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It's @AtomicDEX that is our decentralized exchange #DEX.
Komodo Platform is an #opensource community. We build #decentralized tools for freedom and self sovereignty. https://twitter.com/ltlovesdig...

If you aren’t familiar with decentralized crypto exchanges like @KomodoPlatform I would highly suggest learning more. Join the discord ask questions, understanding the risk versus reward model of centralized versus decentralized exchanges is something everyone should explore.

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@AtomicDEX 是我们的去中心化交易所


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What year was this? https://t.co/50VZzUYRij


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RT: ngl I've been loving my custom theme of AtomicDEX @AtomicDEX @KomodoPlatform https://t.co/TLW9ewqaan

转发:ngl我一直很喜欢[email protected]@KomodoPlatform的定制主题https://t.co/TLW9ewqaan

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Great thread @KimDotcom.
How about a Twitter Space with our CTO @0xca333 and CTO @rom1_pellerin of @InputOutputHK? https://twitter.com/kimdotcom/...

🧵 This may be the most important threat that I ever make. Big picture stuff.
I’ll try to help you understand why the future is not what we’re hoping for. A major global collapse is coming. It may be worse than we can imagine.
Our leaders know.
But what are they planning?

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用我们的[email protected]和@InputOutputHK的[email protected]_pellerin在Twitter上分享怎么样?https://twitter.com/kimdotcom/...

🧵 这可能是我做过的最重要的威胁。大背景的东西。

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RT: On a positive note, just finished merging all of atomicDex's updates from 0.5 to 0.5.6 into Crypto Collider's Portal App and I must say there's so much improved, this dex & all its children are going to be hero's once ppl notice, well done keep it up! @AtomicDEX @KomodoPlatform https://twitter.com/KomodoPlat...

RT:从正面来看,atomicDex刚刚完成了从0.5到0.5.6的所有更新,并将其整合到Crypto Collider的门户应用程序中。我必须说,这个dex&;所有的孩子都将成为英雄的一次ppl通知,干得好,坚持下去@[email protected]平台https://twitter.com/KomodoPlat...

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RT: 🚨New podcast with @0xca333, CTO at @KomodoPlatform.

In this conversation, @mattzahab and Kadan discuss:
- Explaining #DeFi to a 5yr old
- DeFi security best practices
- Kadan’s predictions on the crypto industry in 2022
🔊 https://loom.ly/Xccxagc https://t.co/vIyzg6qlHH

🔊 https://loom.ly/Xccxagc https://t.co/vIyzg6qlHH

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RT: @Johnathanknt @AtomicDEX @KomodoPlatform my friend.

转发:@[email protected]@komodotplatform我的朋友。

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Great job @0xca333 @mattzahab! We love to hear it. https://twitter.com/mattzahab/...

New @cryptonews Podcast with Kadan Stadelmann (@0xca333), CTO at @KomodoPlatform
We discuss:
- DeFi security best practices
- Trustless bridges being essential to crypto
- Explaining Atomic Dex’s to a 5yr old
- Kadan's 2022 predictions
Links 👇

发表时间:2周前 作者:Matt Zahab @mattzahab

干得好@[email protected]!我们喜欢听。https://twitter.com/mattzahab/...

与Kadan Stadelmann(@0xca333)合作的新@cryptonews播客,首席技术官@KomodoPlatform

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$COIN is saying “not your keys, not your coins” https://twitter.com/thewinkler...

2) "Moreover, because custodially held crypto assets may be considered to be the property of a bankruptcy estate, in the event of a bankruptcy, the crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf of our customers could be subject to bankruptcy proceedings...

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2) “此外,由于托管的加密资产可能被视为破产财产的财产,在破产的情况下,我们代表客户托管的加密资产可能会面临破产程序。。。

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RT: Top 15 Promising Projects with Market Cap Under $50 million
This time we made a list of the top 15 projects, in our opinion, with a current market cap under $50M, which you can take a look at.


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You can take part in an #AMA about the Komodo #NotaryNode Elections 2022 this week.
📍 Join Discord
Thursday, 12th May, 17:00 UTC https://discord.com/invite/3rz...
👉 Submit your questions to the team or the candidates in the Discord channel #📩┃vote2022
👉 $KMD bounties available!

📍 混战
👉 通过Discord频道向团队或候选人提交问题#📩┃vote2022
👉 $KMD奖金可用!

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RT: If you don't want to kill the value of dollar cost averaging, watch this


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Please report this fake account for impersonating us.
👉 @Komodo_Wallet

👉 @科莫多钱包

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If you want to avoid fractal reserve #Bitcoin download a non custodial wallet like @atomicdex. https://twitter.com/rufaske/st...

So why do exchanges need you to keep your BTC with them?
Ans: Fractional Reserve Banking system. An exchange is a DeFi bank. It sells and lends your Bitcoin for profit.
Let's say you stake your 1 Bitcoin at the exchange for 1 year without touching it.

发表时间:2周前 作者:Rufas Kamau ⚡ @RufasKe



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RT: @ErikVoorhees @ptyx11 @0xca333 @THORChain @AtomicDEX Billions of $ are traded daily on banks. It's working, at scale... 🤔 (you see, that alone is not a good reason) imo there is good reason to have both on chain pool DEXs and cross chain atomic swaps. > stronger ecosystem (diversity & decentralisation). Support each other #wagmi

转发:@[email protected]@[email protected]@AtomicDEX每天在银行上交易数十亿美元。它正在大规模地发挥作用。。。🤔 (你看,这并不是一个很好的理由)在我看来,有很好的理由同时拥有链上池dex和跨链原子交换>;更强大的生态系统(多样性和分散性)。互相支持#瓦格米

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RT: The new #Phygital world, how #NFTs are already becoming part of the metaverse.
The possibilities of proving authenticity in fashion, art, cars and even everyday products that we consume such as food are only starting to emerge.
https://youtu.be/OBu9OHjmrTc https://t.co/vs7UIBlHtN

RT:新的#Phygital world,how#NFT已经成为元宇宙的一部分。
https://youtu.be/OBu9OHjmrTc https://t.co/vs7UIBlHtN

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RT: It's an older meme Sir, but it checks out... #DeFi https://t.co/tANdhxTGSe


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Komodo is an environment built by developers for developers, it offers tools that can be useful with a minimal amount of trust required.
Here's a reminder of JL777's declaration of independence...

https://komodoplatform.com/en/... #DeFi #blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin https://t.co/M4XLWYluHA


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RT: 1/6 A thread on the benefits of non-custodial wallets like @AtomicDEX...
#TLDR: Non-custodial #cryptowallets provide the highest level of security for #crypto #assets across #blockchain by giving users full control of their wallets and funds.


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Monty hall problem.
If you're a programmer, you can easily test this in a simulation. It's better to switch after the reveal. The host will always open a door with nothing after your guess.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... https://twitter.com/hodlonaut/... https://t.co/B2WUmmG3MC

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... https://twitter.com/hodlonaut/... https://t.co/B2WUmmG3MC

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