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Our founder and CEO will join this event and have a panel discussion with other experts on the topic of Decentralized Identity technology. (The discussion will be in Chinese. ) https://twitter.com/mave99a/st...


发表时间:5个月前 作者:Robert Mao @mave99a

我们的创始人兼首席执行官将参加本次活动,并与其他专家就去中心化身份技术主题进行小组讨论。 (讨论将以中文进行。)https://twitter.com/mave99a/st...

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And this gift card itself is a DApp built on our platform!

而这张礼品卡本身就是一个建立在我们平台上的 DApp!

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We will give away some on-chain gift card during the DWeb camp, so anyone can immediately experience and create a decentralized web build with our platform. https://twitter.com/mave99a/st... https://t.co/8SctYKQ8Si

I will give a talk at DWeb Camp @GETDWeb this month about Decentralized Identity and demo what we have built at @ArcBlock_io over the last few years. https://t.co/O7qe44RrQE

发表时间:5个月前 作者:Robert Mao @mave99a

我们将在 DWeb 训练营期间赠送一些链上礼品卡,任何人都可以立即体验并使用我们的平台创建去中心化的 Web 构建。 https://twitter.com/mave99a/st... https://t.co /8SctYKQ8Si

我将在本月的 DWeb Camp @GETDWeb 上发表关于去中心化身份的演讲,并演示过去几年我们在 @ArcBlock_io 构建的内容。 https://t.co/O7qe44RrQE

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RT: I will give a talk at DWeb Camp @GETDWeb this month about Decentralized Identity and demo what we have built at @ArcBlock_io over the last few years. https://t.co/O7qe44RrQE

RT:我将在本月的 DWeb Camp @GETDWeb 上发表关于去中心化身份的演讲,并演示过去几年我们在 @ArcBlock_io 构建的内容。 https://t.co/O7qe44RrQE

发表时间:5个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

We will attend @Gartner_inc IAM summit this month. Come see our DID IAM demo and talk to us, see how Decentralized Identity technology can help your business in the new digital world! https://t.co/ElOJgb3LAp

我们将参加本月的@Gartner_inc IAM 峰会。来看看我们的 DID IAM 演示并与我们交谈,看看去中心化身份技术如何在新的数字世界中帮助您的业务! https://t.co/ElOJgb3LAp

发表时间:5个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

Any developer can try it now in our Blocklet Server product, and it's a foundation service, so anyone can get full IAM in their dApps with basically no code.

任何开发人员现在都可以在我们的 Blocklet Server 产品中试用它,这是一项基础服务,因此任何人都可以在他们的 dApp 中获得完整的 IAM,而无需任何代码。

发表时间:5个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

A comprehensive DID based IAM is ready for any dApp developers to use if the build with ArcBlock Platform and our Blocklet framework. https://t.co/vPGQO38sRW

如果使用 ArcBlock 平台和我们的 Blocklet 框架进行构建,任何 dApp 开发人员都可以使用基于 DID 的综合 IAM。 https://t.co/vPGQO38sRW

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We build a decentralized IAM system for dApps with DID and Verifiable Credentials, we call it "DID Passport". User can use it to get password-less access to dApps within the DID Wallet by simply present those digital credentials. Simple as that. /2 https://t.co/GcyLIP7SGh

我们为具有 DID 和可验证凭证的 dApp 构建了一个去中心化的 IAM 系统,我们称之为“DID Passport”。用户只需出示这些数字凭证,即可使用它在 DID 钱包中获得对 dApp 的无密码访问。就那么简单。 /2 https://t.co/GcyLIP7SGh

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A new report by @Accenture "A new approach for identity in a digital world" talked about how DID could works with IAM (Identity and Access Management). Very thoughtful, and exactly aligned with what we have built in the past few years. /1.
https://www.accenture.com/_acn... https://t.co/fj9ZCfj592

@Accenture 的一份新报告“数字世界中身份识别的新方法”谈到了 DID 如何与 IAM(身份和访问管理)一起工作。非常周到,并且与我们在过去几年中建立的内容完全一致。 /1。
https://www.accenture.com/_acn.. . https://t.co/fj9ZCfj592

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ArcBlock platform will be continuously operational on the Ethereum blockchain during and after the Merge to the PoS consensus layer. ArcBlock will not support forks of the Ethereum blockchain, including the PoW fork. We are aligned with Ethereum's vision since inception.

在合并到 PoS 共识层期间和之后,ArcBlock 平台将在以太坊区块链上持续运行。 ArcBlock 将不支持以太坊区块链的分叉,包括 PoW 分叉。我们从一开始就与以太坊的愿景保持一致。

发表时间:5个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

RT: Even though Decentralized Identity(DID) is the fundamental, the Verifiable Credentials (aka verifiable claim) based on DID covers the most real life use cases. Here is some examples from Gartner. @ArcBlock_io is a pioneer in this space and already production ready! https://t.co/QtWffSHXbF

RT:尽管去中心化身份(DID)是基础,但基于 DID 的可验证凭证(也称为可验证声明)涵盖了最现实的用例。以下是 Gartner 的一些示例。 @ArcBlock_io 是该领域的先驱,并且已经准备好生产! https://t.co/QtWffSHXbF

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A step by step guide: how to buy crypto directly from within DID Wallet via @coinbase Pay. DID Wallet 4.5 now seamlessly integrate with Coinbase Pay!
https://www.arcblock.io/blog/e... https://t.co/3qXRa5EW42

分步指南:如何通过@coinbase Pay 从 DID 钱包中直接购买加密货币。 DID Wallet 4.5 现在与 Coinbase Pay 无缝集成!
https://www.arcblock .io/blog/e... https://t.co/3qXRa5EW42

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We're excited to integrate @Coinbase Pay into DID Wallet and make it available for everyone !
The latest DID Wallet 4.5 is in AppStore and Google Play Store, checkout what's new: https://www.arcblock.io/blog/e... https://t.co/hxMoaUaoJ8

我们很高兴将@Coinbase Pay 集成到 DID 钱包中,让所有人都可以使用它!
最新的 DID 钱包 4.5 已在 AppStore 和 Google Play 商店中,查看新功能:https://www.arcblock.io/blog/e... https://t.co/hxMoaUaoJ8

发表时间:5个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

Thanks for our team, partners and developers! We are just beginning a exciting new journey powered by DID, blockchain and crypto, stay tuned! A lot of products announcement and releases are on their way! https://twitter.com/coinbaseas...

Arcblock (ABT) are now live on https://coinbase.com/ & in the Coinbase iOS & Android apps with the Experimental label. Coinbase customers can log in to buy, sell, convert, send, receive or store these assets. https://www.coinbase.com/price

发表时间:6个月前 作者:Coinbase Assets @CoinbaseAssets


Arcblock(ABT)现在上线https://coinbase.com/&;在Coinbase iOS&;带有实验标签的Android应用程序。Coinbase客户可以登录以购买、出售、转换、发送、接收或存储这些资产。https://www.coinbase.com/price

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RT: 刚刚结束的6月发生了很多事,这些都是我们过去长期持续努力的结果,只是恰好集中在六月的时候呈现了出来。
https://www.arcblock.io/blog/z... https://t.co/dNxpyfErvL

转发: 刚刚结束的6月发生了很多事,这些都是我们过去长期持续努力的结果,只是恰好集中在六月的时候呈现了出来。
https://www.arcblock.io/blog/z... https://t.co/dNxpyfErvL

发表时间:6个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

@coinbase Pay is now available inside @did_wallet!
https://www.arcblock.io/blog/e... https://t.co/yJblUBVota

@coinbase Pay现在可在did_钱包内使用!

发表时间:6个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

RT: DID Wallet 4.3 Is now in Google Play and iOS AppStore! https://www.arcblock.io/blog/e...

RT:DID Wallet 4.3现在在Google Play和iOS应用商店中!https://www.arcblock.io/blog/e...

发表时间:7个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

Watch how ArcBlock can leverage AWS to build enterprise grade DID and Blockchain solutions. https://twitter.com/mave99a/st...

ArcBlock: Leveraging Amazon QLDB to Build a Decentralized Identity Solution https://youtu.be/o6DZRwe30Ls via @YouTube

发表时间:7个月前 作者:Robert Mao @mave99a


ArcBlock:利用Amazon QLDB构建分散的身份解决方案https://youtu.be/o6DZRwe30Ls通过@YouTube

发表时间:7个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

RT: ArcBlock: Leveraging Amazon QLDB to Build a Decentralized Identity Solution https://youtu.be/o6DZRwe30Ls via @YouTube

转发:ArcBlock:利用Amazon QLDB构建分散的身份解决方案https://youtu.be/o6DZRwe30Ls通过@YouTube

发表时间:7个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情

Demo winners get their award through smart-contract auto distribution, and even cooler it’s get done through one Multi Input Output Transaction! https://t.co/mDYeYlUici


发表时间:8个月前 作者:ArcBlock @ArcBlock_io详情