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RT: Epic Day 1 #PolkadotDecoded Buenos Aires Edition by @PolkaHaus
Join us tomorrow for an amazing day 2 https://t.co/8TBCqu2inN

转发:Epic Day 1#PolkadotDecoded Buenos Aires版本@PolkaHaus

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RT: That’s a wrap on #PolkadotDecoded2022. We hope everyone had a blast, whether you joined live or virtually, thank you for participating!
We also want to extend our thanks to our Polkadot Ambassadors and our Polka-Oscars winners https://t.co/rkpNqTryxx


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Today, on July 1st at 3:15pm CEST, join @ComposableFin's @unchained_event to hear from @Polkadot founder @rphmeier in the panel discussion on cross-chain vs. multi-chain future.
To register and to learn more: https://twitter.com/unchained_...

🗣 Our next speaker needs no introduction but let’s do the honors! ✨
⛓ Delighted to announce that Robert Habermeier (@rphmeier), the Co-founder of @Polkadot will join us as a panelist at Unchained.
1 July | Berlin | Limited Spaces
Tickets 🎟: https://bit.ly/3sVUd2E https://t.co/RXGv6cFyNi

发表时间:1周前 作者:U N C H A I N E D ⛓ @unchained_event


🗣 我们的下一位演讲者不需要介绍,但让我们做荣誉!✨
⛓ 很高兴宣布,@Polkadt的联合创始人Robert Habermier(@rphmeier)将加入Unchained的小组讨论。
售票处🎟: https://bit.ly/3sVUd2E https://t.co/RXGv6cFyNi

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RT: Didn’t make it to #PolkadotDecoded 2022 live? All the sessions will be up on our YouTube soon!
Meanwhile, watch the keynotes from @Polkadot founder @gavofyork to learn the latest on Polkadot governance, XCM v3, and more: https://www.youtube.com/playli...

同时,请观看@Polkadot [email protected]的主题演讲,了解Polkadot治理、XCM v3等方面的最新信息:https://www.youtube.com/playli...

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Mission Accomplished!
Thank you to all speakers and attendees who attended @PolkadotDecoded 2022 events all over the world. https://t.co/NCGbDH3i65

感谢所有出席世界各地举办的@PolkadotDecoded 2022活动的演讲者和与会者。https://t.co/NCGbDH3i65

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RT: That’s a wrap on #PolkadotDecoded! Catch the highlights from some more of the talks, and learn all about what’s happening in the @Polkadot ecosystem.


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Right now at @PolkadotDecoded, NYC stage🇺🇸
Tune in to the last talk of the conference: hear Polkadot founder @gavofyork with a keynote on XCM v3 and what's next for the Polkadot and @kusamanetwork ecosystem.
Watch the talk online: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode...

请收听大会的最后一场演讲:听取Polkadot创始人@GavofyWork关于XCM v3的主旨演讲,以及Polkadot和@KusamanNetwork生态系统的下一步内容。

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RT: In 1 hour now, tune in to #PolkadotDecoded 2022 to hear from @Polkadot founder @gavofyork with a keynote on XCM v3 and what's next for the ecosystem.
To tune in: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/UPkuRWYziF

RT:1小时后,请收看《2022年#PolkadotDecode》,听取@Polkadot创始人@gavofyork关于XCM v3的主题演讲,以及生态系统的下一步。
要收听:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/UPkuRWYziF

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The first ever #PolkaOscars ceremony rewards the achievements of ambassadors and community members who go above and beyond to build growth and engagement in the #Polkadot and @kusamanetwork ecosystems.
Catch it at @polkadotdecoded NYC 🇺🇸: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/75IwyfqWRH

在polkadotdecoded NYC捕捉🇺🇸: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/75IwyfqWRH

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RT: 🗽 It's day 2 of #PolkadotDecoded NYC✨
We are looking forward to today's lineup of talks, demos, and workshops as well as a keynote from @gavofyork!
Join us in person or online for the biggest @Polkadot event of the year 👇
https://dot.li/PolkadotDecoded... https://t.co/DH9qq5hXe5

转发:🗽 今天是#PolkadotDecoded NYC的第二天✨
https://dot.li/PolkadotDecoded... https://t.co/DH9qq5hXe5

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Still to come @polkadotdecoded NYC 🇺🇸this afternoon: a keynote from @gavofyork, PolkaOscars (awards) and talks and demos from @ChainSafeth, @CESS_Storage and many more.
Don't miss it! Tune in here: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/xG5v3mEDS9

在polkadotdecoded NYC,仍将继续🇺🇸今天下午:@gavofyork、PolkaOscars(奖项)的主题演讲,以及@ChainSafeth、@CESS\u Storage等的演讲和演示。
别错过了!在此处收听:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/xG5v3mEDS9

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Live now at @polkadotDecoded NYC 🇺🇸.
Katie Butler of @MoonbeamNetwork is joined by Charu Sethi of @Unique_NFTchain, @RmrkApp’s Mark Ryan & @miamisama of Moonbeans to discuss the journey of building NFT DApps in an Interoperable Environment
Catch it live: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/EGP3LouWjY

立即在polkadotDecoded NYC现场直播🇺🇸.
@MoonbeamNetwork的凯蒂·巴特勒(Katie Butler)和@Unique\u NFTchain的查鲁·塞蒂(Charu Sethi)、RmrkApp的马克·瑞安(Mark [email protected]的miamisama将讨论在互操作环境中构建NFT DAPP的过程
现场直播:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/EGP3LouWjY

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Up next at @PolkadotDecoded NYC 🇺🇸:
@sergey_nog of @axelarcore presents a walk through the Axelar tech stack and a brief example application
Catch it here: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode...

下一站是@PolkadotDecoded NYC🇺🇸:

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RT: That's a wrap for the Berlin🇩🇪 stage of #PolkadotDecoded!
Tune in to the stages in Buenos Aires🇦🇷 & New York🇺🇸 to hear from Polkadot founder @gavofyork, @ParityTech's core developers, and the ecosystem teams!
Tune in: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/ySTq39gHnC

RT:这是柏林奥运会的总结🇩🇪 #PolkadotDecoded的阶段!
收听布宜诺斯艾利斯的舞台🇦🇷 &;纽约🇺🇸 听取Polkadot创始人@gavofyork、@ParityTech的核心开发人员和生态系统团队的意见!
收听:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/ySTq39gHnC

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Don’t miss @GavofYork #LIVE on stage this afternoon at @PolkadotDecoded in NYC 🇺🇸
Check out the agenda here: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/dq8o5IVMoa

查看此处的议程:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/dq8o5IVMoa

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RT: Live from @PolkadotDecoded 2022: @MantaNetwork`s @brandonhgomes dives into how o build a #privacy layer for #web3 using #substrate.
Catch the talk online: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode...

RT:从@PolkadotDecoded 2022开始直播:@MantaNetwork的@brandonhgomes深入探讨了如何使用#基底为#web3构建#隐私层。

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RT: Up next at #PolkadotDecoded, NYC 🇺🇸stage
In this talk @MantaNetwork`s @brandonhgomes will expand on how to build a #privacy layer for #web3 using #substrate. Check it out: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://twitter.com/substrate_...

在本次演讲中,@MantaNetwork的@brandonhgomes将详细介绍如何使用#基底为#web3构建一个#隐私层。过来看:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://twitter.com/substrate_...

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Live from @PolkadotDecoded 2022: @InterlayHQ`s @alexeizamyatin seeks to radically open #bitcoin for @Polkadot`s #DeFi.
Tune in now: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode...

从@PolkadotDecoded 2022开始直播:@InterlayHQ's的@alexeizamyatin寻求从根本上为@Polkadot's的#DeFi开放#比特币。

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The second day of @PolkadotDecoded 2022 is in full swing now!
Don't miss your chance to hear from Polkadot founder @gavofyork, @ParityTech's core developers, and leading builders in the ecosystem.
Tune in now: https://dot.li/GpN1b https://t.co/Z5OuuJ9UVd

立即收听:https://dot.li/GpN1b https://t.co/Z5OuuJ9UVd

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In less than 30 minutes now: #PolkadotDecoded NYC stage opens with the panel on Polkadot's interoperable #DeFi ecosystem featuring speakers from Current, Prime Protocol, @axelarcore, StellaSwap, & @MoonbeamNetwork.
Check the full program of the NYC stage: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://twitter.com/polkadotde...

Just one hour left before #PolkadotDecoded opens the NYC🗽 stage!
Don't miss your chance to hear from @Polkadot founder @gavofyork, as well as join talks, demos, and interactive workshops from the ecosystem teams: https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/DnTwFtiyuW

发表时间:2天前 作者:Polkadot Decoded @PolkadotDecoded

在不到30分钟的时间里:#PolkadotDecoded NYC stage以Polkadot的可互操作的#DeFi生态系统面板打开,其中包括来自Current、Prime Protocol、@axelarcore、StellaSwap和@月球波束网络。
查看NYC阶段的完整节目:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://twitter.com/polkadotde...

距离#Polkadotdecode开放纽约只有一个小时了🗽 阶段
请不要错过聆听@Polkadot创始人@gavofyork的演讲,以及参加生态系统团队的演讲、演示和互动研讨会的机会:https://dot.li/Polkadot_Decode... https://t.co/DnTwFtiyuW

发表时间:2天前 作者:Polkadot @Polkadot详情