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#blockchain + #AI + #IoT? IBM Fellow @JerryCuomo explains how trust is core to accelerating adoption and embrace of emerging tech at scale https://twitter.com/JerryCuomo...

Read how #blockchain stands to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies including AI and IoT by bringing in the missing element of trust, that is required for business to fully embrace these technologies at scale. @IBMBlockhchain @IBMWatson https://www.ibm.com/blogs/bloc...

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Japan’s #HR industry is undergoing a big transformation. Can #blockchain help face these challenges? @PERSOLgroup worked with IBM Garage to find a better way forward. Read their story: https://ibm.co/2C5sNQN


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RT: Why are Digital Transformation projects still failing to live up to the hype? Which use cases for #blockchain create a sustainable #supplychain.
FIN TV 👉 https://lnkd.in/dDfG4WD
Spotify 👉 https://spoti.fi/30mmbGX
https://ibm.biz/MunichCenter #MunichCenter https://t.co/mcUT7EkQtQ

FIN电视👉 https://lnkd.in/dDfG4WD
Spotify公司👉 https://spoti.fi/30mbgx

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RT: Another @IBMBlockchain response to #COVID ... https://ibm.co/33uMTzn


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Learn how #blockchain is being used to help companies deliver technology for social good across industries. Join @CognitionFoundr and IBM for the @CoinDesk #techforgood webinar today! https://ibm.co/2Xuj1zh https://t.co/lHS68ik5wr


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News: Commercial Port Of Vladivostok (vmtp) in Russia joins #TradeLens platform to digitalize shipping operations and optimize interactions with regulatory authorities and sea carriers using #blockchain technology. https://ibm.co/3a2b2OQ


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RT: Driving cost savings and efficiencies across #supply-chains with #TradeLens electronic bill of lading (eBL): https://www.youtube.com/watch?.... https://bit.ly/31iXsCX


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RT: The Hyperledger India Chapter ran an event with several women leaders discussing how they overcame barriers in the blockchain industry and sharing tips on how to get started with a successful career in blockchain. Check out the recording if you missed it.


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Billions of intelligent, connected devices span today’s business operations and supply chains. #Blockchain can bring real trust to #IoT data and #AI models without fear of compromise. Read new blog post by @JerryCuomo: https://ibm.co/3kh73CD https://t.co/U26udaNlz2


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RT: The J.M. Smucker Company is using IBM Blockchain and the Thank My Farmer app to trace its 1850 coffee brand, while letting consumers help farmers in need! Really cool -https://bit.ly/3er6u5e @Cointelegraph @IBMBlockchain @FarmerConnect @smuckers

转发:J.M.Smucker公司正在使用IBM区块链和Thank My Farmer应用程序追踪其1850咖啡品牌,同时让消费者帮助有需要的农民!真的很酷-https://bit.ly/3er6u5e@Cointelegraph@IBMBlockchain@FarmerConnect@smuckers

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RT: At the end of #PlasticFreeJuly let's remember to always #ReduceReuseRecycle 🚯♻️ Here are a few ideas from IBM:
3. #Blockchain is paving the way to reducing ocean pollution ➡️ https://ibm.co/2PegnJg #IBMCCtr @IBMBlockchain

RT:在7月底,让我们记住,永远减少用户周期🚯♻️ 以下是IBM的一些想法:
三。#区块链正在为减少海洋污染铺平道路➡️ https://ibm.co/2PegnJg#ibmctr@IBMBlockchain

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RT: At the end of #PlasticFreeJuly let's remember to always #ReduceReuseRecycle 🚯♻️ Here are a few ideas from IBM:
2. #Blockchain for social good brings accountability in waste management ➡️ https://ibm.co/313PugO #IBMCCtr @IBMBlockchain

RT:在7月底,让我们记住,永远减少用户周期🚯♻️ 以下是IBM的一些想法:
2#社会公益区块链带来了废物管理的责任➡️ https://ibm.co/313PugO#ibmctr@IBMBlockchain

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Join IBM Fellow @JerryCuomo, @chainyard GM Gary Storr and IBMer @call_me_lukas for the #blockchain state of the union today to learn how tech is being leveraged to combat the #COVID19 crisis and help return to work safely https://ibm.co/2PbyPlT https://t.co/PgJNDJbab5

加入IBM的同事@JerryCuomo,@chainyard GM Gary Storr和IBM@callŠu meŠukas,参加今天的美国区块链州大会,了解如何利用技术对抗COVID19危机,帮助安全返回工作岗位https://ibm.co/2PbyPlThttps://t.co/PgJNDJbab5

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RT: This week's IBM Blockchain Pulse Webcast with Lukas Staniszewski will include a #Blockchain State of the Union from Jerry Cuomo and insights from @chainyard Gary Storr on client pivots due to #COVID__19.
July 31st, 9AM PDT. Register here ->
https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2... https://t.co/EwUGwLXH47

RT:本周IBM Blockchain Pulse与Lukas Staniszewski的网络广播将包括Jerry Cuomo的《区块链国家联盟》以及@chainyard Gary Storr关于“COVID_u19”的客户支点的见解。

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IBMer Alex Kaplan explains how #blockchain can transform everyday life by providing trust in our skills-driven economy between job seekers, employers, education/training programs and students https://ibm.co/30bVkxy #ptech #newcollarjobs https://t.co/AbSMXJBuIF

IBMer Alex Kaplan解释了区块链如何通过在求职者、雇主、教育/培训项目和学生之间提供对我们技能驱动型经济的信任来改变日常生活https://ibm.co/30bVkxy#ptech公司https://t.co/AbSMXJBuIF

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RT: #Technology is in the news a lot, but it's important for us not to miss the importance of establishing #crypto and #blockchain policies ASAP to spur further innovation and #tech leadership
@IBMBlockchain @WallStreetBTC @WyoBlockchain @NYUBlockchain @crypto @GildedFinance https://twitter.com/ForbesCryp...


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RT: ICYMI Hyperledger Fabric v1.4.8 is now available. v1.4.8 includes only a couple minor fixes & dependency updates. More details available in the release notes: https://github.com/hyperledger... https://t.co/ZD1ELNPj7v

转发:ICYMI Hyperledger Fabric v1.4.8现已推出。v1.4.8只包含一些小的修复和依赖关系更新。发行说明中提供了更多详细信息:https://github.com/hyperledger。。。https://t.co/ZD1ELNPj7v

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RT: Episode 14 will answer an FAQ: Can I move a Hyperledger Fabric network to the @IBMBlockchain Platform? *Spoiler alert* YES! Join me, @MeetMarkP, @bmos299 & guest, Ricardo Olivieri, an expert on these migrations, Thursday at 11am ET. Register: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2...

RT:第14集将回答一个常见问题:我可以将一个超级账本结构网络移动到@IBMBlockchain平台吗?*扰流板警报*是的!加入我,@MeetMarkP,@bmos299&guest,Ricardo Olivieri,这些迁移的专家,星期四上午11点。注册:https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2。。。

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4 key disruptions are driving the energy industry to net-zero carbon, and the pandemic is accelerating this transition:
🌍 Decarbonization
🌏 Decentralization
🌎 Democratization
🌐 Digitalization
#blockchain can play an important role: https://ibm.co/3gf0Gh6 https://t.co/s7ivo299Fg

🌍 脱碳
🌏 权力下放
🌎 民主化
🌐 数字化

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Is there a compelling reason to use #blockchain in the #supplychain? @procurious_ separates fact from fiction. https://ibm.co/30246hs


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