TEND 的最新消息

RT: We are proud to announce @gate_io will be officially investing into @lepriconio🍀
On top of that, $L3P will debut on the exchange starting Thursday 8th April!
More details to come soon. Stay tuned!
We will incorporate #DeFi and definitely lead the #blockchain #gaming scene🔥 https://t.co/mV9fgNKWkE

RT:我们很自豪地宣布@gate_io 将正式投资@lepriconio🍀
最重要的是,$L3P 将于 4 月 8 日星期四开始在交易所首次亮相!

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RT: EVM-style L2 scaling is not priced in
1559 and the ~60% net issuance cut it brings is not priced in
The ETH1 -> ETH2 merge and the additional ~70% net issuance cut it brings is not priced in
The massive ESG advantages Ethereum has after the merge are absolutely not priced in!

RT:EVM 风格的 L2 扩展不计入价格
1559 及其带来的约 60% 的净发行量削减并未计入
ETH1 -

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@Claudio87413715 Yes. Price movement is not something we control though. $TEND are still being burned daily ;)

@克劳迪奥87413715是的。价格变动不是我们可以控制的。 $TEND 每天仍在被烧毁;)

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@Chad_Capital Are you sure your $TEND wasn't locked mining GBP or other coins? all of our members with $TEND in their wallets already claimed their $NME.

@Chad_Capital 你确定你的$TEND 没有被锁定在开采英镑或其他硬币吗?我们所有钱包里有 $TEND 的会员都已经认领了他们的 $NME。

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RT: Yet another super badass #NFT from @TendiesCrypto
Featuring the fantastically beautiful @coin_artist rocking the 3rd most impractical pair of gloves I've ever seen.
This one is definitely a keeper
#NFTs #NFTart #TEND $TEND $COIN @opensea


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RT: If you were #halfrekt by $NMN, you can join an entertaining game by @TendiesCrypto
1. Claim your $NME from the website https://halfrekt.tendies.dev/#...
(1/4) https://t.co/6Tfq63mf6T


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If you held TEND or GBP in your address, you can now claim #halfrekt (ENM) tokens from https://halfrekt.tendies.dev/. Every hour, you have the chance hack 1% of the tokens from the Eminence hacker and get your revenge. More details at https://t.me/halfrekt
$TEND $GBP $ENM #Uniswap https://twitter.com/half_rekt/...

The time is now!
1. Claim page is live at https://halfrekt.tendies.dev/#... Go here to claim what’s rightfully yours!
2. All tips will be used to provide liquidity after approximately 48 hours
3. #halfrekt (NME) token contract deployed at 0x404A03728Afd06fB934e4b6f0EaF67796912733A

发表时间:3年前 作者:HalfRekt @half_rekt

如果您在地址中持有 TEND 或 GBP,您现在可以申领


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RT: Great read about Tendies, covering launch, the first pump, the slump and new drivers for a new pump
🍗 New high-yield pools going live soon for $TEND
🍗 @BlockadeGames and Tendies NFT Cardgame 2.0
🍗 Binance Smart Chain [BSC]
🍗 Tendies + Memecoin + new exchange https://twitter.com/TendiesCry... https://t.co/1p4NnvTV1i

RT:关于 Tendies 的精彩读物,涵盖了启动、第一个泵、低迷和新泵的新驱动程序
🍗 新的高收益池即将上线,价格为 $TEND
🍗 @BlockadeGames 和 Tendies NFT 纸牌游戏 2.0
🍗 币安智能链 [BSC]
🍗 Tendies Memecoin 新交易所 https://twitter.com/TendiesCry... https:// t.co/1p4NnvTV1i

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A great recap of what happened since our $TEND launch, and a glimpse on what is yet to come!
$gbp #uniswap #defi

回顾自我们推出 $TEND 以来所发生的一切,以及即将到来的一瞥!

发表时间:3年前 作者:Tendies @TendiesCrypto详情

$tend #uniswap #DeFi https://twitter.com/half_rekt/...

#halfrekt https://t.co/O61aBUAaZg

发表时间:3年前 作者:HalfRekt @half_rekt



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RT: @CryptoFinally $TEND https://t.co/dOr7flC8lz

RT:@CryptoFinally $TEND https://t.co/dOr7flC8lz

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Do you know what to do with the dip?
$TEND #Uniswap #defi https://t.co/4nKzFyy1tD


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Soon... 👀


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RT: Start earning 🐔$TEND Grilling Rewards on #Poloniex!
✅ Hodl at least 1 $TEND 🍗
✅ Balance snapshot every 4 hours
✅ Rewards distributed every time the Tendies Rewards Bucket is drained
Go and get your $TEND 🐔!
https://support.poloniex.com/h... https://t.co/jgv30UiD4F

RT:开始赚取 🐔$TEND 烧烤奖励

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If you're trading on @Poloniex, you'll be earning your share of our $TEND Bucket Rewards 🐔🪣 https://twitter.com/Poloniex/s...

Good things cook’n here at #Poloniex 🍗 Now you can earn $TEND Grilling Rewards on #Poloniex
We believe in the democratization of @TendiesCrypto and will be distributing 100% of the rewards we receive to our $TEND holders on #Poloniex 🐔
Details: https://support.poloniex.com/h... https://t.co/u4Hn5HdsNl

发表时间:3年前 作者:Poloniex Exchange @Poloniex

如果您在 @Poloniex 上交易,您将获得我们的 $TEND 桶奖励的份额🐔🪣 https ://twitter.com/Poloniex/s...

好东西在波罗涅克斯烹饪🍗 现在您可以在Poloniex上获得$TEND烧烤奖励

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You can now trade your $TEND with lower gas fees, while also mining FalconSwap governance token $FSW. https://twitter.com/Falcon_Swa...

🦅FalconSwap partners with @TendiesCrypto 🐓
🔹 FalconSwap will list $TEND for low fee trading for $TEND trading pair.
🔹 Trade $TEND on FalconSwap and mine $FSW tokens.
#Tendies #Ethereum #Trading #Listing #Partnership $ETH #gasfees #Scaling @UniswapProtocol #Uniswap https://t.co/vp41OnmUMv

发表时间:3年前 作者:FalconSwap @Falcon_Swap

您现在可以用较低的汽油费交易您的 $TEND,同时还可以挖掘 FalconSwap 治理代币 $FSW。 https://twitter.com/Falcon_Swa...

🔹 FalconSwap将为$TEND交易对列出$TEND低价交易。
🔹 在FalconSwap和mine$FSW代币上交易美元。

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RT: I randomly picked 2 winners of my #Tendies AMA #giveaway 🐓
Congrats to @Bogzkie1 and @newnormal_earth 👏 Each of you won 50 $USDT 💰
Please DM me your erc-20 address
Thanks everyone for participating!
$TEND $GBP https://twitter.com/HodlThatSh... https://t.co/Af65VBrHOn

RT:我随机挑选了我的 2 个获胜者

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