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In this quick overview, @HelloMSQ explains what @Helium is, #ThePeoplesNetwork's origins, and what kind of devices can use #LongFi. Watch on @YouTube:


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RT: It has arrived!! @linxdot @helium Currently syncing up, let’s see if the super fast sync hype is real


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RT: Today we and @helium announced a network integration partnership
Our combined networks will be capable of connecting billions of low power sensor-based IoT devices across the U.S.
Read more:
#LoRaWAN #IoT #InternetOfThings


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From use cases such as asset tracking 📍, logistics and supply chain 🚛, environmental monitoring 🌡️, and smart city services 🏙️, Senet customers represent well over 1 billion transactions processed on the Senet network annually, which will drive usage for Hotspot owners.

来自诸如资产跟踪之类的用例📍, 物流与供应链🚛, 环境监测🌡️, 智能城市服务🏙️, Senet客户每年在Senet网络上处理的交易远远超过10亿笔,这将推动热点用户的使用。

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Roaming is made possible by the @Helium Blockchain, and through this partnership with Senet, we are immediately broadening access to connectivity on the Helium Network for large enterprise customers deploying consumer-grade #IoT applications throughout the United States.


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We’re thrilled to announce a roaming partnership with @senetco! Senet is a leading provider of cloud-based software and services, enabling global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs to connect billions of #IoT devices. Read the announcement:


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RT: I-15S, Barstow to Oceanside @helium


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@tourmalinewire0 @HeliumMapping Now that's some great coverage 🙌. Nice capture, @tourmalinewire0!

@tourmalinewire0@HeliumMapping现在这是一些很棒的报道🙌. 捕捉得好,@tourmalinewire0!

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As community steward of the @Helium ecosystem, the Decentralized Wireless Foundation (@dewialliance) recently joined the @LoRaAlliance! This will help steer Helium infrastructure towards maximizing value for the #LoRaWAN community at large. More here:

We are excited to welcome the @dewialliance steward of the globally distributed @helium to the #LoRaAlliance & see how they will play a part in expanding the reach & availability of #LoRaWAN networks. Find out how they help drive adoption of #LoRaWAN here:

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作为@氦生态系统的社区管家,分散式无线基金会(@ DeWiAlg)最近加入了@ LoRaAlliance!这将有助于引导氦基础设施为整个#LoRaWAN社区实现最大价值。详情如下:

我们非常高兴地欢迎全球分布的氦的Dewilliance steward加入#Lora联盟&;看看他们将如何在扩大覆盖范围方面发挥作用&;#LoRaWAN网络的可用性。了解他们是如何帮助推动采用#LoRaWAN的:

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Currently, the majority of $HNT mining is for Proof of Coverage. However, the token distribution changes over time to align incentives with the needs of the Network, gradually shifting toward the majority of rewards provided by device usage. Learn more:


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RT: We just posted an update on our blog about @helium miner shipping / production, cats, and our plans for re-opening pre-orders. Check it out at the link below...

RT:我们刚刚在我们的博客上发布了关于@Hemium miner运输/生产、cats以及我们重新开放预订单的计划的更新。在下面的链接中查看它。。。

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#ThePeoplesNetwork solves real-world issues with #blockchain. For example, aquaculture accounts for nearly half of fish consumed 🐟. However, it's tough to monitor. This @Helium #LongFi solution allows inexpensive, real-time optimization of aquaculture:

#人民网络通过区块链解决现实问题。例如,水产养殖占鱼类消费量的近一半🐟. 然而,这很难监控。这种@Hemium#LongFi解决方案可以实现廉价、实时的水产养殖优化:

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@jviklund The @Helium developer team is always optimizing for the best usage of Explorer. For a full dive into API informatio, including daily Data Credit spend by #IoT devices, check out the ETL Dashboard by @dewialliance:


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@CoryJLineback LoRaWAN Hotspots are for LongFi on #ThePeoplesNetwork. The second Network approved by the community is 5G. This allows much more expansive 5G coverage through people-powered infrastructure, incentivized by $HNT. 5G Gateways begin shipping in 7 days:

@CoryJLineback LoRaWAN热点是人民网络上的LongFi热点。社区认可的第二个网络是5G。在HNT美元的激励下,通过人力基础设施,这使得5G覆盖范围更广。5G网关在7天后开始发货:

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Not only are Data Credits (DCs) critical for asserting new Hotspots and their location on the Blockchain, but they are the foundation of #IoT device usage on #ThePeoplesNetwork (and soon 5G device usage 📱). Learn more on @Helium Docs:

数据信用(DCS)不仅是断言新热点的关键所在,而且是BoStand上的位置,但它们是在社交网络上使用IoT设备的基础(很快就使用了5G设备)。📱). 了解有关@hemia Docs的更多信息:

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@theflamefighter Now that's a sweet setup 🤓. Nice work on gathering those Witnesses! 📡

@火焰战斗机现在这是一个甜蜜的设置🤓. 在收集证人方面做得很好!📡

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RT: Trying out different antennas to optimize my earnings. Tried 3, 5, and 5.8 to finally settle with a 5. Love this project ⁦@helium⁩ $hnt

RT:尝试不同的天线来优化我的收入。尝试了3、5和5.8,最终以5解决问题。我喜欢这个项目⁦@氦⁩ $hnt

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RT: Official launch today! A new type of index. Check out fundamental metrics for Web3 protocols.
@arweave @filecoin @akash @livepeerorg @thegraph @helium


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RT: I don't know about you, but I'm ready for another week of record breaking @Helium hotspot onboards. $HNT #ThePeoplesNetwork


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"In the beginning, we had a tiny script that would send our daily rewards to a Telegram group." Hasn't @Hotspotty grown quite a lot since then!
Use Hotspotty 2.0 to crush @Helium coverage & $HNT rewards with the guide from Nik Hawks at @thegristleking:

使用Hotspotty 2.0粉碎@氦覆盖&$HNT在@thegristleking获得Nik Hawks指南的奖励:

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