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Jim Rogers expects the bear market to get much worse, adding that this #recession will be the worst in his lifetime. #inflation

Jim Rogers 预计熊市会变得更糟,并补充说

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RT: The Time Has Arrived.
Seize the Day.
Impervious Browser (Alpha): Your Portal to the Peer-to-Peer Internet
Now Available for Mac and Linux:

不可渗透浏览器 (Alpha):您的点对点互联网门户
现在可用于 Mac 和 Linux:

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The group of 55 Finder’s experts think #bitcoin will increase in value by more than 10% by the year’s end, hitting $21,344 by December 2022.

Finder 的 55 位专家认为

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Join us on Twitter Spaces to hear about Bitcoin․com’s journey going multi-chain

Curious about the complexities of taking your product multi-chain?
Hear directly from the bitcoin․com team & Coinbase Cloud’s @web3_t tomorrow where we will talk about bitcoin․com’s journey going multi-chain!

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加入我们的 Twitter Spaces,了解 Bitcoin․com 的多链之旅 ...


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The playing card firm plans to launch a classic #Bicycle card deck featuring the company’s Bored Ape #NFT.


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"We are confident that G+D’s technological #expertise and their strong regional presence in our continent will allow us to realize all possible advantages of a Digital #Lilangeni," Phil Mnisi said.

“我们相信 G D 的技术

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According to Eurostat on Wednesday, Euro area annual #inflation is up to 9.9% in September, up from 9.1% in August. #Economics #InflationaryPressures


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Brussels takes steps to reduce #power consumption in #crypto mining data centers.


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Understanding TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 and the Hacker House Event #HackaTRON #TronStrong💎 #TRON #TRONICS #sTRONgerTogether💪

了解 TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 第 3 季和 Hacker House 活动

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Twitter user Igor Igamberdiev revealed the attacker initiated the process with 243,000 #CELO tokens obtained from #Binance. #defi #digitalassets

Twitter 用户 Igor Igamberdiev 透露,攻击者使用 243,000

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Banks must only approve requests for foreign exchange if the customer's objective is to import food, medicines, or medical equipment. #birrdepreciation #centralbank


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RT: max pain isn't $10k or $30k it's sitting at 40v for the next year while trading opportunity shifts to macro markets and regulators continue their endless pursuit of more crypto jurisdiction

RT:最大痛苦不是 10k 美元或 30k 美元,它明年将保持在 40v,而交易机会转移到宏观市场,监管机构继续无休止地追求更多的加密管辖权

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Researchers from the crypto analysis platform Cryptoquant identified an outflow of 48,000 #bitcoin coming from the trading platform Coinbase.

来自加密分析平台 Cryptoquant 的研究人员确定流出了 48,000

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RT: Join us on Saturday 22-10-22 ,as we talk about #BitcoinCash Adoption in Nigeria ... whats to come in 2023, way forward, and Beyond... Don't Miss out @AfricaUniteBCH

RT:周六 22-10-22 加入我们,就像我们谈论的那样

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Top #Cryptocurrencies Shed 1-3% in Value as Markets Consolidate; EU Commissioner on 'Global Regulation of #Crypto' — DPU 10.19.22


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A #CBDC diagnostic study found that "a retail CBDC presented the strongest and direct opportunity for the adoption of a #digital currency in Eswatini." #imf #worldbank


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