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There are endless #NFT possibilities in the decentralized sphere 🚀 And it's just the beginning...The @ETHGlobal X @protocollabs #Web3Jam was another opportunity to work with talented developers to create projects with #Livepeer!
Read the full recap >> https://ow.ly/wF9450GZWo3

在分散化的领域中,有无限的NFT可能性🚀 这仅仅是一个开始,@ETHGlobal [email protected]#Web3Jam是另一个与有才华的开发人员合作的机会,与#Livepeer!一起创建项目!

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Thanks to everyone for participating in the @ETHGlobal / @protocollabs #Web3Jam #hackathon!
🎉 Great job & congrats to winners:
🥇 Momentape
🥈 DBeats
🥉 Loop
Prize pool winners are: Token Gated Livestream, NFT Minter, Dlive, MetaX, Decentralized Library, & YogiNFT

🎉 干得好&;祝贺获奖者:
🥇 动量表
🥈 DBeats
🥉 环
获奖者包括:令牌门控Livestream、NFT Minter、Dlive、MetaX、去中心化库和;酸奶

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Check out the recording of our live Q&A with @DCbuilder and @yondonfu on the L2 Landscape and how Livepeer is designing smart scaling strategies to lower costs and strengthen network performance as part of the proposed Confluence protocol upgrade.


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Curious about the evolving Layer 2 landscape and how projects can craft smart scaling strategies? Join the Livepeer community TOMORROW at 11am EDT for a Q&A with @DCbuild3r AND @YondonFu in our events channel:
or watch live at https://livepeer.org/tv


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Check out the latest on the Confluence protocol upgrade in today's blog post.
Scaling Strategy + Testnet Preview >>


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Check out the progress update for the #Livepeer Confluence Protocol on our latest blog post.
Scaling Strategy + Testnet Preview >> https://medium.com/livepeer-bl...


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Join @ericxtang TODAY for an @ETHGlobal / @ProtocolLabs #Web3Jam panel! 🎉
"Learn from Builders in the Space"
⏰ 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST
📺 Streaming on https://ethglobal.tv/ https://t.co/2v4AKpHgt1

⏰ 太平洋标准时间上午9:30/美国东部时间下午12:30
📺 源源不断https://ethglobal.tv/ https://t.co/2v4AKpHgt1

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RT: #Web3 #video #hackers check out this hot @ETHGlobal @LivepeerOrg workshop today at 3:30pm EDT with CTO @ericxtang on NFTs and video apps. Spoiler: its more than just collectibles. https://youtu.be/Y--VEyhkrpo

转发:#Web3#video#黑客今天在美国东部夏令时下午3:30与[email protected]在NFT和视频应用程序上一起查看这个热门的@[email protected]研讨会。剧透:不仅仅是收藏品。https://youtu.be/Y--VEyhkrpo

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👀 Looking for #Livepeer hack ideas for the #Web3Jam? Try these out...
🪙Token-gated #livestreaming tools for #NFT communities
💻Tools for streaming in/out of #metaverses
📺Video-centric #decentralized social networks
👾Platforms and tools for streaming #Web3 / NFT-centric games

👀 为Web3Jam寻找Livepeer黑客点子?试试这些。。。

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#Livepeer is sponsoring the @ETHGlobal & @protocollabs Web3 Jam #hackathon, and it's kicking off TODAY at 10am EST! 🚀
👾 We look forward to the next two weeks of hacking!
Watch the kickoff live >>

#Livepeer正在赞助@[email protected]#hackathon,今天美国东部时间上午10点开始!🚀
👾 我们期待着接下来两周的黑客攻击!

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ATTN #Web3Jam #hackathon participants! We look forward to seeing what you create with #Livepeer. Prizes are based on:
Longevity || Quality || Impact || Wow Factor 🤩
We are awarding:
💰 1st Prize - $4000
💰 2nd Prize - $2000
💰 3rd Prize - $1000

寿命| | | | | | |质量| |影响| |惊喜因素🤩
💰 一等奖-4000美元
💰 二等奖-2000元
💰 三等奖-1000美元

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📢 Join the #Livepeer Community Thursday @ 12pm EDT for a special quarterly topic call w/ @bt3gl Head of Blockchain Engineering at @Shopify and founder of @MidsummerDAO -- a new decentralized platform for filmmakers & film curators.
📺 Watch live @ https://livepeer.org/tv

📢 在美国东部夏令时周四下午12点加入#Livepeer社区,与@Shopify区块链工程负责人兼@MidsummerDAO创始人w/@bt3gl进行一个特别的季度主题通话,该平台为电影制作人和;电影策展人。
📺 观看现场直播@https://livepeer.org/tv

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We're sponsoring The Web3 Jam! 🎉
🚨 Don't miss out on one of the last hackathons of 2021 💰 $100k in prizes are up for grabs!
Organized by @ETHGlobal supported by @protocollabs. Starting Friday.
All skill levels are encouraged to apply >> https://jam.ethglobal.com/

🚨 不要错过2021年最后一次黑客大赛💰 $10万英镑的奖金可供争夺!

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Join us for the Web3 Jam! Starting this Friday. https://twitter.com/ETHGlobal/...

🚨 We have another event lined up for you all! 🚨
📢 Announcing Web3 Jam - an event all about decentralized media, web3, NFTs, and everything in between - built in partnership by Protocol Labs
Apply here → https://jam.ethglobal.com/ https://t.co/ucISboMI0O

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🚨 我们为大家准备了另一个活动!🚨
📢 宣布Web3 Jam-一个关于分散媒体、Web3、NFT以及两者之间的一切的活动-由协议实验室建立合作关系
在这里申请→ https://jam.ethglobal.com/ https://t.co/ucISboMI0O

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🚀 October was a groundbreaking month here at #Livepeer! Some noteworthy events:
✅ Made our first company acquisition (Mist)
✅ Co-Hosted COLLIDE, minting world’s 1st #LiveVideoNFTs!
✅ Sponsored @ETHGlobal #EthOnline's #hackathon
Read all about it: https://medium.com/livepeer-bl...

🚀 10月在#Livepeer是一个开创性的月份!一些值得注意的事件:
✅ 完成了我们的第一次公司收购(Mist)
✅ 联合主办COLLIDE,打造世界第一个LiveVideoNFTs!
✅ 赞助@ETHGlobal#EthOnline的#hackathon

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COLLIDE by @LivepeerOrg X @GlassProtocol took place on Wednesday and made history.
A live audience could capture videos and mint them as NFTs -- for the FIRST time! 🎥
Read all about it >> https://medium.com/livepeer-bl...

周三,@LivepeerOrg [email protected]发生了碰撞,创造了历史。

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COLLIDE by @LivepeerOrg X @GlassProtocol took place on Wednesday and made history.
A live audience could capture videos and mint them as #NFTs -- for the FIRST time! 🎥
Read all about it >> https://medium.com/livepeer-bl...

周三,@LivepeerOrg [email protected]发生了碰撞,创造了历史。

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Thanks for connecting at @nyc_nft! Whether you stopped by our coffee cart, partied at COLLIDE, or joined us virtually, let's keep the conversation going - reach out with for any ideas for collaboration!
💌 Tweet us your thoughts about what #Livepeer should do for our next event!

感谢您在@nyc\U nft连接!无论您是在我们的咖啡车旁停下来,还是在COLLIDE参加派对,或者是虚拟加入我们,让我们继续对话——联系任何合作想法!
💌 在推特上告诉我们您对Livepeer应该为我们的下一个活动做些什么的想法!

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Thanks to all IRL & virtual attendees of our event last night with @MARCEBASSY !!
You were a part of history in the convergence of real world and virtual experiences.
COLLIDE by @LivepeerOrg X @GlassProtocol
#NFT #VideoNFT #NFTMinting #MintTheMoment

通过@LivepeerOrg [email protected]进行碰撞

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☕️ Don't forget to stop by our sponsored coffee cart in the Edison ballroom today!
It's been a great week at @NFT_NYC with so many coming together to create and learn about all things #NFT.

☕️ 今天别忘了在爱迪生舞厅参观我们赞助的咖啡车!
在@NFT#U NYC,这是一个伟大的一周,有这么多人聚集在一起,创造和学习所有事物#NFT。

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