NRG 的最新消息

@kriptoenerji Currently withdrawals from Energi Arcade are suspended as the tech team does some work on the bot. When they are done, withdrawals will start to be able to be processed again.

@Kripotenergi Arcade目前正在暂停退出,因为技术团队正在对机器人进行一些工作。当它们完成后,取款将开始能够再次被处理。

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@ObinnaM05016115 @realhodl @TrustWalletApp You can purchase $NRG at any of the exchanges listed here.


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@kriptoenerji If you are depositing to an exchange, it takes 5 confirmations or 3.5 days. Please see the related article to further understand.


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@Witold36402913 @energi_coins It has already been reported. Twitter has to investigate.


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@Witold36402913 @energi_coins Yes it is. Energi has nothing to do with this message. Stay safe !

@Witold36402913@energi iu coins是的。Energi与此消息无关。注意安全!

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@Jahid19985 @energi_coins @cctip_io Stay safe. This account blocked us, not sure what they offer but Energi has nothing to do with this account.


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@daricx34 Not yet but soon. Stay tuned for new announcements !


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@AlexMulyana2 @energi_coins @cctip_io Yes, @energi_coins is a SCAM Account! And needs to be reported! @Energicrypto is the real #ENERGI Coin $NRG


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@nnljoe @energi_coins @cctip_io SCAM ALERT @energi_coins is a SCAMMER! And needs to be reported! @Energicrypto is the real #ENERGI Coin $NRG

@nnljoe@energi_coins@cctip_io SCAM ALERT@energi_coins是个骗子!需要上报!@能量币是真的

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@Ercegua "Users will not be able to convert NRG to NRGE in version 1. This feature will be available in the future. "


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@Ercegua No you should still be able to access it, you just need to add the NRG network to Metamask.


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@Ercegua Please read the article we posted which explains how we have created a tokenized version which can be used via Uniswap, that is why there is a contract address available. This only works for NRGE, not NRG.


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@Ercegua You cannot send NRG directly to Metamask as it is a coin, not an ERC20 token. You need to use MyEnergiWallet to store NRG, or an exchange address. If you are talking about NRGE, our new token for use on Uniswap please read more about this to understand how it works...


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@Ercegua Are you waiting to receive NRG or sending to another wallet? Remember, deposits to exchanges require 5k confirmations...


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@CaTrad3r @EnergiSupport @KuCoinUpdates @kucoincom Hi Kocheng, please contact KuCoin Support directly.


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Join the party 24/7 on our #Energi Arcade channel on Discord.
Participate, have fun, and grab some $NRG!


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@HardXtoper The wallet is separated from CoreNode (which is necessary for staking). This allows you to view your wallet from anywhere.


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@jehosiba1 We are here to help ! First check our guides :
If you need further assistance, please contact our support !


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@Bogel67691151 We have an easy to use staking guide and video to help you get started. If you need any assistance, please reach out to Energi support they will be glad to help you out.


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