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Here we are with our weekly round-up summary!
Highlights include 👇
- Governance proposals update
- CosmPy updated to Version 0.5.1
- Native $FET on SimpleHold
... & much more! https://t.co/mZeXIm16QY

- 治理提案更新
- CosmPy 更新至版本 0.5.1
- SimpleHold 上的原生 $FET

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For more info/details on what governance proposal #8 was about, check out the GitHub repo for FIPs (Fetch Improvement Proposals) and look at FIP-002 found here 👇


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Governance proposal #8 has officially passed! ✅
Complex smart contracts will now be deployable on the Fetch-ai Mainnet (such as those needed for @starfleit DEX) as the max gas is raised to 3M and max bytes per block are raised to 300KB.
Thank you to everyone who voted 🗳️ https://t.co/cruaNUyNI5


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@kennyzool There have not been anymore stakedrops since then Kenny! So you haven't missed out.

@kennyzool 从那时起,Kenny 就再也没有进行质押!所以你没有错过。

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RT: We use CosmPy for #Python developments that need interaction with a chain node and provided some patches (more to come).
For all those who need easy GRPC interaction with python, this package is the best. https://twitter.com/Fetch_ai/s...

RT:我们使用 CosmPy

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Thank you to @terraspacesorg for archiving the most recent Spaces session we had with:
➡️ @Atari_Buzzk1ll for @Fetch_ai Network updates
➡️ @devonbleibtrey & @joshraizon for @FetchAI_ App updates
We hope to see future sessions archived for ease of access! https://twitter.com/terraspace...

Here's the @Fetch_ai app updates space with @devonbleibtrey @joshraizon and more recorded August 3rd.
https://terraspaces.org/donate... https://t.co/CkoXv97hLS

发表时间:3天前 作者:TerraSpaces.org 🌑🍄♣️ @terraspacesorg

感谢@terraspacesorg 归档了我们最近的 Spaces 会话:
➡️ @Atari_Buzzk1ll 用于 @Fetch_ai 网络更新

这是@Fetch_ai 应用程序更新空间与@devonbleibtrey @joshraizon 和更多记录在 8 月 3 日。
https://terraspaces.org/ 2022/0...
https://terraspaces.org/donate... https://t.co/CkoXv97hLS

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Twitter auto-deletes recorded sessions 30 days after they conclude, so archiving helps us out a lot!
We very much appreciate the effort that the @terraspacesorg team is putting in with making sessions available in the Cosmos ecosystem 🙌

Twitter 会在会话结束 30 天后自动删除录制的会话,因此存档对我们有很大帮助!
我们非常感谢@terraspacesorg 团队为在 Cosmos 生态系统中提供会话所做的努力🙌

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For those unaware, the Fetch-ai Network released a tool this year called "CosmPy" which allows developers to interact with Cosmos SDK chains using Python!
If this interests you at all or if you have any suggestions, check out the GitHub repo for CosmPy 👇

对于那些不知道的人,Fetch-ai Network 今年发布了一个名为“CosmPy”的工具,它允许开发人员使用 Python 与 Cosmos SDK 链进行交互!
如果您对此感兴趣或有任何建议,请查看 CosmPy 的 GitHub 存储库👇

发表时间:3天前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai详情

CosmPy v0.5.1 hotfix is released! ✅
Amongst other things it fixes the protobuf issues some users have been facing.
📁 Repo: https://github.com/fetchai/cos...
🐍 PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/cosmp...
📄 Documentation: https://docs.fetch.ai/CosmPy/

CosmPy v0.5.1 补丁发布! ✅
除其他外,它还修复了一些用户一直面临的 protobuf 问题。
📁 回购:https://github.com/fetchai/cos...
🐍 PyPI:https://pypi.org/project/cosmp...
📄 文档:https://docs.fetch.ai/CosmPy/

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Thank you to everyone who joined the @TwitterSpaces session today & shout-out to the @FetchAI_ App team for coming on, providing updates, and answering some questions! 🙌
If you missed it live then you can listen back to the recorded session below 👇

感谢今天加入@TwitterSpaces 会议的所有人

发表时间:4天前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai详情

Join us for our @TwitterSpaces session tomorrow, this time discussing the @Fetch_ai Network, and the @FetchAI_ app team's updates + progress!
📅 Wednesday 3rd August, 8PM BST/9PM CEST/3PM EDT🗣️ @Atari_Buzzk1ll, @devonbleibtrey & @joshraizon

明天加入我们的@TwitterSpaces 会议,这次讨论@Fetch_ai 网络和@FetchAI_ 应用程序团队的更新进度!
📅 8 月 3 日星期三,英国标准时间晚上 8 点/欧洲中部标准时间晚上 9 点/美国东部时间下午 3 点🗣️ @Atari_Buzzk1ll,@devonbleibtrey

发表时间:5天前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai详情

Governance proposal #7 has officially passed! ✅
The on-chain voting period for all governance proposals going forward has now been reduced from 14 days to just 5 days.
Thank you to everyone who voted 🗳️ https://t.co/cUkkaOc68F


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RT: Markus Schäfer, Member of Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group, Chief of Technology Officer, Devlopment & Procurement, mentioning Catena-X and @Fetch_ai
$FET Do with it what you will 🤐 https://t.co/jZqwF4KuH4

RT:Markus Schäfer,梅赛德斯-奔驰集团管理委员会成员,技术总监,Devlopment

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@notionaldao @gadikian Amazing. We are quite glad to hear this 👊🙏

@notionaldao @gadikian 太棒了。我们很高兴听到这个👊🙏

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Kudos to the @SimpleHold team taking @Fetch_ai network community feedback into account and adding support for native $FET on the @SimpleHold wallet 🤝
To celebrate this milestone, the @SimpleHold team is organizing a giveaway 🎁
To participate, just follow the link below 👇 https://twitter.com/SimpleHold...

☄️ Cosmos #Giveaway ☄️
Together with our friends @SimpleLearnApp we would like to celebrate the integration of #Cosmos in our wallet with a giveaway 🎁
🤑 Prize - $500
To participate ⤵️
✅ Subscribe on @SimpleHold and @SimpleLearnApp
✅ Like, RT + Tag 2 friends https://t.co/E4OmtZbbf2

发表时间:6天前 作者:SimpleHold @SimpleHold

感谢@SimpleHold 团队将@Fetch_ai 网络社区反馈考虑在内,并在@SimpleHold 钱包上添加了对本机$FET 的支持🤝
为了庆祝这个里程碑,@SimpleHold 团队正在组织一个赠品🎁
要参与,只需点击下面的链接👇 https://twitter.com/SimpleHold...

☄️ 宇宙

发表时间:6天前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai详情

Mintscan, the most popular block explorer in the Cosmos ecosystem, has now added a "Dev Activity" section that makes it possible to view Cosmos chains by GitHub commits.
Our dev team at @Fetch_ai Network continues to keep building 🛠️🔥
https://hub.mintscan.io/chain/... https://t.co/WoQINAb6ke

Mintscan 是 Cosmos 生态系统中最受欢迎的区块浏览器,现在添加了一个“开发活动”部分,可以通过 GitHub 提交查看 Cosmos 链。
我们@Fetch_ai Network 的开发团队继续建设🛠️🔥
https://hub.mintscan.io/chain/... https://t.合作/WoQINAb6ke

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RT: 🗞 @Fetch_ai News Digest! $FET
Discover DabbaFlow, the first of its kind file-sharing platform/protocol to manage data: https://youtu.be/nRs8sUUhS6E
The app: https://dabbaflow-app.opencole...
The aim is to prevent spam attacks from occurring on the network: https://github.com/fetchai/FIP...
#fetchai https://t.co/UMbbmEC9AE

RT:🗞 @Fetch_ai 新闻摘要!场效应管
探索 DabbaFlow,这是首个用于管理数据的文件共享平台/协议:https://youtu.be/nRs8sUUhS6E
目的是防止网络上发生垃圾邮件攻击:https://github.com/fetchai/ FIP...

发表时间:6天前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai详情

RT: The August 2022 update of the #MOBIX mobile app has hit the stores! The trip screen now sports a gauge to help you find the optimal #micromobility speed - go give it a spin - Let's MOBIX! #Move2Earn #savetheplanet
@Fetch_ai @cosmoshub https://mobix.ai/2022/08/01/mo... https://t.co/Pr4tLireG4

RT:2022 年 8 月更新

发表时间:6天前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai详情