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🔧AERGO v2.4.0 will soon be released!
✅ This update contains improvements & bug fixes to increase the flexibility of Dapp developments.
✅ Developers will now be able to build more complex Dapps with higher call depth limit.
More about the update:

🔧AERGO v2.4.0 即将发布!
✅ 此更新包含改进

发表时间:4个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

🚨Dear Aergo Community!
PlusFi now offers 'Pool' and 'Farm' features! Great opportunity to win 2.75 billion PLUS tokens by joining the pool ⏰⏰
Check out the below links for more details:

New opening news! 'Pool' and 'Farm' are now available on PlusFi. In particular, the 'PLUS + aUSDT' Pool launched today will be enough to interest you. 2.75 billion PLUS tokens are reserved for this reward. Occupy the Pool by depositing your tokens and take them for a high profit.

发表时间:4个月前 作者:PlusFi @PlusFi_net

🚨亲爱的 Aergo 社区!
PlusFi 现在提供“Pool”和“Farm”功能!加入矿池赢取 27.5 亿 PLUS 代币的绝佳机会⏰⏰

新开业消息! PlusFi 现在可以使用“游泳池”和“农场”。特别是今天推出的“PLUS aUSDT”矿池,足以让你产生兴趣。 27.5 亿个 PLUS 代币用于此奖励。通过存入您的代币来占领矿池并获取高额利润。

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RT: Lending, Leverage Farming, and IDO are scheduled in addition to swap and staking through the liquidity pool to increase the value of your token assets. We are preparing for you to enjoy.

RT:除了通过流动性池进行交换和质押之外,还安排了借贷、杠杆农业和 IDO,以增加您的代币资产的价值。我们正在为您准备好享受。

发表时间:4个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

RT: hello!
Do more DeFi. Introducing our new DeFi service, "PlusFi"!
Decentralized exchange “PlusFi” will provide fast processing speed through on-chain operation on AERGO mainnet, transparent service through automated market maker AMM, and low gas fee service through low fees.

做更多的 DeFi。介绍我们的新 DeFi 服务“PlusFi”!
去中心化交易所“PlusFi”将通过 AERGO 主网上的链上操作提供快速的处理速度,通过自动化做市商 AMM 提供透明服务,并通过低费用提供低 gas 费用服务。

发表时间:4个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

🚨Dear Aergo Community! The first AERGO-based DeFi project, PlusFi has now launched!
PlusFi will provide various DeFi products, leveraging AERGO's high throughput, low fees and more.
Check out below links for more details:

🚨亲爱的 Aergo 社区!第一个基于 AERGO 的 DeFi 项目 PlusFi 现已启动!
PlusFi 将提供各种 DeFi 产品,利用 AERGO 的高吞吐量、低费用等优势。

发表时间:4个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

🚨Good day, Aergo Community! #AIP-15 was passed unanimously!
Participants in Aergo networks will receive 5M Aergo tokens based on their voting power.
Learn more about voting power & rewards here:

🚨美好的一天,Aergo 社区!

发表时间:5个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

🚨Dear Aergo Community! Aergo Foundation's proposal for donating its allocation to reward staking & voting will go live SOON.
Please check out proposal #AIP-15:
And details regarding AERGO Staking Rewards:

🚨亲爱的 Aergo 社区! Aergo 基金会关于捐赠其分配以奖励 Staking 的提案

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📣Thu.pdates (weekly updates) from the BOOOST team:
✔️Closed Beta Testing (CBT)
✔️How to become an OG?
✔️How to get White Listed?

What does your life partner and a successful web3 project have in common?🤔
Good communication skills🗣️
Introducing to you "Thu.pdate" - a weekly update on Thursday from the BOOOST team✍️
Read on in our Medium article for #1 Thu.pdate!📜

发表时间:5个月前 作者:BOOOST @BOOOSTOfficial

📣 BOOOST 团队的Thu.pdates(每周更新):

你的生活伴侣和成功的 web3 项目有什么共同点?🤔
向您介绍“Thu.pdate”-BOOOST 团队每周四更新✍️
继续阅读我们的 Medium 文章

发表时间:5个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

Dear Aergo community! Here are exciting updates regarding the BOOOST. 🤩
- Closed Beta will run from 31 Oct to 16 Dec. Please fill in the form if you are keen to participate!
- Litepaper: Please check it out for more details.

亲爱的 Aergo 社区!以下是关于 BOOOST 的激动人心的更新。 🤩
- 封闭测试将于 10 月 31 日至 12 月 16 日进行。如果您想参与,请填写表格!
- Litepaper:请查看更多详细信息。

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RT: Something is brewing🌥️
Stay tuned, we have an exciting announcement lined up!👀


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📣PlusFi, an on-chain DeFi service via Lua Smart Contract on AERGO Blockchain, will launch a bride service today.
🔥Follow the link below and please share the news!
#Aergo #PlusFi #DeFi

Starting today, we will launch a bridge service for anyone to use freely on the Aergo mainnet.
We ask for your support with anticipation and interest in the many types of services that will be introduced in the future as a cornerstone for the Defi service.

发表时间:5个月前 作者:PlusFi @PlusFi_net

📣PlusFi,通过 AERGO 区块链上的 Lua 智能合约提供的链上 DeFi 服务,今天将推出新娘服务。

从今天开始,我们将在 Aergo 主网上推出任何人都可以免费使用的桥接服务。
我们希望您对未来将作为 Defi 服务基石推出的多种服务类型的预期和兴趣提供支持。

发表时间:5个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

AERGO Swap (Bridge) service resumed. Also, current old bridge system will be deprecated in the not too distant future.. We will update soon.

AERGO Swap (Bridge) 服务恢复。此外,当前的旧桥系统将在不久的将来被弃用。我们将很快更新。

发表时间:6个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

RT: 📜 Check out our litepaper @
More information on:
📳 3 different activity modes (Walk, Drive, Socialize)
Stay tuned for details on Closed Beta, and have a lovely weekend☀️
Reacts stand a chance at winning WL spots

RT:📜 查看我们的 litepaper @
📳 3 种不同的活动模式(步行、开车、社交)
Reacts 有机会赢得 WL 的位置

发表时间:6个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

RT: AirDrop Event - Social Share (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
- Write a feed - 5000 PLUS
- Like, Share - 1000 PLUS
You can participate in the event at ‘'
#PlusFi #AERGO #DeFi #Airdrop

RT:AirDrop 活动 - 社交分享(Twitter、Facebook、Instagram)
- 写一个提要 - 5000 PLUS
- 喜欢,分享 - 1000 PLUS

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Having both the characteristics of a Layer 1 and 2, AERGO enables enterprises to transfer assets to a public chain by connecting the private chains in a single sidechain form.
Read more about what makes AERGO unique enough to be called a ‘Layer 1.5’ :

AERGO兼具Layer 1和Layer 2的特性,通过将私有链以单一的侧链形式连接起来,使企业能够将资产转移到公共链上。
阅读更多关于是什么让 AERGO 独特到足以被称为“第 1.5 层”:< /a>

发表时间:6个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

@thecolj We supports Ethereum PoS ERC20, so we just need to check if there are any problems after merging.

@thecolj 我们支持以太坊 PoS ERC20,所以我们只需要检查合并后是否有任何问题。

发表时间:6个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

The AERGO Swap (Bridge) service will be suspended from September 10th to safely respond to the Ethereum Merge event. The service will resume once the Ethereum network stability is confirmed.

AERGO Swap (Bridge) 服务将从 9 月 10 日起暂停,以安全响应 Ethereum Merge 事件。一旦确认以太坊网络稳定性,该服务将恢复。

发表时间:6个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情

All issues have been resolved. Service has been resumed.


发表时间:6个月前 作者:Aergo @aergo_io详情