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🚀 #TRX has been listed in the global stock exchange, which marks an entering of $TRX in the international mainstream financial market.

As the top 3 major public chains in the world, #TRON is gaining global market recognition.

Learn more in a nutshell 👇 https://twitter.com/tronfounda...

🚀#VTRX is the third crypto #ETP sponsored by @vaneck_us, representing #TRON’s robust crypto ecosystem and a new milestone of #TRON’s global push and regulatory compliance.

👀Take a look of "The Significance of $TRX ETN's listing at @DeutscheBoerse @Xetra" in a nutshell👇 https://t.co/qDYb76E38C

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🚀 #TRX已在全球证券交易所上市,这标志着美元TRX进入国际主流金融市场。
简单地了解更多信息👇 https://twitter.com/tronfounda...

🚀#VTRX是@vaneck#u us赞助的第三个加密ETP,代表了#TRON强大的加密生态系统,是#TRON全球推广和法规遵从性的新里程碑。
👀简单地看一下“TRX ETN美元在@DeutscheBoerse@Xetra上市的重要性”👇 https://t.co/qDYb76E38C

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(2/2) 🎯The approval of #VTRX listing by German regulator and @DeutscheBoerse is a breakthrough for #TRON in terms of its effort to keep up with regulatory compliance.

🌈#VTRX is expected to be available in additional Euro markets such as London, Amsterdam and Paris etc.

(2/2) 🎯德国监管机构和@DeutscheBoerse对#VTRX上市的批准是#TRON在努力跟上监管合规性方面的一个突破。

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🔥 $TRX ETN(#VTRX) trading is now available on @DeutscheBoerse @Xetra!🔥

🚀 From now on, people in Europe will be able to hold and trade $TRX ETN legally.

⏰ Trading debut at 9:00 (CEST) on September 21, 2021

👉Users can click here to trade: https://www.boerse-frankfurt.d... https://t.co/8Oczl3HOTt

🔥 $TRX ETN(#VTRX)交易现在可在@DeutscheBoerse@Xetra!🔥
🚀 从现在起,欧洲人将能够合法持有和交易美元TRX ETN。
⏰ 2021年9月21日9:00(CEST)首次交易
👉用户可以单击此处进行交易:https://www.boerse-frankfurt.d... https://t.co/8Oczl3HOTt

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RT: 🗳️A Super Representative election on #BTTC nodes will start soon!
✅Super Representatives can earn #BTT rewards and participate in community governance.
✅Super Representative election will be ended once the upper limit is reached. https://t.co/x4ETu81QSa


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RT: #PancakeSwap Welcomes #APENFT to Syrup Pool!
🥞 Stake $CAKE, earn APENFT token $NFT!
🥞 Stake NFT-BNB, earn CAKE!
🐵🖼Note: APENFT is unrelated to our NFT market!
If the vote passes, the farm+Pool will launch at approx 9am UTC, Sep. 22
Vote for free👉https://bit.ly/39oHFGY https://t.co/qXu435Vb1q

🥞 投注NFT-BNB,赢取蛋糕!
如果投票通过,farm+Pool将于UTC 9月22日上午9点左右启动
免费投票👉https://bit.ly/39oHFGY https://t.co/qXu435Vb1q

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RT: https://twitter.com/justinsunt... https://t.co/KClzpJKSP3

转发:https://twitter.com/justinsunt... https://t.co/KClzpJKSP3

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@gaborgurbacs @Tronfoundation Huge congrats! ❤️👏👍


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RT: 3 years ago we hung out in Hong Kong and discussed what it would take to launch a Tron ETP. After a lot of hard work, today a Tron ETP became a reality. We are relentless entrepreneurs that make things happen. I am excited about this partnership! @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation https://t.co/tNRgmH476W

RT:3年前,我们在香港闲逛,讨论了发射TRON ETP所需要的内容。经过大量的努力,今天Tron ETP成为现实。我们是无情的企业家,让事情发生。我对这次合作感到兴奋@justinsuntron@Tron基金会https://t.co/tNRgmH476W

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RT: The key 10 $TRX influencers of the week are:
1 - @justinsuntron
2 - @Tronfoundation
3 - @BitTorrent
4 - @apenftorg
5 - @CryptoKaleo
6 - @JTS_Global
7 - @davidgokhshtein
8 - @MikeNerdUK
9 - @MEXC_Global
10 - @StakingRewards


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RT: Don't panic. Buy the dip. 😎
#TRX #Bitcoin #Crypto #cryptocurrency
Visit https://poloniex.com/ to buy the dip today. 🚀 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

参观https://poloniex.com/ 今天就去买。🚀 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

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RT: Jesus. $TRX for the win. 😂 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

转发:天哪$TRX的胜利。😂 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

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RT: #TRX @DeutscheBoerse @Xetra
The third crypto ETP following #BTC and #Ethereum
Visit https://poloniex.com/ to trade today 🚀 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

参观https://poloniex.com/ 今日交易🚀 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

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Don't panic. I am buying the dip. I will buy assets from Evergrande.


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@rleshner We will come back 😆


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RT: #Tron #TRX is cementing itself as a serious #Bitcoin and #Ethereum contender. The stats don't lie, #TronNetwork is one of the most used public blockchains in the world. You can hate all you want but the foundation is being laid to make it easier to access and use #Tron. 🚀🌙


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RT: Congratulations to @justinsuntron and the Tron team. Excited to see the network and community to grow and market access to open up! 🙌🚀 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

RT:祝贺@justinsuntron和Tron团队。很高兴看到网络和社区的发展以及市场准入的开放!🙌🚀 https://twitter.com/justinsunt...

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RT: .@justinsuntron’s TRON has made its way onto @DeutscheBoerse, Europe’s largest stock exchange, in the form of an exchange-traded note.
@IanAllison123 reports


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📢 This Report titled “TRON Crypto ETFs”, issued by #TRON Research, reveals the significance of $TRX ETN listing on @DeutscheBoerse, and also includes #TRON's grand vision, cross-chain, industry comparison, etc.

🤗Welcome everyone to learn more
👉 https://coin.top/pdf/TRON_Cryp...

📢 由#TRON Research发布的这份名为“TRON Crypto ETF”的报告揭示了$TRX ETN在@DeutscheBoerse上市的重要性,还包括#TRON的宏伟愿景、跨链、行业比较等。
👉 https://coin.top/pdf/TRON_Cryp...

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📢 $TRX ETN trading will be available on @DeutscheBoerse @Xetra!

💃 It is also the third crypto ETP following #BTC and Ethereum sponsored by @vaneck_us, a leading global asset manager with over $80 billion in AUM.

🚀 Don't miss the trading launch at 9:00 CEST on September 21! https://t.co/5rELUVwrJJ

📢 $TRX ETN交易将在@DeutscheBoerse@Xetra上提供!
💃 它也是继BTC和以太坊之后的第三个加密ETP,由@vaneck#u us赞助,后者是全球领先的资产管理公司,拥有超过800亿美元的资产管理规模。
🚀 不要错过9月21日CEST 9:00的交易启动!https://t.co/5rELUVwrJJ

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(4/4)📅#VTRX is expected to start trading at 9:00 (CEST) on September 21, 2021.

Since its inception, #TRON  network has blossomed into one of the largest blockchain platforms.

🔥Let's usher in the next glorious chapter for #TRON  and the entire crypto industry together.

自成立以来,#TRON network已发展成为最大的区块链平台之一。

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