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📡 We asked Andy, founder of @Embedded_Works his thoughts on the recent #Helium 5G Network announcements.. 💭
“It was evolution that was bound to happen”📱 https://t.co/zb8jLjgQuc

📡 我们向 @Embedded_Works 的创始人 Andy 询问了他对最近的想法

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📦 The @DRONEDEK_Corp team combats the global rise in porch piracy to keep packages safe around the world with tools such as package protection + security and much more.. 🔐
Come hear how they are building it and using the #Helium Network! 💪
https://youtu.be/yJfDbidQnuE https://t.co/BGEarrlMJJ

📦 @DRONEDEK_Corp 团队打击全球门廊盗版的兴起,通过包裹保护安全等工具确保世界各地的包裹安全...... 🔐

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Which of the following crypto sayings do you use the most / think is the coolest..
We need to settle this 🤔:


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RT: 🚨Important Reminder!
Come listen to @zer0tweets, GM of wireless at Nova Labs about Helium Mobile this Wednesday at 3pm EST / 12pm PST!📱

本周三美国东部时间下午 3 点/太平洋标准时间下午 12 点,来听听 Nova Labs 的无线总经理 @zer0tweets 关于 Helium Mobile 的介绍!📱

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@raven_state @Open5G So cool!

@raven_state @Open5G 太酷了!

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👊 Leveraging #ThePeoplesNetwork power to protect species 🐧 https://twitter.com/sensecapmx...

🐧How to leverage the usage of #ThePeoplesNetwork @helium? Richard Wright built an #AI object recognition system using @seeedstudio #SenseCAP K1100 to detect and count Penguins to better protect the species when they come ashore.
👉https://www.hackster.io/mediap... #iot2wild @Hacksterio https://t.co/iKHWTohUwi

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👊 利用


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RT: We're excited to announce our Solana Transition AMA series will formally begin with a Twitter Space on Wednesday! Following events will be every 2 wks.
Join us for a conversation + status update from Helium's core developer team, followed by a Q&A.
https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1... https://t.co/04Hmek0qDr

RT:我们很高兴地宣布,我们的 Solana 过渡 AMA 系列将于周三在 Twitter 空间正式开始!以下事件将每 2 周进行一次。
加入我们,了解 Helium 核心开发团队的对话状态更新,然后是 Q

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Sweden @Helium IoT Coverage.. 🇸🇪😍 https://twitter.com/michailtri...

@HeliumMapping @helium @seeedstudio
Walking is never boring with a #heliummapper walking around the Eastern and Northern part of Lund in Sweden with my new best walking buddy! https://t.co/NK5lzi3Gfj

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瑞典@Helium IoT Coverage..🇸🇪😍 https://twitter.com/michailtri...

@HeliumMapping @helium @seeedstudio

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☀️ Gm! This #helium setup is CRAZY! 🤯 https://twitter.com/willhnt/st...

The tower is back online!! @helium https://t.co/qih7EBIYWi

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☀️ 嗯!这个

塔又上线了!! @helium https://t.co/qih7EBIYWi

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😍Happy Sunday! Anyone setting up radios today? 📡 https://t.co/hroMpiT5Zg

😍周日快乐!今天有人设置收音机吗? 📡 https://t.co/hroMpiT5Zg

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We are Alpha Testing our @Helium LoRaWAN Network Server instance to test & migrate our customers over. 🧑‍💻 Looking forward to all of the new features this will bring to the Helium IOT network.🚀
#Helium #HeliumIoT #IoT #Internetofthings #LoRa #LoRaWAN https://t.co/KF0HVIMI4h

发表时间:1年前 作者:Parley Labs 🎈 @ParleyLabs

我们正在 Alpha 测试我们的 @Helium LoRaWAN 网络服务器实例以进行测试

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👊 The @DIMO_Network team is building some really cool stuff using #Helium. Here’s an intro on what they do.
🚘 PS: they are working on a plug in device for LoRaWAN mapping. This add-on will connect to their existing hardware and allow a user to map the @Helium IoT network! https://t.co/UOdSKwrHqt

👊 @DIMO_Network 团队正在使用

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RT: An extra special congratulations to our 11 Helium award winners! These showcase some of the many technological possibilities for helping our planet that can be powered by @Helium.
Precision agriculture? ✅
Fire risk monitoring? ✅
Trail NFTs? ✅
Helium powers the future of IoT. https://twitter.com/seeedstudi...

RT:特别祝贺我们的 11 位氦奖得主!这些展示了由@Helium 提供动力的帮助我们星球的众多技术可能性中的一些。
精准农业? ✅
火灾风险监测? ✅
追踪 NFT? ✅
氦气为物联网的未来提供动力。 https://twitter.com/seeedstudi...

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IoT is everywhere and expanding everyday. LoneStar Tracking specializes in rapid prototyping and making sensor data available is the most remote locations on the globe. Snow Gun monitoring and automation? We've got you covered. #IoT #sensors @helium #snowmaking https://t.co/HCslW8uQQt

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物联网无处不在,并且每天都在扩展。 LoneStar Tracking 专注于快速原型设计,并在全球最偏远的位置提供传感器数据。雪枪监控和自动化?我们已经为您服务了。

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@Villain240 Same

@Villain240 一样

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☀️Gm! Any plans for the weekend? 📡

☀️Gm!周末有什么计划? 📡

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👀 The #Helium 5G Network just crossed:
6,000+ #5G Radios!
1332 cities 🌆
49 states..
That’s over 1,000 radios in the last 17 days! 👊 https://t.co/obsTek3huw


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@helium @DraginoTech
I fitted this vehicle with a few sensors 6month ago when I serviced her for field testing, the tech has performed faultlessly. Today, she’s at the end of her life in a hire fleet. Service fridge, and remove sensors for another asset. https://t.co/1dO00BB5Uu

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@helium @DraginoTech
6 个月前,当我为她提供现场测试服务时,我为这辆车安装了几个传感器,该技术表现完美。今天,她在租用舰队中走到了生命的尽头。维修冰箱,并为其他资产移除传感器。 https://t.co/1dO00BB5Uu

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