alethea AI users

DeFi的新收入模式现在对AI meme内容创造者和aletha AI用户都有利

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@MarkoCorn Actually most modern theories suggest that there's no species-level benefit to aging, rather aging is an inherently difficult-to-get-rid of challenge in any evolved complex system, the problem is that there just isn't enough evolutionary pressure to get rid of it.


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@arpitrage @ATabarrok As long as we make papers waaaay more understandable than they are today!


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@vancecook9 My estimate of the time delay between billionaires getting anti-aging and it being available to >50% of the population is at most 10-20 years.
Most modern tech is that way; the hard part is figuring out what to do, scaling it up from there is relatively easy.


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Did you see it? The Golem chat migrated to Discord, join the community by following the link https://chat.golem.network/


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Grin Newsletter 91: New core team member 🐣: Covering Mar 23-30 2020: @joltz added to core team, Grin v3.1.1 released, governance debate, scope for v4.0.0 closes tomorrow. http://gr.in.mw/RSsBr3 via @GrinNews $GRIN

Grin通讯91:新核心团队成员🐣:涵盖2020年3月23-30日:@joltz加入核心团队,Grin v3.1.1发布,治理辩论,v4.0.0的范围明天关闭。http://gr.in.mw/RSsBr3通过@GrinNews$GRIN

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The 30th March Word on the BLOCK newsletter is out! Check out the latest Blocknet news covering development and marketing and be sure to SUBSCRIBE! https://blocknet.co/word-on-th...


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RT: Todays #DigiByte update looks at all the HUGE amount of work put in by our translations team @NigelDigiByte + @muakyurt in organizing / collating it all 🥰 Thanks HEAPS to all the amazing effort.
Android update from @noahseidman is live too!
Check it out:


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@zemariagp 23% older than I was five years ago!


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The Proton snapshot and airdrop has been completed!
MTL holders have automatically received an equivalent amount of XPR tokens in their compatible wallets.
Congratulations to all new XPR holders! https://t.co/59YpQjieLM


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RT: I voted on ZEIP-76! 🗳️#VoteWithZRX https://0x.org/zrx/vote

转发:我投了ZEIP-76!VoteWithZRX https://x.org/zrx/vote

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@Crypto326 Exchange deposits are currently disabled at Energi's request while we test the new Gen3 network for performance and security. No estimate for when they will open but we will announce as soon as we do.


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RT: It's Raid Week in the AlterVerse!
Every day this week you can win awesome AlterVerse skins by successfully raiding Starships!
The player with the most successful raids in a 24 hour day wins a Bullet Plasma Blaster skin backed by Enjin Coin!
http://alterverse.com/ for details! https://t.co/gPYh429oIp


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RT: We just finished our first GAB meeting in the new structure with the new members. Due to corona rules the meeting took place online and we talked for over two hours. Notes of the meeting will be published tomorrow. #gulden


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The Blockchain Gaming Alliance sees new sponsors including Ubisoft and MakerDAO https://cointelegraph.com/news...

区块链游戏联盟(Blockchain Gaming Alliance)看到了包括Ubisoft和MakerDAO在内的新赞助商https://cointelegraph.com/news。。。

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