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💪I always remember the moment of thinking of creating, #TRON, a new smart contract platform based on PoS to be more efficient than #ETH.
😉Here are some original inspirations for #TRON! Check out this interview with https://blockchain.com/ during the #ATB


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💪I will share some highlights of #TRON’s evolving mission in the Web3🌐industry.🚀
🗓️Friday, September 23rd
⏰11:15am KST / 7:15pm PT / 10:15pm ET
See you there! 😉 https://twitter.com/trondao/st...

Don't miss this presentation from @justinsuntron 🔥
He'll be discussing his role in innovating the #Web3 space! 🌐 👀
🗓️ Friday, September 23rd
⏰ 11:15am KST / 7:15pm PT / 10:15pm ET
Set your reminders and we'll see you there! 🚀 #TronStrong💎 https://t.co/hgqP6R5VeK

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不要错过@justinsuntron 的这个演讲🔥

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RT: 巴黎 #币安区块链周 :@JaneQianHUAI 专访 @justinsuntron
孙宇晨在 #BinanceBlockchainWeek 中,从公链、交易所、稳定币的角度分享了自己关于Web3的观点
🔸关注 @binancezh
🔸RT,抽3位送币安滑板 https://t.co/6uXEzcqRK2


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🙌The Submission for #TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 opens soon with total of six tracks and $1,200,000 prize pool.
🥰Can’t wait to see the stellar projects from you! Good luck!
📍Apply at: https://trondao.org/ https://twitter.com/trondao/st...

Are you ready, devs?
(Aye-aye, TRON DAO!)
I can't hear you!
(Aye-aye, TRON DAO!)
Which is the best hackathon in the field?
(#TRON Grand Hackathon!)
#HackaTRON 🔥

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(是的,TRON DAO!)
(是的,TRON DAO!)

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🙌Hello everyone! 안녕하세요!
This Friday, I will give an online speech about Web3🌐at the UDC2022 in Busan hosted by @upbitglobal.
👏I am looking forward to meeting you there! https://twitter.com/TronDao_KO...

📣@TronDao_KOR🇰🇷 공식 블로그 오픈!!!🔥
🔗: https://blog.naver.com/trondao...
☑️@trondao 와 @justinsuntron 에 관한 모든 정보를 한눈에!
☑️정확한 최신 소식과 공식 정보를 번역 없이 한국어로 소통!
☑️깜짝🎁선물과 각종🎉이벤트!
🙌TRON DAO 한국 공식 블로그에서 만나요!🔥#TronStrong💎

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🙌大家好! 안녕하세요!
本周五,我将在 @upbitglobal 主办的釜山 UDC2022 上发表关于 Web3🌐的在线演讲。
👏我期待在那里见到你! https://twitter.com/TronDao_KO...

📣@TronDao_KOR🇰🇷 공식 블로그 오픈!!!🔥
☑️@trondao 와 @justinsuntron 에 관한 모든 정보를 한눈에!
🙌TRON DAO 한국 공식 블로그에서 만나요!🔥

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It was fun!⚽️🏃 https://twitter.com/AltcoinHas...

Justin Sun @trondao has a nice right foot. Great seeing him trying out the football giveaway should play for #ManUtd 😂😂. #BinanceBlockchainWeek #Binance https://t.co/dZOwCkE0DD

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很有趣!⚽️🏃 https://twitter.com/AltcoinHas...

Justin Sun @trondao 的右脚不错。很高兴看到他尝试足球赠品应该为

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RT: 🗞️ THIS WEEK: https://blockchain.com/ 🗞️
• History was made as @ethereum ‘merged’ 👀
• We aired @justinsuntron of @trondao on the podcast
• @OneMorePeter spoke @SALTConference 🗽
Sign up for a wallet today and stay up to date ✉️
https://bit.ly/3RKOR5t https://t.co/p7B36fPGQQ

RT:🗞️本周:https://blockchain.com/ 🗞️
• 历史是由@ethereum‘合并’创造的👀
• 我们在播客上播放了@trondao 的@justinsuntron
• @OneMorePeter 发言@SALTConference 🗽
https://bit.ly/3RKOR5t https://t.co/p7B36fPGQQ

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🚀#TRON has transformed into one of the largest global crypto #DAO in less than one year & become one of the most active blockchain platforms.
🧐Learn more about #DAO and #TRONDAO https://twitter.com/trondao/st...

🤔Are DAOs really capable of transforming the way humans organize and collaborate in the future?
🧐Today, #TRON101 is going to dig out the answer from the history of the #DAO.

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🤔DAO 真的能够改变人类未来的组织和协作方式吗?

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RT: We’re less than two weeks away from #MIGlobal Asia Summit!
Join us or tune in to hear from @henrygolding, @Farah_Pandith, @justinsuntron, @Astro_Naoko, @ericnamofficial, + many more. https://t.co/OecO49EQOz


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💪History has no shortage of lessons that prove humanity’s relentless drive for betterment always triumphs over obstacles.
🚀We will never stop building together and the future of the #blockchain industry is undoubtedly bright! https://twitter.com/trondao/st...

🧐@justinsuntron was invited to publish a signed article titled "The Future of the Blockchain Industry Is Undoubtedly Bright" for the @MilkenInstitute #PowerOfIdeas series.
👇Check out the full article here:

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🧐@justinsuntron 受邀为@MilkenInstitute 发表题为“区块链行业的未来无疑是光明的”的署名文章

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RT: The one and only @justinsuntron and the entire #TRON community welcome you to New York! 🗽 #TRX https://t.co/PHcdfNcRim

RT:唯一的@justinsuntron 和整个

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RT: This article from @decryptmedia gives information on the new additions coming for S3 #HackaTRON. 🚀
"The third season of Tron’s hackathon kicks off, with six tracks for developers to pursue—including new Ecosystem and Academy tracks." 🔥
Check out the full article 👇 https://twitter.com/decryptmed...

RT:@decryptmedia 的这篇文章提供了有关 S3 新增功能的信息

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RT: Are you ready for Season 3 of #HackaTRON? 👀
"The list of judges includes esteemed industry experts, institutional professionals, and key opinion leaders in the blockchain community..." 😎 #TronStrong💎
Read the full article from @BTCTN for more information! ⬇️ https://twitter.com/BTCTN/stat...

RT:你准备好迎接第 3 季了吗?

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RT: "The decision by blockchain network #TRON to name @wintermute_t as the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem's official market maker is likely to help boost trading volumes in a network that's already growing faster than rivals."🚀
Full article below ⬇️
https://www.coindesk.com/busin... https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/s...


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RT: @trondao, a Title Partner at #TOKEN2049 Singapore, offers high throughput, high scalability, and high availability, boasting over 110 million accounts and 3.8 billion transactions processed.
Learn more: https://tron.network/
Meet them at #TOKEN2049: https://asia.token2049.com/tic... https://t.co/cMNa0XmrOl


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RT: Meet H.E. Justin Sun and TRON 🥂
@justinsuntron is the Founder of @trondao, dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain tech and dApps.
He's a protégé of Chinese tycoon Jack Ma who's also the Permanent Representative of Grenada to the WTO. https://t.co/JRpDwNJwoV

RT:见见 H.E.孙宇晨和波场🥂
@justinsuntron 是 @trondao 的创始人,致力于通过区块链技术和 dApp 加速互联网的去中心化。
他是中国大亨马云的门生,马云也是格林纳达常驻世贸组织代表。 https://t.co/JRpDwNJwoV

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RT: Day 2 #BinanceBlockchainWeek 
Our CEO @EowynChen has just begun the panel with @justinsuntron of #tron  and @JornLambert of #Mastercard - speaking on a seamless #web3 future
#TrustWalletParis 💙 https://t.co/w4E0mKXTCX

RT:第 2 天

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RT: One of our most anticipated panels at #BinanceBlockchainWeek Paris, 'The Seamless Web3 Future'.
Featuring @trondao’s @justinsuntron, CEO of @TrustWallet, Eowyn Chen, and Joen Lamber, Chief Digital Officer at @Mastercard.
This is a panel worth listening to.


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