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RT: Last week, our team visited @Helium grantees in Indonesia 🇮🇩 who are building innovative floating hydrogen production sites with Helium's #LoRaWAN network, empowering communities to produce their own energy locally. Take a look at this exciting project teaser from @cesarharada! https://t.co/597kocHRqJ

RT:上周,我们的团队访问了印度尼西亚的@Helium 受赠者🇮🇩,他们正在使用 Helium 建立创新的浮动氢气生产基地

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RT: The @Helium community has passed HIP 73, approving a new chain variable to improve the performance of the current Helium L1 and enable faster removal of low-performing Validators from the Consensus Group.
HIP 73 passed with a final result of 82% for. https://t.co/7YTthhgwBB

RT:@Helium 社区已经通过了 HIP 73,批准了一个新的链变量来提高当前 Helium L1 的性能,并能够更快地从共识组中移除低性能的验证器。
HIP 73 以 82% 的最终结果通过。 https://t.co/7YTthhgwBB

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Gm ☀️ Who got their #Helium 5G radio installed over the weekend? https://twitter.com/jagindustr...

A nice sunny day and a nice rooftop install done down the jersey shore!!! 😁👏🏼@jagindustrials @helium @CalChipConnect @baicelltechnologies #helium #DeWi #5G #JAG #30daysofJAGinstalls https://t.co/c7iU22Nwnw

发表时间:1年前 作者:JAG Industrials @jagindustrials

Gm ☀️ 谁得到了他们的

一个阳光明媚的日子和一个漂亮的屋顶安装在泽西海岸完成!!! 😁👏🏼@jagindustrials @helium @CalChipConnect @baicelltechnologies

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RT: This sunflower maze is no match for @HeliumMapping. 🌻🍂🎃 https://t.co/kHzulQgtzo

RT:这个向日葵迷宫不适合@HeliumMapping。 🌻🍂🎃 https://t.co/kHzulQgtzo

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Happy Sunday! 🙌📡

快乐星期天! 🙌📡

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RT: Kicking off the @freshbrewedtech @cityofescondido #AgTech hackathon with @NealBloom. Excited to bring more smart farming solutions to the @helium network. https://t.co/wB5iiBKy8x

RT:启动@freshbrewedtech @cityofescondido

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📡 Any week-end plans?

📡 有周末计划吗?

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The #Helium Network is making standard products SMART 💪 https://twitter.com/heliotics/...

This collaboration is perfect example how @helium network could be utilized.
Making standard products SMART
1, helium is everywhere (almost)
2, b2b products such as diesel tanks are empowered with IoT even i have only one product.
Simple. Effective. Smart. https://t.co/Ry0hsn8dYJ

发表时间:1年前 作者:Heliotics 🎈 IoT Solutions for Everyone @heliotics

这种合作是如何利用@helium 网络的完美示例。
使标准产品 SMART
简单的。有效的。聪明的。 https://t.co/Ry0hsn8dYJ

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Goood morning! 🤝
Woke up over the clouds.. 🌥️ https://t.co/fxye8cmhfJ

早上好! 🤝
在云层中醒来.. 🌥️ https://t.co/fxye8cmhfJ

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🤝 Hivemapper x Helium https://twitter.com/parleylabs...

Here at Fleet Day listening to @jhiller from @HeliumFndn talk about how @Hivemapper uses and benefits from the #helium #LoRaWAN network as an additional layer of location verification for their map data. “Trust but verify” is the theme here. https://t.co/bQFX3yp1fh

发表时间:1年前 作者:Parley Labs 🎈 @ParleyLabs

🤝 Hivemapper x Helium https://twitter.com/parleylabs...

在舰队日听来自@HeliumFndn 的@jhiller 谈论@Hivemapper 如何使用和受益于

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The #Helium 5G Network keeps growing.. 🌱 https://twitter.com/muststashc...

Finally set up as of last week🎈 Got it pointed to some gas stations and shopping center a couple of blocks up the road @helium $hnt @CryptoCompound_ https://t.co/AfyhqhW7py

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终于在上周设置好了🎈 知道了,它指向一些加油站和购物中心,在路上几个街区@helium $hnt @CryptoCompound_ https://t.co/AfyhqhW7py

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RT: You might have seen that Class C #LoRaWAN device support is coming #soon to the @Helium network. What are those?
Class C devices are always listening and ready to immediately respond to users. This includes devices like water valves, light switches, and controls.💡

RT:你可能见过 C 类

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SenseCAP 8-in-1 LoRaWAN Weather Sensor (S2120) has exceed our expectations. This rugged device was setup on location in a remote agriculture field 4 kms (2.4 miles) from the closest @helium hotspot. https://t.co/IfxoQ1BKdG

发表时间:1年前 作者:Fraser House @SpazCraft

SenseCAP 8 合 1 LoRaWAN 天气传感器 (S2120) 超出了我们的预期。这款坚固耐用的设备安装在距离最近的@helium 热点 4 公里(2.4 英里)的偏远农田中。 https://t.co/IfxoQ1BKdG

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This is.. HUGE! 😱 https://twitter.com/heliumfndn...

Development is progressing rapidly on the HIP70 architecture.
Today, the Helium Network transferred its first LoRaWAN Class C packet through the network server being tested by @ParleyLabs! https://t.co/r8yQXx5EpD

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这是..巨大的! 😱 https://twitter.com/heliumfndn...

HIP70 架构的开发进展迅速。
今天,Helium 网络通过@ParleyLabs 正在测试的网络服务器传输了它的第一个 LoRaWAN Class C 数据包! https://t.co/r8yQXx5EpD

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What’s Helium 5G 🤔? Glad you asked.
Back by popular demand, the OFFICIAL @Helium 5G video is finally here!
Check out the full video🍿: https://youtu.be/cDhTOiJ1Qtk https://t.co/0mPmdooVhH

什么是氦 5G 🤔?很高兴你问。
应大众需求,官方@Helium 5G 视频终于来了!
查看完整视频🍿:https://youtu.be/cDhTOiJ1Qtk https://t.co/0mPmdooVhH

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😍 Beautiful billards hall and cafe #Helium 5G setup! It just hits different.. ☕️ https://t.co/msJTknkKi6

😍 美丽的台球厅和咖啡厅

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Spent time with @themimiq founders and played with a really cool tracking device that runs on @helium #ThePeoplesNetwork - can’t wait to get mine. Miles of range in 74k+ cities - check it out! https://mimiq.io/mtrack/ https://t.co/cK0mTICl8y

发表时间:1年前 作者:frank.hnt (🎈, 🎈) @fmong

与@themimiq 创始人共度时光,并使用运行在@helium 上的非常酷的跟踪设备

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RT: Hi @solana friends, this is @helium calling. Can you hear me now?📡 https://t.co/8Faj476iFK

RT:嗨@solana 朋友们,这是@helium 来电。你现在能听到我的声音吗?📡 https://t.co/8Faj476iFK

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Checking @helium network coverage here at Mangrove nursery area using @RAKwireless Field Mapper 👍
This kind of superwide #lorawan #lpwan coverage is not possible here few years ago.
A very useful device indeed 💯✅️ https://t.co/l3EWwPgzaM

发表时间:1年前 作者:Carl Rowan @carlrowan

使用@RAKwireless Field Mapper 在 Mangrove 苗圃区检查 @helium 网络覆盖情况👍

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