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What is one crypto topic you have learned recently?


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Always be prepared. Exams aren’t as scary if you’ve done your homework.

The same can be applied to trading crypto - learning best practices and familiarising yourself with risk management could potentially protect you from any outsized losses.


这同样适用于交易加密货币 - 学习最佳实践并熟悉风险管理可能会保护您免受任何巨额损失。

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The NFT world is evolving, and that's no secret.
Machine learning and algorithmic tools have played a part in this as they can produce unique, unpredictable art.
Also known as Generative Art NFTs ⤵️

NFT 世界正在发展,这已经不是什么秘密了。
也称为生成艺术 NFT ⤵️
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Safe to say everyone on the course was jealous.

(of my merch, definitely not my swing)



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The #Binance CMC Top 10 Equal-Weighted Index marks the beginning of a roadmap of new launches stretching to 2023 and beyond.
Learn all about it ➡️

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It's almost the weekend, so here's a little note to help you enjoy your weekend more.

#BTC trading fees on #Binance are 0%.



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Have you shown your support today?
The power is in your hands! Use it to put the spotlight on your favorite project & share a $10,000 prize.
Vote by posting your project's hashtag: #"Binance"+"project ticker"
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支持你最喜欢的协议来分享 10,000 美元!
🔸 转发

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You can stake $ETH with #Binance Staking - ETH 2.0!
Here are some of the benefits.
Stake now ➡️

您可以使用 $ETH 质押

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How did you first hear about crypto?


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As we round up the week, we thought you'd might like to keep up to date with everything happening at #Binance.
🧵 So here's a thread on some of our announcements.


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Looking for a way to earn on your idle assets?
Here's how you can do so in just a few clicks through #Binance Simple Earn.
Click here for more info & risk warning.


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If you're an active #Binance P2P user, this one should be easy.


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