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🗳 Runtime Upgrade v1.4.7 referendum is coming soon!
⚙️ Release changelog:
- XST as a reserve asset in TBC
- XST rate in DAI
- XOR-XST pool provides doubled strategic reward APY
- Bug fix for crowdloan reward claiming
✨ Stay tuned!

🗳 Runtime Upgrade v1.4.7 公投即将到来!
⚙️ 发布更新日志:
- XST 作为 TBC 中的储备资产
- DAI 中的 XST 汇率
- XOR-XST 池提供双倍战略奖励 APY
- 众贷奖励领取的错误修复
✨ 敬请期待!

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@soraespanol @SubsocialChain Wen Subsocial posts in Spanish?

@soraespanol @SubsocialChain Wen 西班牙语的子社交帖子?

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¡Más vale tarde que nunca! Here are last week's updates for our Spanish-speaking frens

¡Las actualizaciones del ecosistema del 20 de octubre están aquí!
— Un Hilo — 🧵 (traducción por @Javitoarroba )

发表时间:1年前 作者:SORA/Polkaswap Español 天 @soraespanol

¡Más vale tarde que nunca!以下是我们的西班牙语爱好者上周的更新

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If you don't like reading these updates on medium, they are also published on the censorship-resistant Web3 social platform @SubsocialChain !
Make sure to follow SORA on #Subsocial while you're there!

如果您不喜欢在媒体上阅读这些更新,它们也会发布在抗审查的 Web3 社交平台 @SubsocialChain 上!
确保关注 SORA

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This means even more #BUIDL for the whole @Polkadot & @ParityTech Ecosystem! 🦾
Congrats on the new roles @gavofyork & @bjornwgnr❤️‍🔥

I’m happy to announce that Parity co-founder Björn Wagner will step up to the role of company CEO while I retain the title of Chief Architect.

发表时间:1年前 作者:Gavin Wood @gavofyork


我很高兴地宣布 Parity 的联合创始人 Björn Wagner 将担任公司首席执行官,而我将保留首席架构师的头衔。

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That’s all for the #SORA ecosystem update headlines this time!


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Finally, you can join the SORA World Discord server to engage with the community!
We have begun working more on this server and are happy to hear your suggestions or comments about what you would like to see here.
Join now! ⤵️

最后,您可以加入 SORA World Discord 服务器与社区互动!
立即加入! ⤵️

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The @FearlessWallet team is working hard on the desktop app and browser extension, there was a demo last week highlighting new & fearless functions that will be available soon!
Don’t worry if you missed out, here's the link to the demo 👇

@FearlessWallet 团队正在努力开发桌面应用程序和浏览器扩展,上周有一个演示突出了新的

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On the other hand, the Trustless Multi-EVM bridge is still on the public testnet. Once we have gathered enough information, it will be ready to go live, so stay tuned! ⚙️

另一方面,Trustless Multi-EVM 桥仍然在公共测试网上。一旦我们收集到足够的信息,它将准备好上线,敬请期待! ⚙️

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Keeping with the roll of good news, the SORA- @kusamanetwork parachain bridge development is steadily advancing! 🦾
The components for the bridge are mostly done and once they are linked, it will be possible to begin testing!

随着好消息的不断传来,SORA-@kusamanetwork 平行链桥的开发正在稳步推进! 🦾

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The implementation of @substrate_io v4 to the SORA network draws closer & it will be live on the public testnet very soon!
This means that @polkaswap Pools in the SORA mobile app & SORA network tokens available in wallets such as @FearlessWallet are within arm’s reach 😎

@substrate_io v4 对 SORA 网络的实现越来越近了

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Although the full and robust $XST token implementation is currently at 40% completion, LP’s can already begin to enjoy seignorage from XST token supply increase.
Our friends at @SubQueryNetwork & SORA Biome are the first to receive XST tokens for services provided! 🪙

尽管完整且强大的 $XST 代币实施目前已完成 40%,但 LP 已经可以开始享受 XST 代币供应增加带来的铸币税。
我们在@SubQueryNetwork 的朋友

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RT: What’s @BenoLibre from @sora_xor saying about @M4K070 and @gavofyork?🙂
Find out by watching our latest interview of our series #DemystifyingWeb3 at @devconef.
Watch the full interview:

RT:来自@sora_xor 的@BenoLibre 对@M4K070 和@gavofyork 有什么看法?🙂

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The XOR/XST farming pool is live on! 🚜 🌳
If you farm now, you will receive your first $XST rewards in about 16 hours ⏰

XOR/XST 矿池在 上线! 🚜🌳
如果您现在种田,您将在大约 16 小时内收到您的第一笔 $XST 奖励⏰

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Our bi-weekly Ecosystem Updates are coming tomorrow 🤩
We'll be discussing the implementation of @substrate_io v4, EVM Trustless Bridge development progress, SORA Parachain, and more! ✨
See you soon! 🍀

我们将讨论@substrate_io v4 的实​​现、EVM Trustless Bridge 开发进度、SORA 平行链等等! ✨
再见! 🍀

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Step into the interoperable future by joining our SORA World Discord server! 🪩
A perfect place to get all the latest news about the #SORA ecosystem, make new friends, and simply chill🍹
Many exciting activities are on the way! Join now 👇

加入我们的 SORA World Discord 服务器,步入可互操作的未来! 🪩

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🪐 Happy Friday everyone!
🎵 MANY WORLDS VOL. II is here! – An audio-visual cyber mix to pool, trade, and escape to, brought to you by #SORA
#𒀭 #ManyWorldsOneEconomy

🪐 大家星期五快乐!
🎵 许多世界卷。 Ⅱ来了! - 一个视听网络混合,汇集,交易和逃生,带给你

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