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RT: 🌈 gm gm @developer_dao frens 🌈
learn and dive right into the smart contracts that enable micropayment txs to happen on #Ethereum using the #DataUnions SCs & SDK
our very own DevRel @nicoburkart will present the in the DevDAO Discord 🔥 @devntellxyz
Buidl case eg @swashapp

RT:🌈 gm gm @developer_dao frens 🌈

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Read more about our collaboration 🤝 with the awesome @redstone_defi! 👇 #Oracles #Web3

阅读更多关于我们与出色的@redstone_defi 合作的信息🤝! 👇

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Throwback to #ETHBOGOTA 🇨🇴 and an awesome event with the @dataunions Team! It was a joy to be back among the #Web3 community and show what we’re building 🦾


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A new Streamr marketing bounty contest is launching next month! 👀 To get the inside scoop, join Streamr CMO @mark_little2, and @mattofontana, for an AMA next Tuesday.
Please add your questions in the #marketing channel in Discord! 👇

新的 Streamr 营销赏金竞赛将于下个月启动! 👀 要获得内幕消息,请加入 Streamr CMO @mark_little2 和 @mattofontana,参加下周二的 AMA。

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RT: New to #crypto and not sure where to begin?
Have no fear!
The Swash #app has a simple product tour to tell you everything you need to know
It's easier than ever to be part of a #DataUnion
Access the tour anytime in the Help section of the app⬇️


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🎉 We've reached 5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ nodes in the #Streamr Network! Join, stake, and earn $DATA tokens today! ⬇️

🎉 我们已经达到了 5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ 个节点

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Awesome 🧵 on #Streamr and @dataunions, including @swashapp and @DIMO_Network. Check it out! 👇

A while ago I talked about how much there is to discover about @streamr & $DATA. 💥
One #streamr usecase that definitely deserves more coverage is #Dataunions 💯, which is why I want to give a mini overview of 2 projects utilizing them:
@swashapp and @DIMO_Network
⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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前段时间我谈到了关于@streamr 有多少发现

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RT: @redstone_defi @streamr RedStone nodes include a price requester module that fetches signed data from the Streamr Network and attaches it to meta-transactions before submitting them on-chain. When the transaction is executed on-chain, it can access the attached data.

RT:@redstone_defi @streamr RedStone 节点包含一个价格请求模块,该模块从 Streamr 网络获取签名数据,并将其附加到元交易中,然后再将它们提交到链上。当交易在链上执行时,它可以访问附加的数据。

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The @redstone_defi team are doing some cool things with #Web3 oracles 🦾. Find out more about how they are working together with #Streamr! 🤝⬇️

How are we changing the landscape of oracles together with @streamr? 🏔🔮
Learn in the newest article on our blog! 🔥

发表时间:11个月前 作者 @redstone_defi

@redstone_defi 团队正在做一些很酷的事情

我们如何与@streamr 一起改变预言机的格局? 🏔🔮
在我们博客上的最新文章中学习! 🔥。金融/...

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RT: How are we changing the landscape of oracles together with @streamr? 🏔🔮
Learn in the newest article on our blog! 🔥

RT:我们如何与@streamr 一起改变预言机的格局? 🏔🔮
在我们博客上的最新文章中学习! 🔥。金融/...

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Correct Twitter handle: @zonaris_
Make sure to give them a follow! 👆

正确的 Twitter 句柄:@zonaris_
一定要关注他们! 👆

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The @zonaris beta is live! ✨
Fire up your first #Streamr nodes in as little as 2 minutes with their simple node management platform. You can try the platform for free for your first month.
Get started! ⬇️

@zonaris 测试版上线了! ✨

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Head to and click “GET STARTED” 🚀
Let's hit 5,000 nodes on Streamr ⚡️
More information about starting a node below👇

前往 并点击“开始使用”🚀
让我们在 Streamr 上达到 5,000 个节点⚡️

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RT: The @streamr marketplace offers #data producers an opportunity to either monetise their data. Products have time-based subscription periods, and the currency used on the #marketplace is the $DATA token.
📌Learn more:
#Streamr #Crypto #blockchain

RT:@streamr 市场提供

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RT: Great news, @coinesper, going to have to rework my guide. 🔥👍❤️ @streamr means I need another node maybe a walkthough on bare metal with fibre.
#web3 #blockchain #nodes #passiveincome #CloudComputing $DATA

RT:好消息,@coinesper,将不得不重新编写我的指南。 🔥👍❤️ @streamr 意味着我需要另一个节点,也许是在带有光纤的裸机上的演练。

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🗳️ Have you cast your vote for #Streamr yet? It's pretty easy—just create a @presearchnews account, make sure you're logged in, and vote using the Typeform link below ⬇️
If you hold over 1,000 $PRE, you get a 10x multiplier on your vote!


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We've refreshed the Discord community channels. If you've not already joined, head over to 👇
🔸 Get help with running nodes 🤖
🔸 Ask us a question ❓
🔸 Share an idea 💡
🔸 Or let rip with some 🔥 #Web3 memes

我们更新了 Discord 社区频道。如果您还没有加入,请前往👇
🔸 获取有关运行节点的帮助 🤖
🔸 问我们一个问题❓
🔸 或者放一些 🔥

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RT: With @zonaris_ one click @streamr broker node deployment imminent
I’m expecting the number of nodes in the Streamr network and the TVL to increase rapidly from the get-go 🔥
✨fully non-custodial
✨easy 1-click node deploy
✨easy to use UI
✨APY = 64%
$DATA at the ready #web3

RT:@zonaris_ 一键式@streamr 代理节点部署迫在眉睫
我期待 Streamr 网络和 TVL 中的节点数量从一开始就会迅速增加🔥
✨APY = 64%
$DATA 准备就绪

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Did you know that all data in the #Streamr Network is contained inside individual streams? Get to know how it works, and how to create and manage your data streams, in the dev docs ⬇️


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RT: @zonaris_ Beta is coming 🤩
✅ fully non-custodial, due to integrating the new #Streamr beneficiary address feature. Nobody can touch your $DATA or private key
✅ easy 1️⃣-click node deployment
✅ some new UI features
✅ APY = 65%
@streamr #Web3 #trueP2P @TheoWeb3NodeGuy

RT:@zonaris_ Beta 即将到来🤩
✅ 完全非托管,由于集成了新的

发表时间:11个月前 作者:Streamr @streamr详情