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@TheDivineStein @jezzejayz @zooko @STEVEN_HALL_bTC @mikealfred @beamprivacy @zcash @monero The crux of exchange support is simple; it has much less to do with Zcashs privacy vs the exchanges willingness/ability to support a different address scheme (T adds are near to btc so are trivial to add) within thier multi-sig/storage/sending infrastructure.

@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@monero exchange支持的关键很简单;这与ZCASH的隐私和交易所在其多sig/存储/发送基础设施中支持不同地址方案的意愿/能力(T add接近btc,因此添加起来微不足道)的关系要小得多。

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@DocumentingZEC 🛡️https://twitter.com/YipmanChai...

1/ Zcash’s is the Swiss Numbered Bank Account of the #Blockchain 🛡
It’s the most interesting #Bitcoin alternative. Bitcoin is amazing, but “if it’s not private, it’s not safe.” There are only 21 million untraceable $ZEC coins in a shielded black hole for all the world to use https://t.co/L8sfVpI8nm

发表时间:2个月前 作者:Yipman O’Chain 🌋⚡️🛡🌓 @YipmanChain



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#Zcash https://t.co/GeIKer3qVr


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Another great Zcash ecosystem project funded by @ZcashOMG


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Woot! 🎉 Zcash @BtcpayServer integration is complete!
Anyone can now accept Private Shielded #Zcash 🛡️ payments on thier website with no middle man and no fees!
https://youtu.be/zRWK0uqtCUA https://t.co/2oBdTOUU2H

呜!🎉 [email protected]集成完成!
现在,任何人都可以接受私人屏蔽卡🛡️ 在他们的网站上付款,没有中间人,也没有费用!
https://youtu.be/zRWK0uqtCUA https://t.co/2oBdTOUU2H

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RT: 🛡️ @ElectricCoinCo #Zcash is now available in Edge on iOS!
🚀 In November we launched fully shielded Zcash for Android, allowing users to send, receive, and swap $ZEC. Today we're proud to announce that you can now do the same on iOS!
🌐 Learn more: https://bit.ly/3AhYhwY https://t.co/uyLH9ep2Et

转发:🛡️ @ElectricCoinCo#Zcash现已在iOS上的Edge中提供!
🚀 11月,我们为Android推出了完全屏蔽的Zcash,允许用户发送、接收和交换$ZEC。今天,我们自豪地宣布,你现在可以在iOS上做同样的事情了!
🌐 了解更多信息:https://bit.ly/3AhYhwY https://t.co/uyLH9ep2Et

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Why having talented friends matters... Da' homie tailored my denim jacket with studs and a graphic so that I can flex that #Zcash logo in these #NYC streets https://t.co/BgdNtuFnOG

发表时间:1周前 作者:James Burrell II 🛡️ⓩ🔑 🇺🇲 §jamesburrell2 @jamesburrell2

👀 +5703;🧥 🔥 https://twitter.com/jamesburre...


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@webbieguy @Voluntarism0 @Trezor @zooko That's some straight BS right there 👆

@[email protected]@[email protected]这是一些直截了当的废话👆

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RT: Privacy is a fundamental human right. Insinuating that the only people who could possibly want privacy are perverts who want to rape your children is some authoritarian bullshit and @Riana_Crypto is having none of it. https://www.techdirt.com/artic... https://t.co/7Q0pIPQQst

RT:隐私权是一项基本人权。暗示唯一可能想要隐私的人是想强奸你孩子的变态,这是一些专制主义的胡说八道,@Riana_Crypto根本没有这些。https://www.techdirt.com/artic... https://t.co/7Q0pIPQQst

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RT: PROLOGUE PART III: A golden age of freedom and self-expression awaits the most fearless Cypherpunks. https://twitter.com/ElectricCo... https://t.co/dhG9D3uQ1E

RT:序言第三部分:自由和自我表达的黄金时代等待着最无畏的密码朋克。https://twitter.com/ElectricCo... https://t.co/dhG9D3uQ1E

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RT: PROLOGUE PART II: The Cypherpunk Movement is alive and well, if you know where to look.
The Internet has become a perilous place, but we can regain our freedom with tools like @zcash. https://twitter.com/ElectricCo... https://t.co/573F30fv6A

互联网已经成为一个危险的地方,但我们可以通过@zcash等工具重新获得自由。https://twitter.com/ElectricCo... https://t.co/573F30fv6A

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RT: I shouldn't have to specify why I sent money to a friend. This is one more reason why we need privacy coins with shielded transactions like #ZEC #zcash https://t.co/EpoRcmZQwD


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RT: DOGE has been launched on THORChain.
The most important aspect to this launch was establishing a playbook to launch upcoming chains.
Queued for launch on stagenet soon:


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👀 #Zcash on @THORChain integration by @NighthawkWallet team is coming along nicely 💪 https://t.co/vbRk0rSBkX

👀 #由@NighthawkWallet团队进行的@THORChain集成的Zcash进展顺利💪 https://t.co/vbRk0rSBkX

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RT: Law and order mobster using Zcash to make a deal $ZEC
😭😭🤣🤣 https://t.co/ucQrJz1fmY

😭😭🤣🤣 https://t.co/ucQrJz1fmY

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Coming soon: Shielded #Zcash on @BtcpayServer !
An easy solution for online businesses to accept private Zcash with no fees! 🛡️
https://forum.zcashcommunity.c... https://t.co/GyOPdL3Gwi

https://forum.zcashcommunity.c... https://t.co/GyOPdL3Gwi

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Zcash’s Halo Arc - The New Blockchain Gold Standard & $ZEC Potential by @kyledcollins
#Zcash ❤️🛡️

Zcash的Halo Arc-新区块链金本位$由@kyledcollins提供的ZEC电位

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RT: @BarrySilbert #Zcash $ZEC https://t.co/nkyzCNILNJ


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RT: Daddy took this photo of me earlier today. I was deep in thought, contemplating the future of financial #privacy, after overhearing him discussing something called #Zcash. I have since gone long on $ZEC 🛡 https://t.co/dHFUADJhtc

RT:爸爸今天早些时候给我拍了这张照片。在无意中听到他讨论了一个叫做“Zcash”的话题后,我陷入了沉思,思考着金融隐私的未来。从那以后,我一直在用$ZEC🛡 https://t.co/dHFUADJhtc

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