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💰Probably the easiest $4500 you'll make in your life...
If you're attending #ETHLisbon, earn the iExec prize by creating an app that uses 2 oracles from the iExec Oracle Factory.
Interested? More details on the bounty here: https://taikai.network/ethlisb...

💰这可能是你一生中最容易赚到的 4500 美元......

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Hey #ETHLisbon - let's meet!
We are happy to sponsor the #Web3 social mixer organized by #AgoraHouse
October 29, 5:30 pm: come get a drink, enjoy the views from the rooftop bar, and meet Web3 builders 🍹
Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a...

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Attending #ETHLisbon? Earn $4500 with iExec.
Simply build a dapp that pulls results from 2 oracles created using the iExec Oracle Factory interface.
First come, first serve.
Interested? Get in touch, and we'll get you started!
$RLC #hackathon #bounty @ETHLisbon #oracles https://t.co/tWkh5646u4


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iExec will be at the @WebSummit in Lisbon next week.
See you there!
#iExec $RLC https://t.co/UL6W3L74t3

iExec 将于下周在里斯本举行的@WebSummit 上。

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Welcoming the first projects as part of #iExec and @H7lyon's #Web3 incubator 💫
$RLC https://twitter.com/H7lyon/sta...

MISSION WEB3 - Découvrez l’équipage 🪐
Félicitations et bienvenue aux lauréats de la première promotion de l’incubateur WEB3 par @iEx_ec et H7 !
HZCare, @ziplo_fr, LAfricamobile, @wearspaces https://t.co/LRb1ZjaEUw

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MISSION WEB3 - Découvrez l'équipage 🪐
Félicitations et bienvenue aux lauréats de la première Promotion de l'incubateur WEB3 par @iEx_ec et H7 !
HZCare,@ziplo_fr,LAfricamobile,@wearspaces https://t.co/LRb1ZjaEUw

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RT: We are delighted to have @iEx_ec as one our Hackathon partners🔥
iExec is a Web3 Marketplace for Computing Assets, where offer meets demand for computing power, datasets, and applications!
#Web3 #hackathon #partnerships https://t.co/UncwF9d3tC

RT:我们很高兴@iEx_ec 成为我们的黑客马拉松合作伙伴🔥
iExec 是一个计算资产的 Web3 市场,提供满足计算能力、数据集和应用程序的需求!

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This is going to be big!
iExec is a main sponsor of the #Web3 @starton_io Hackathon.
🗓 November 21-24
💻To win prizes, participants will be required to use oracles made with the iExec Oracle Factory to power their dapps.

iExec 是

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3 New Dapps deployed on iExec!
Learn about them in this thread from Baptiste ⬇️ https://twitter.com/Baptoshi/s...

Last time, I was presenting 5 Dapps from Bounty Season 2. Today, I'm going to show you 3 new Dapps that have been released on @iEx_ec!
Let me introduce those gems 💎 https://twitter.com/Baptoshi/s...

发表时间:1年前 作者:Baptoshi @Baptoshi

在 iExec 上部署了 3 个新的 Dapps!
在 Baptiste 的这个帖子中了解它们 ⬇️ https://twitter.com/Baptoshi/s...

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RT: Last time, I was presenting 5 Dapps from Bounty Season 2. Today, I'm going to show you 3 new Dapps that have been released on @iEx_ec!
Let me introduce those gems 💎 https://twitter.com/Baptoshi/s...

RT:上次,我展示了来自 Bounty 第 2 季的 5 个 Dapp。今天,我将向您展示已在 @iEx_ec 上发布的 3 个新 Dapp!
让我来介绍一下那些宝石💎 https://twitter.com/Baptoshi/s...

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We are pleased to announce we've joined the France Blockchain Alliance! 🇫🇷
Our mission: deploy a common blockchain infrastructure for French administrations and manufacturers. https://t.co/6X6QISRrqo

我们很高兴地宣布我们已加入法国区块链联盟! 🇫🇷
我们的使命:为法国政府和制造商部署一个通用的区块链基础设施。 https://t.co/6X6QISRrqo

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We'll share more context in an upcoming project update!


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iExec is a technical partner for ONTOCHAIN, offering mentoring and tech/infrastructure support to projects funded by this EU program.
Projects have been selected for the next round, all of which can use the iExec Sidechain, and have full support for the rest of the tech stack. https://twitter.com/ONTOCHAIN/...

🚀The journey begins🚀
Kick-off meeting with ONTOCHAIN #opencall 3 winners:
Our #web3 innovators started last Friday a 10-month programme, working on #Blockchain-related solutions for a trustworthy #internet. Welcomed by some previous calls’ winners🤩
Stay tuned to know more👀 https://t.co/ab8OyaSnRL


iExec 是 ONTOCHAIN 的技术合作伙伴,为该欧盟项目资助的项目提供指导和技术/基础设施支持。
下一轮选定的项目都可以使用 iExec 侧链,并完全支持其余的技术堆栈。 https://twitter.com/ONTOCHAIN/...


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Last chance!
Previously created Oracle Factory oracles?
Are they on the testnet?
> Migrate them to the iExec Sidechain before tomorrow! https://twitter.com/iEx_ec/sta...

🚨ℹ️Important reminder for Oracle creators!
To keep your previously created oracles, you must migrate your oracles to the iExec Sidechain before October 14, when the Testnet will be closing.
Learn how to migrate your oracle, in just a couple of clicks: https://medium.com/iex-ec/iexe...

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以前创建过 Oracle Factory oracles?

为了保留您之前创建的预言机,您必须在 10 月 14 日之前将您的预言机迁移到 iExec 侧链,届时测试网将关闭。
只需单击几下即可了解如何迁移您的 Oracle:https://medium.com/iex-ec/iexe...

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With @JamesFHarsh from the @EntEthAlliance.
iExec was delighted to attend the EEA Member Breakfast at #Devcon. It was great connecting with contacts old & new, catching up with the latest developments in the consortium that iExec has contributed to since 2018.
@web_trees $RLC https://t.co/L9vIC6R88b

来自@EntEthAlliance 的@JamesFHarsh。
iExec 很高兴参加 EEA 成员早餐会

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At #Devcon, Head of Adoption Nelly, spoke on how #iExec approaches UX, Digital Identity & Privacy.
She made reference to iExec's upcoming solution for Personal Data (using NFT & Confidential Computing tech)
Oh btw, any guesses on what that solution will be called?👀
@web_trees https://t.co/A2py3CRQQW

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RT: Floating into #Devcon Bogotá 🕴 https://t.co/BsTFPjB9jS


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Shout out to our awesome community members @Sumit_10698 and @iExecAmb for the competition idea, celebrating the 100000 view milestone on the iExec animated intro video.
🌩⏯Watch the full video here: https://t.co/GeTWxAFuwy
Any ideas for similar content you'd like to see?

向我们出色的社区成员 @Sumit_10698 和 @iExecAmb 大喊比赛创意,庆祝 iExec 动画介绍视频上的 100000 次观看里程碑。

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