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@gmpolitti Thank you for answering the call! Which project are you most interested in solving?


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RT: ⚡️Join us as we celebrate our 110th birthday. 🎉
Take a minute to explore some iconic IBM moments that have made a lasting impact on our industry and the world.
What’s your favorite IBM milestone? https://t.co/jO6cDO2zUe


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RT: .@IBM open sourced a lot of additional @Hyperledger Fabric code:
- tokens
- IBM Blockchain Platform Console
“We haven’t backed away from blockchain," said IBMs Kareem Yusuf
Who said it's moving into the phase of broad scale adoption.

“我们还没有退出区块链,”IBMs Kareem Yusuf说

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@pepegoya23k Thank you for answering the call! Which project are you most interested in solving?


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📣Unveiling a new @Hyperledger Fabric support offering, helps demonstrate @IBM's commitment to Blockchain.
For more information, read here and attend our webinar on June 30 👉 https://ibm.co/35hIjUI https://t.co/tClqMpiSg5

📣推出新的@Hyperledger Fabric支持产品,有助于展示@IBM对区块链的承诺。
有关更多信息,请阅读此处并参加6月30日的网络研讨会👉 https://ibm.co/35hIjUI https://t.co/tClqMpiSg5

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@MjMjungu That's great! Which project are you most interested in solving?


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@Elmagnifgo Hi Ali! Thank you for supporting the challenge.


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@Muhamma53153688 Thank you for answering the call! Which project are you most interested in solving?


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@Hyperledger With pleasure! Such great topics this year! 🔥


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RT: Computing giant @IBM said it has contributed significant code to the enterprise blockchain network @Hyperledger, “one of the largest in its history.”
By @Tanzeel_Akhtar


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@hasnainajmal_ What are you most looking forward to learning?


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@RotichKL Thank you for answering the call! Which project are you most interested in solving?


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Flexible is the new scalable. Join @kareemyusuf PhD for the #HyperledgerForum Keynote reveal of what (and who) is driving important innovations for real enterprise #blockchain solutions, with @Hyperledger Fabric as the #opensource foundation! ➡️ https://sched.co/jXdp https://t.co/2uEsgsRIxc

灵活是新的可扩展的。加入@ KaReMyuSuf PHD,为YyHyLeDeGeLead的主旨揭示了什么(谁和谁)为真正的企业β链解决方案带来了重要的创新,用@ HyffeDiger-Faby作为γ开源软件的基础!➡️ https://sched.co/jXdp https://t.co/2uEsgsRIxc

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Spanish seafood firm Nueva Pescanova uses IBM Food Trust for #blockchain food traceability.
#WorldOceanDay #GoodTechIBM https://twitter.com/IBMEurope/...

For #WorldOceanDay, we asked: can #sustainable #aquaculture help recover the ocean? 🌊
Thanks to @MhairiMcCann_, Prof. Jon Grant, @MannaFishFarms, @Stesonst, & @LuqNiazi for sharing your perspectives.
See what they had to say: https://ibm.co/2TUnMDr https://t.co/dmPPVxjfrN

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西班牙海鲜公司Nueva Pescanova使用IBM Food Trust进行“区块链食品追溯”。

感谢@MhairiMcCann,Jon Grant教授,@MannaFishFarms,@Stesonst,&@感谢你分享你的观点。
看看他们怎么说:https://ibm.co/2TUnMDr https://t.co/dmPPVxjfrN

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RT: Offshore traceability. Spanish seafood giant Pescanova Group teams up with IBM to track fishing and fish farming using its blockchain technology platform. https://buff.ly/3uVXvkQ


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RT: IBM, @AteaNorge and Sjømatbedriftene are proud to announce that NovaSea and @BioMar_Norge have joined the Norwegian Seafood Trust for increased transparency, traceability and sustainability powered by IBM #blockchain.
https://ibm.co/3cbUoP8 https://t.co/5RmbnSxVhx

转发:IBM,@AteaNorge和Sjømatbedriftene自豪地宣布,NovaSea和@BioMarŠu Norge已加入挪威海产品信托基金会,以提高透明度、可追溯性和可持续性,并由IBMŠ区块链提供支持。
https://ibm.co/3cbUoP8 https://t.co/5RmbnSxVhx

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@NeemaDevBobeena Hi Neema! Thank you for answering the call. #CallforCode


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Is the treasury ready for digital assets? Despite its volatility, companies are investing heavily in #bitcoin.
Read @RyanRRugg's take on digital asset adoption in our latest #Blockchain Pulse Newsletter 👉 https://ibm.co/3c8YOGs
#token #NFT https://t.co/9mRetYFRTQ

阅读@RyanRRugg在我们最新的#区块链脉冲通讯中对数字资产采用的看法👉 https://ibm.co/3c8YOGs

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RT: Case Study of the Day: UNIONSOA works with IBM Cloud and blockchain to digitize public work certification to create transparency and trust among stakeholders: https://ibm.co/3oNK05a @unionsoa @IBMBlockchain @IBMcloud @IBMindustries @IBMEurope @IBMItalia

RT:当前案例研究:UNIONSOA与IBM云和区块链合作,将公共工作认证数字化,以在利益相关者之间创建透明度和信任:https://ibm.co/3oNK05a @unionsoa@IBMBlockchain@IBMcloud@IBMindustries@IBMEurope@IBMItalia公司

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When your top 5 business risks are environment related, #sustainability leadership matters.
Listen to IBM's POV from Chief Sustainability Officer Wayne Balta and #AI Apps & #Blockchain GM @kareemyusuf PhD 👉 https://ibm.co/3iaZwXA
#EUGreenWeek #Think2021 https://t.co/YAMcw3AsQR

听听IBM首席可持续发展官Wayne Balta和AI Apps&;的观点#区块链GM@kareemyusuf博士👉 https://ibm.co/3iaZwXA

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