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Double the good news! As #Bitcoin hits 10K again today, OKEx $BTC Futures Volume ranks #1 @skewdotcom & doubled that of yesterday 🥳
@OKEx also provides programs such as #OKExBeacon to spread knowledge in #cryptoverse 💪
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OKEx #TechnicalTuesday 📈: There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so (June 2)
1️⃣ $BTC reclaimed 10000 levels again (Tues Asia)
2️⃣ $BTC's catch-up game w/ positive sentiment
3️⃣ Major#Altcoin testing key resistance
Detailed analysis ⬇️

1个️⃣ $BTC再次恢复10000水平(周二亚洲)
2个️⃣ $BTC的追赶游戏w/积极情绪
三️⃣ 主要#Altcoin测试钥匙阻力

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Thank you for featuring us! @newsbtc
✨Our newly launched - #OKExBeacon-European Program will recruit talent who is interested in #cryptocurrency sector & looking for career changes during this challenging time.
Learn more👉 https://bit.ly/2XMHtew

了解更多👉 https://bit.ly/2XMHtew

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@DekartX Lots of uncertainty but let's stay tuned on how this will change the #cryptoverse.


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#OKExBeacon-Europe: Joining our latest #crypto mentorship program is as easy as 1,2,3!
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#OKExBeacon Europe:加入我们最新的“加密导师计划”非常容易!
1个️⃣ 填写表格:https://bit.ly/OKExBeacon网站
2个️⃣ 将自己上传到视频中
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RT: OKEx total open interest for bitcoin futures > $1bln https://t.co/CFNEhQQLWw


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RT: I always got questions such as "what's the difference among @OKEx trading products?" and "which one is better for me?"
here is an introduction on "C2C trading" "SPOT" and "Derivatives"
Feel free to leave your comments and I will try to reply. https://t.co/tWRpQQbweW

转发:我总是有一些问题,比如“OKEx trading products之间有什么区别?”“哪一个更适合我?”

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#OKExProduct: Paper Trading now available on https://okex.com/ 💻
Practice & familiarize yourself with #crypto​ trading via our simulated system for spot, margin, futures, perpetual swap & options trading​ - no cost involved!
✅ Log-on -> Assets -> Start Paper Trading https://t.co/OvXPXQXVOV

✅ 登录->;资产->;开始纸面交易https://t.co/OvXPXQXVOV

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#Cryptocurrencies bullish even as U.S. social movement grows in momentum🔺
Is this market movement sustainable or will it catch up with the unrest sweeping the U.S. and the world?
Click Play ⏯ https://t.co/vmiv88qMWy

点击播放⏯ https://t.co/vmiv88qMWy

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RT: Starting in 50 mins (12:45HKT) - Speak to you guys soon! https://twitter.com/twobitidio...


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$10K the new $6K🤔? #Bitcoin


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RT: After last weeks #news that we have partnered with @HuobiGlobal, we are delighted to announce @OKEx as our latest counterpart of the @bequant_group prime brokerage product. Read all about it here: https://bequant.pro/media/bequ... #pressrelease #NewsAlert #primebroker #cryptocurrencies https://t.co/oaQR1zjrSH


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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: After the May monthly close, we've seen a big drop in #Bitcoin’s Put-to-Call ratio 👇🏻
https://bit.ly/3dnTYDX https://t.co/7jwSJNuEyE


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#OKExReport📊: There’s a huge potential for growth in India #Crypto Markets 🇮🇳 Check out our report co-created with @coinpaprika, sharing insights about India's blooming #blockchain ecosystems.

#OKExReport公司📊:印度加密市场有巨大的增长潜力🇮🇳 查看我们与@coinpaprika共同创建的报告,分享关于印度蓬勃发展的区块链生态系统的见解。

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#OKExBeacon-Europe: Only 7 days left to apply for our Beacon Program ⏰ Check out these 4 benefits & let us guide you though your #crypto journey.
Sign up NOW: https://bit.ly/2AeLz6R https://t.co/h0Mjdb3cc4

#奥克斯贝肯欧洲:只剩下7天时间申请我们的信标计划⏰ 看看这4个好处,让我们指导您完成加密之旅。

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立即加入➡️ https://bit.ly/okex-elite网站https://t.co/Wz1YwsTEX9

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#Thankyou all for your participation! Some of you plz expect a ✉️ about your special gift 🥳


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#OKExOptions: Still not sure about your options? We've just upgraded our 'Options Discovery' 🔎 - experience the advanced suggestions & explore the best 'options' tailored just for you, and place orders simultaneously.
Try it out 👉 https://okex.com/derivatives/o... https://t.co/bKcteCb503

#OKExOptions:还是不确定你的选择?我们刚刚升级了“选项发现”🔎 -体验高级建议,探索专为您量身定制的最佳“选项”,同时下单。
试试看👉 https://okex.com/derivatives/o。。。https://t.co/bKcteCb503

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RT: News of the Week 🗞️ : This week in #crypto, Goldman Sachs dissed #Bitcoin, Facebook rebranded Calibra and a whitepaper for digital dollars was proposed 👇

RT:本周新闻🗞️ :本周在《加密》杂志上,高盛(Goldman Sachs)发布了比特币、Facebook重新命名的Calibra以及一份关于数字美元的白皮书👇

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#OKExBeacon-Europe: Masterclass Speaker #2 - @cryptojoo1, Partnerships Director of @cnbcafrica 🌍
Join Lindsay's #crypto masterclass to learn about 'The Rise & Fall of #Blockchain Marketing Strategies'. Applications close June 7, sign up NOW: https://bit.ly/2AeLz6R https://t.co/q5m6957a0t


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