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RT: Serious Question: How do people who appear to have takes on everything on crypto twitter—have time to focus on anything?


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RT: Building an intuition around security is really really important. Some things should raise alarms in your head, even if you can't prove why.
A tool that generates an address for you is a prime example! That should immediately seem dangerous, like buying a ledger off the street. https://twitter.com/EvgenyGaev...

为您生成地址的工具就是一个很好的例子!这应该立即看起来很危险,就像在街上购买分类账一样。 https://twitter.com/EvgenyGaev...

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Join a panel featuring @brandoniles on Twitter Spaces September 23rd at 11am PST to discuss web3 and decentralization https://twitter.com/graphproto...

On the heels of The Merge, let’s talk about decentralization in web3 🌟
Join web3 leaders @kyleArojas @bermchain @mcalpinemhairi @brandoniles @justinavery & @dpetrovcic for a Space on why decentralization is crucial to web3’s longevity.
Set a reminder: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1... https://t.co/qKPTl8KhWA

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9 月 23 日太平洋标准时间上午 11 点加入 Twitter Spaces 上的 @brandoniles 小组讨论 web3 和去中心化 https://twitter。 com/graphproto...

在 The Merge 之后,让我们谈谈 web3 中的去中心化 🌟
加入 web3 领导者@kyleArojas @bermchain @mcalpinemhairi @brandoniles @justinavery

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RT: Unpopular Opinion:
Asserting too broad a view of what problems can be solved by blockchain technology contributes to why the space is viewed as seedy by outsiders, but delivering on one solution to a real and meaningful problem will bring a lot of goodwill to the space.


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RT: Which phrase currently sounds more grifty?


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RT: Just read the headline “CPI Overshadows the Merge.” 😂
Yeah CPI overshadows everything. And now for my daily reminder to crypto peeps:
Inflation is the only meaningful 0-1 problem to be solved by this technology stack.

RT:只需阅读标题“CPI 使合并黯然失色”。 😂
是的,CPI 掩盖了一切。现在让我每天提醒加密货币窥视:
通货膨胀是该技术堆栈要解决的唯一有意义的 0-1 问题。

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RT: I love that the merge happened in a bear market—huge milestone. 🎉
It means the Ethereum organization has been marching towards long-lived goals and couldn’t care less about timing markets.
Shipping big things in a bear market is the ANTI-GRIFT
#antigrift #eth #merge

RT:我喜欢在熊市中发生的合并——一个巨大的里程碑。 🎉
在熊市中运送大件物品是 ANTI-GRIFT

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RT: And we finalized!
Happy merge all. This is a big moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. Everyone who helped make the merge happen should feel very proud today.


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RT: I'd like to submit a new definition of the word "Jabroni" to the crypto-verse.
#jabroni #crypto #defi #protocol https://t.co/PFP3YHpodi


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RT: Two sadly essential skills in the information that is modern life:
1) Offense — The ability to prey upon confirmation bias to rise in social feeds.
2) Defense — The ability to differentiate truth from popular opinion.

1) 进攻——利用确认偏见来增加社交信息的能力。
2) 防御——区分真相和流行观点的能力。

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RT: How often do you find yourself arguing with a person playing "Devil's Advocate" who doesn't realize they're championing an entirely mainstream perspective?


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RT: “Après moi le déluge” — said the solution to the inflation problem.
I propose the following cardinality of problem spaces:
— Lower is more intellectually honest (ie: real problem that uses the tech).
— Higher is more grifty (ie: wouldn’t really blip if not for greed).

RT:“Après moi le déluge”——表示通胀问题的解决方案。
— Lower 在智力上更诚实(即:使用技术的真正问题)。
— 越高越粗暴(即:如果不是因为贪婪,就不会真正昙花一现)。

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RT: There's a problem with how people are interpreting functions of money in crypto. We need to:
1) De-mystify MOE (Medium-of-Exchange)
2) Re-mystify SOV (Store-of-Value)
tldr; we don't need more MOE's, but we do need SOV's

1) 揭开 MOE(交换媒介)的神秘面纱
2) 重新神秘化 SOV(价值存储)
tldr;我们不需要更多的 MOE,但我们确实需要 SOV

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🎉And just like that, $FORTH trading is now available on @BinanceUS 👉👉 https://binance.us/en/buy-sell... https://twitter.com/BinanceUS/...

Decentralized unit of account - @AmpleforthOrg's ( $AMPL ) governance token $FORTH is now available for trading on #BinanceUS!
Buy, Sell & Convert Now: https://binance.us/en/buy-sell... https://t.co/sTCQ65oGRN

发表时间:1年前 作者:Binance.US 🇺🇸 @BinanceUS

🎉就这样,$FORTH 交易现在可以在@BinanceUS 上进行👉👉 https:// binance.us/en/buy-sell... https://twitter.com/BinanceUS /...

去中心化账户单位 - @AmpleforthOrg 的 ( $AMPL ) 治理代币 $FORTH 现在可用于交易

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RT: Decentralized unit of account - @AmpleforthOrg's ( $AMPL ) governance token $FORTH is now available for trading on #BinanceUS!
Buy, Sell & Convert Now: https://binance.us/en/buy-sell... https://t.co/sTCQ65oGRN

RT:去中心化的记账单位——@AmpleforthOrg 的 ($AMPL) 治理代币 $FORTH 现在可用于交易

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RT: $SPOT, an inflation-resistant SOV.
Thanks @evankuo for the explanation!
$AMPL https://t.co/bJ7YtacYAY

RT:$SPOT,一种抗通胀的 SOV。
感谢@evanguo 的解释!
$AMPL https://t.co/bJ7YtacYAY

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ICYMI: $FORTH is going to be listed on @BinanceUS! It's an exciting milestone for the entire Ampleforth ecosystem. Deposits are now open at https://bit.ly/BUS_FORTH

ICYMI:$FORTH 将在@BinanceUS 上市!对于整个 Ampleforth 生态系统来说,这是一个激动人心的里程碑。存款现已在 https://bit.ly/BUS_FORTH 开放

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RT: Decentralized unit of account - @AmpleforthOrg's ( $AMPL ) governance token $FORTH is coming to #BinanceUS!
Deposits Now Open.
Start here: https://bit.ly/busdepositforth https://t.co/ZLXPiH8ZZT

RT:去中心化的记账单位——@AmpleforthOrg 的 ($AMPL) 治理代币 $FORTH 即将推出

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