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RT: mappers getting very close now on the @helium 5G network. did you know that the mappers send this cellular coverage data back to the network via LoRaWAN?

RT:映射器现在在@helium 5G 网络上非常接近。您知道映射器通过 LoRaWAN 将此蜂窝覆盖数据发送回网络吗?

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Who initially introduced you to #Helium..? 🎈
What’s the story?


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Gm! 🌍 Who’s going to @solana Breakpoint?
We’ll be there 🙌

通用! 🌍 谁要去@solana Breakpoint?

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RT: How do you get a #HeliumInTheWild shirt? Like many things in life, ya gotta show up. See ya in #Lisbon #London #Paris #Barcelona! Thanks to @HeliumFndn & @RAKwireless for their support. Details here


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Helping Man Maid keep an eye on their cargo bikes across London. #helium #trackpac #builders #handyman

发表时间:1年前 作者:TRACKPAC 🎈 @Trackpacio

帮助 Man Maid 留意他们在伦敦的货运自行车。

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🇵🇹 This hackathon showcases Helium’s country-wide coverage in Portugal while allowing participants to build hardware or software together on a real train!

🇵🇹 这个黑客马拉松展示了 Helium 在葡萄牙的全国覆盖范围,同时允许参与者在真正的火车上一起构建硬件或软件!

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It’s TIME.. 😮
🚂 Come build and connect on this all-day TRAIN ride hackathon with a special line-up of #Helium speakers and experts! Builders of any experience level welcome.
Yes.. it’s literally on a moving train! 💨
More info:

🚂 来参加这个全天的 TRAIN 骑行黑客松,参加特别阵容

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@VisionGrid Wow 😮

@VisionGrid 哇😮

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What’s the farthest hotspot witness you ever got on the Helium Network? 🤔
👇Prove it with a pic!

您在 Helium 网络上获得的最远热点见证是什么? 🤔

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😍 What’s your favorite Helium use case that you know of..?

😍 您知道的最喜欢的 Helium 用例是什么……?

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Welcome @Trackpacio to the #Helium ecosystem! 🤝
Check out how is enabling the tracking of commuter bikes around London and many other use cases such as cargo, fleet vehicles and pet tracking using the Helium Network! 🎈

欢迎@Trackpacio 加入

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🚨The #Helium use cases keep on growing..💪

Helping mobile bike mechanic Alex let his customers know where he is. #trackpac #peoplesnetwork #helium #business #IoT

发表时间:1年前 作者:TRACKPAC 🎈 @Trackpacio


帮助移动自行车修理工 Alex 让他的客户知道他在哪里。

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📡 SPOTTED: Venice Beach LA! 🌴

A close up beach shot of a rooftop install on a nice sunny day in Venice Beach!!! ☀️🌴 @jagindustrials #helium5g @calchipconnect @helium @baicelltechnologies #helium #30daysofjaginstalls #5G #lot

发表时间:1年前 作者:JAG Industrials @jagindustrials

📡 发现:洛杉矶威尼斯海滩! 🌴

在威尼斯海滩一个阳光明媚的日子里,一个屋顶安装的特写海滩照片!!! ☀️🌴@jagindustrials

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Gm 🎈


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🦅 Keeping #Helium antennas safe..🫡

When you have a bald eagle guarding your antenna 😎😎 @helium

发表时间:1年前 作者:LTK6260 @LTK6260

🦅 保持


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Wow 😮 ~ 67 Miles

Today's @HeliumMapping longest-haul, ~108km. RAK811 tracker, ~3dBi mag-mount antenna, DR2

发表时间:1年前 作者:Dana H. Myers @danak6jq

哇 😮 ~ 67 英里

今天的@HeliumMapping 最长距离,~108 公里。 RAK811 跟踪器,~3dBi mag-mount 天线,DR2

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🛍Have you ever thought about tracking how many people entered stores every single day?
Using the #Helium Network, @DorTechnologies created an accurate, affordable and incredibly easy to install FOOT TRAFFIC counter!
📰 Come read the full story!


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