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Learn how to build distributed, peer-to-peer, web3 apps at the Holochain & Rust developer training!
Join us and the @H_O_L_O_ team this July in Europe🌍
👉 Learn more: https://holo.host/holochain-ru... https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

Calling all devs 📣
Check out the details for the immersive #Holochain developer education program this July in Europe.
✅ What: Holochain & Rust Developer Training
✅ When: July 10th - July 22nd, 2022
✅ Where: Austria
✅ Learn more: https://buff.ly/3NdkAJT https://t.co/72ARg9TQEN

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今年7月在欧洲加入我们和@H\u O\u L\u O\u团队🌍
👉 了解更多信息:https://holo.host/holochain-ru... https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

✅ 内容:Holochain&;防锈剂培训
✅ 时间:2022年7月10日至7月22日
✅ 地点:奥地利
✅ 了解更多信息:https://buff.ly/3NdkAJT https://t.co/72ARg9TQEN

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Join @GETDWeb and @internetarchive at their second-to-last event in the series on building a better internet for all!
#web3 #DWeb https://twitter.com/GETDWeb/st...

TMRW 5/26 at 1 PM PT/ 4 PM ET: @whanamura @dankvr take you on a tour of the #Metaverse. How do we ensure interoperability, privacy, and self-sovereign identity in the Metaverse?
Still time to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webina...
Below: @InternetArchive Great Room by @dankvr https://t.co/gg0ArK7f3v

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TMRW 5月26日下午1点,东部时间下午4点:@[email protected]带您参观#Metaverse。我们如何确保Metaverse中的互操作性、隐私和自主身份?
下图:@InternetArchive Great Room作者@dankvrhttps://t.co/gg0ArK7f3v

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Read all about the new Holochain Developer Education Initiative!
There will be a two week #Holochain and #Rustlang onsite training program in Europe this summer, to be announced soon. 👾 https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

Holo is investing $2M over 2 years to empower devs to build on #Holochain.
Welcome @mracus former co-founder of HackReactor, now an advisor with @H_O_L_O_ & @Holochain creating efficient, effective, scalable curriculum for devs.
https://buff.ly/3lHdgKn https://t.co/axI9xo2JzW

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今年夏天,将在欧洲举办为期两周的#Holochain和#Rustlang现场培训计划,即将宣布。👾 https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

欢迎@mracus HackReactor的前联合创始人,现在是@H\u L\u [email protected]为开发人员创建高效、有效、可扩展的课程。
✅ https://buff.ly/3lHdgKnhttps://t.co/axI9xo2JzW

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IOEN is equipping everyday people with the technology necessary to create their own energy microgrids easily. Check out how it works!
Watch the full Ecosystem Session: https://buff.ly/3PA1E9z
#Holochain #IOEN https://t.co/nkLm5yf6nG


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Curious about projects built on Holochain? Check out this article by @sunyae_ for an easy introduction to Flux, a social toolkit for web3 communities.
#PoweredbyHolochain #Holochain https://twitter.com/flux_socia...

Feel free to read into the full vision of what we're building at Flux here and try out our alpha! 100% decentralized and powered by @holochain & AD4M.

发表时间:2个月前 作者:Flux @flux_social



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We are stoked to see IOEN collaborating with Monash University to create an agent-centric distributed micro-grid on campus!
Watch the full Ecosystem Session: https://buff.ly/3PA1E9z
#Holochain #IOEN https://t.co/knOC3zdzQA


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New to the #Holochain community? Curious how Holochain works at the most basic level? Have a friend you want to share Holochain with?
Here’s an oldie-but-goodie video that explains how Holochain works: https://buff.ly/3wouv9g https://t.co/a9DOjTV7Gc

这是一段古老但很好的视频,解释了Holochain的工作原理:https://buff.ly/3wouv9g https://t.co/a9DOjTV7Gc

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The other big news that got bundled with Launcher 0.4.4 is, the first public preview of the DevHub #hApp.
Take a look at this first iteration of the DevHub GUI to browse individual zomes or DNAs that could be plugged into your hApp. https://buff.ly/3MdI2pK https://t.co/cihVuBbJg4

与Launcher 0.4.4捆绑在一起的另一大新闻是DevHub#hApp的首次公开预览。
看看DevHub GUI的第一次迭代,浏览可以插入hApp的单个僵尸或DNA。https://buff.ly/3MdI2pK https://t.co/cihVuBbJg4

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Launcher Version 0.4.4 is a huge jump toward the goal of user-friendliness. Why not give it a try and invite #nondevelopers to try it out too?! 👉 https://buff.ly/3LgmVl7
Share in the thread your thoughts!

Launcher版本0.4.4朝着用户友好的目标迈出了一大步。为什么不试一试,邀请非开发人员也试一试呢?!👉 https://buff.ly/3LgmVl7

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Let’s unbox this thing! If you’re not familiar with the #Holochain Launcher, it’s a user-friendly tool for running #hApps. This will eventually be our end-user offering, and one of the primary ways you’ll be able to distribute web-based hApps to your users.
1/2 https://t.co/aAYh6EnPct

1/2 https://t.co/aAYh6EnPct

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This week we released a new version of #Holochain Launcher with a lot of new features and it is much more friendly to non-technical users.
👉 Read it all in Dev Pulse 119: https://buff.ly/37MoQk0 https://t.co/vMnCXYHC8I

本周,我们发布了新版本的#Holochain Launcher,它有很多新功能,对非技术用户更友好。
👉 请阅读Dev Pulse 119:https://buff.ly/37MoQk0 https://t.co/vMnCXYHC8I

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Is Holochain 'Web3'? If that means putting a price tag on all of our online activities, no.
But if it means taking shared ownership of our online lives, then yes, maybe #Holochain is 'Web3'.
🔈Why #Holochain is fit for the real Web3? https://buff.ly/3rkwYiB https://t.co/WdvJJgyYDO

🔈为什么#Holochain适合真正的Web3?https://buff.ly/3rkwYiB https://t.co/WdvJJgyYDO

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Two months ago @helioscomm shared about Clutter, a #hApp that aims to create a microblogging experience like #Twitter.
👉 Watch the latest Wednesday Workshop session where the group builds a keyword indexing module for Clutter and other apps: https://buff.ly/3soBXPj
#hAppyStory https://t.co/9N47pFD5o4

👉 观看最新的周三研讨会,小组将为杂乱和其他应用程序构建一个关键词索引模块:https://buff.ly/3soBXPj

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@AKASHAworld is a think tank dedicated to investigating what humane social media might look like.
@emalinus4 from @Neighbour_hoods shared about culture design and the potential to create social spaces with less need for heavy moderation. 👉 https://buff.ly/388o29b https://t.co/XtSbvHaTKJ

@来自@Neighbor_hoods的emalinus4分享了文化设计和创造社交空间的潜力,而不需要过度节制。👉 https://buff.ly/388o29b https://t.co/XtSbvHaTKJ

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🚀Congratulations to the @IOEN_tech team on achieving another milestone! https://twitter.com/IOEN_tech/...

All loaded and firing! We have just achieved another significant milestone this week!🚀🚀🚀
You can now find the steps on how we loaded Holochain on a Raspberry Pi4.
Link here👉👉: https://loom.ly/E_BJHcU
Cheers ;)
#Holochain #Holo #IOEN #Microgrids #Energy

发表时间:2周前 作者:IOEN Tech @IOEN_tech


链接这里👉👉: https://loom.ly/E_BJHcU

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In the latest @H_O_L_O_ AMA @zippy314 clarified how will integrations with blockchain protocols work? Check it out: https://buff.ly/3KmUCkR
👉 Watch the full AMA 50: https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

How will integrations with blockchain protocols work?
👉 Watch here: https://buff.ly/3KmUCkR
👉 Full AMA 50: https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://t.co/Rsu9e1vD0T

发表时间:3周前 作者:Holo @H_O_L_O_

在最新的@[email protected]澄清了与区块链协议的集成将如何工作?过来看:https://buff.ly/3KmUCkR
👉 观看完整的AMA 50:https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

👉 请看这里:https://buff.ly/3KmUCkR
👉 完整AMA 50:https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://t.co/Rsu9e1vD0T

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🐝 Dev Pulse 118 is here!
This week @helioscomm brings the three latest releases, mostly maintenance work, and some updates on how the ecosystem is busy building and working on getting their products to a mature state. 👉 Check it out: https://buff.ly/3shq4L1 https://t.co/ducjB0vXIY

🐝 Dev Pulse 118来了!
本周@helioscomm发布了三个最新版本,主要是维护工作,以及一些关于生态系统如何忙于构建和使其产品达到成熟状态的更新。👉 过来看:https://buff.ly/3shq4L1 https://t.co/ducjB0vXIY

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#Blockchain apps have offered an exciting way to collaborate outside the reach of government and corporate middlemen (#decentralization). But do they truly level the playing field?
➡️ #ThePowerofPeertoPeer Part 1: https://buff.ly/3gGa3YF https://t.co/3p7uSax1U7

➡️ #动力对等体第1部分:https://buff.ly/3gGa3YF https://t.co/3p7uSax1U7

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Imagine an unencloseable system where no one can gain influence by simply controlling the medium of communication.
Explore #ThePowerofPeertoPeer series on the future of communication and what it will make possible.
👉 https://buff.ly/3gGa3YF https://t.co/mGHvqofL5R

👉 https://buff.ly/3gGa3YF https://t.co/mGHvqofL5R

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Can users' private keys be expected to be stable across #Holochain versions?
Watch the last @H_O_L_O_ AMA where @zippy314 explains agent key stability on Holochain!
👉 Watch here: https://buff.ly/3vmRz81
👉 Full AMA 50: https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

Can users' private keys be expected to be stable across Holochain versions?
Here @zippy314 explains agent key stability on Holochain!
👉 Watch here: https://buff.ly/3vmRz81
👉 Full AMA 50: https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://t.co/1ophAaqt8W

发表时间:1个月前 作者:Holo @H_O_L_O_

👉 请看这里:https://buff.ly/3vmRz81
👉 完整AMA 50:https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/s...

👉 请看这里:https://buff.ly/3vmRz81
👉 完整AMA 50:https://buff.ly/3KkBQdN https://t.co/1ophAaqt8W

发表时间:3周前 作者:Holochain @holochain详情